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(en) Anarkismo.net: International call for solidarity with the case of Nicolás Neira by Colectivo Acción Libertaria

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 10:21am
“In order to describe heaven, it is not necessary to transport up there earthy materials. It is necessary to abandon earth, its materials, in order to embellish life with its ideal” –Isidore Ducasse. ---- With anger in our hearts and a deep sense of injustice is that we remember Nicolás David Neira Álvarez, a 15 year old young man, whose early affinity with anarchist ideas led him to be bludgeoned by the Colombian riot police (ESMAD) to the point that the constant banging of his head against the pavement damaged his brain matter. This happened during the heavy handed repression against the anarchist block during the May Day demonstrations in Bogotá, 2005. He would pass away on the 6 of March. ---- “In order to describe heaven, it is not necessary to transport up there earthy materials. It is necessary to abandon earth, its materials, in order to embellish life ...

(en) Britain, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2015

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 9:19am
Coming at you live and direct from east-central Bristol, just 13 days before the 2015 British General Election & local elections, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – and there wont be a single lying, corrupt, austerity-enforcing, media-spinning politician in sight. ---- Full Bookfair info is here - http://www.bristolanarchistbookfair.org/2015-bookfair/ ---- The Bookfair will include 2 halls filled with stalls – from local campaigns & groups to national anarchist distros & publishers; plenty of workshops & meetings to discuss & debate the key issues; the Radical History Zone just down the road at Hydra Bookshop; activities in Trinity’s outdoor permaculture garden & green space; an outdoor Soap-Box for Ranters; a quality vegan cafe; an indoor kids space; and a few surprises too! ...

(en) Ireland, Derry Anarchists - Assimilatoin not equal Liberation by Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 8:18am
This year it feels as if there has been a revamping of homophobia in the north which has had, unsurprisingly, significant support from the church and those in political and therefore institutional power. ---- We have witnessed the DUP quash the third attempt to legalise queer marriage, bigoted ‘Christian’ bakers refusing to follow through with a service they advertised because it went against their “deeply held beliefs” (not to mention all the other services they provide that do go against their beliefs). This was followed by the the DUP attempting to bring in a 'Conscience Clause' to legalize and institutionalize homophobia; to make it legal to refuse service to someone because of their sexuality. The above examples are only a few of the homophobic incidents that have taken place recently. ...

(en) Common Declaration of the Mediterranean Anarchist Meeting - Tunisia - 27-28-29 March 2015

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 8:17am
We, anarchists, libertarian and anti-authoritarian, together at the Mediterranean Anarchists Meeting (MAM) in Tunis on 27-28-29 March 2015, condemn the attacks of the Bardo museum but also the daily violence of religions, states and the police. ---- We will remain vigilant that the political exploitation of these tragic events do not come at the expense of freedoms and of the people. ---- We will oppose that new draconian laws are adopted and used to justify the criminalization of social movements and trade unions. ---- Similarly, we will fight against all attempts to use these events to justify wars in the name of "anti-terrorism". ---- We have no expectation of governments to defend our freedoms. ---- We will stay united against economic, political and religious oppression. ---- Let's build international solidarity in the Mediterranean and around the world for ...

(en) Anarkismo.net: A free film screening by MACG / Melbourne Antifascist Initiative Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 8:16am
The documentary Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre (2014, Nickos Ventouras) narrates one of the "bleakest and blackest" chapters in American labor history, the Ludlow Massacre. ---- A 101 years earlier, on April 20, 1914, in Ludlow, Colorado, USA, a strike for basic labor rights by exploited miners and their families, mostly immigrants, was violently ended by state militia. In the fight, the strikers' tent colony was machine-gunned and burned to the ground, leaving over twenty people dead, including women and children. ---- Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre ---- A free film screening in Melbourne ---- Friday 1st of May, 7pm ---- New International Bookshop ---- Trades Hall, Crn Victoria and Lygon Sts Carlton ---- The documentary Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre (2014, Nickos Ventouras) narrates one of the "bleakest and ...

(en) Greece, Three Bridges - Anarchist campaign - Solidarity gun peoples ...

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 8:13am
In recent years the bottom experiencing the effects of reproduction crisis of the capitalist system. At the same time conducted a endokapitalistiki conflict to redefine the geostrategic relationships to concentration of more and more areas of influence in the hands of more powerful states and economic elites they serve. In the era of globalization of capitalism and the consolidation of domination through international organizations such as the EU is clearer than ever that the key distinction that characterizes the capitalist world is not (only) is among the leading nations and the countries of southern Europe, are not among the Western European and destitute coming from the east, it is among men with different ethnicity, gender or religion. The main difference is between where land exploiters and exploited, between the oppressors and the oppressed. These are two ...

(en) Australia, Anarchist Affinity - The Platform #3 - The Politics of War Graves by Kieran

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 8:12am
"Sacrified to the fallacy that war can end war", one family's protest at the theft of their son, both in life and in death. ---- The way in which the dead are remembered is a political act - the commemoration of war is never neutral. Australia has commenced an orgy of official remembrance; the ANZAC commemoration industry is expected to consume the larger part of a billion dollars of public and private money over the next two years (1). The reformist left is already bemoaning the crass commercialism of it all, and the more critical amongst them point out that ANZAC and Gallipoli were mere side shows to the "countless white crosses" that in "mute witness stand" in the muddy fields of Belgium and France (2). ---- But there is no such thing as an apolitical commemoration. The endless white crosses served their imperial masters in the aftermath of four years of slaughter, ...

(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups CGA - IAL #103 - Anti-electioneering - Greece, one dilemma: capitalism or social revolution! (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 8:12am
As we close this journal, Greece is about to enter the Syriza party (roughly the equivalent of the Left Front in France) ... in the vicious circle of authoritarian rulers. For us, far from solving the problems of the Greek workers and workers · that · s, the election of the legislative Syriza only reinforces the illusion that change is possible through the ballot box. ---- Even Syriza managed to form a coalition enabling him to govern the country, the party will be in all cases to juggle to keep the favor of the more moderate sections of this coalition will face the Troika's dictatorship to block any reform up in a good sense and do not dare to break with the roots of the Greek problem: Beyond debt, capitalism and exploitation of the majority by a minority. ...

(en) On Sunday, March 23, 2015, the Secretariat of the INTERNATIONAL WORKERS ASSOCIATION IWA organized a videoconference on wage theft (ca)

A-infos - April 16, 2015 - 7:38am
The purpose was to share experiences of conflict against employers and, thus, helping others to act more effectively. It is the first time we used this form of presentation and discussion and the result is very positive. In the video participated in the organization of both Europe and the United States, specifically the ZSP (AIT Poland), Portland Solidarity Network (Red de Solidaridad of Portland), Seattle Solidarity Network (Seattle Solidarity Network), Solidarity Federation - Brighton (AIT UK), ARS (AIT Bulgaria), PA (AIT Slovakia), ASI (AIT Serbia) and Mass (Croatia). The matter was extremely practical and discussions may be useful for most of the members of organizations that do not have much experience in organizing conflict. ...

(en) Ireland, The WSM are calling an anarchist bloc for the 18th April anti water charges 'Bin Your Bills' march organised by the Non-payment network.

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 1:54pm
A big turn out for this demonstration is essential both in terms of the continued repression of water meter resistors (one of our members was arrested this morning but released without charge) and to maintain confidence in the mass boycott as the bills arrive. ---- We will be meeting at Seomra Spraoi to pick up flags and banners at 1.30 before heading down to join the march at the Parnell monument (top of O'Connell street). You can meet with us at either location but if you want the loan of an anarchist flag be at Seomra. ---- That location will also make it possible to meet up with those coming from the Grassroots Gathering as the Garden of Rembrance becomes congested during large demonstrations. ---- The Non-payment network FB event for the main march is at http://www.facebook.com/events/1012507148778243/ ...

(en) Queer existence against heteronormative monogamous relationship and marriage (tr) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 4:16am
As a historical institution of marriage is not mutual love has always been ailelerara trade. Today, there are two constituent elements of progressive relationship like marriage and marriage rehearsal: monogamy and heteronormativity. The first and the second to own bodies inevitably reaches the limitation of sexual desire. Which is a masterpiece of monogamy and male heteronormativity; most women, LGBT and queer are printing on. Sexuality and places authoritarian hierarchy are also thought the top of the pyramid married heterosexual couples. There are women all over the ceremonial delivery of the process leading to marriage. White wedding mandated virginity until marriage women icons. Surname head rivets on the marriage. ...

(en) UCL-Saguenayת, Quebec to France: No to austerity! by Collectif Emma Goldman (fr) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 4:02am
In Quebec as in France, governments have opted for the general case. This is the famous "austerity". Nothing but neoliberalism unbelievable speed Among cousin-es of the old continent, is through its Minister of Economy that the Socialist Party intends to conduct war on workers. The Macron Act [1] provides a thorough change in the labor code. Obviously, it serves the bosses. To understand this law, here is a passage from a pamphlet written by fellow Libertarian Alternative: ---- "- Sunday work and night: it goes well beyond the transition from May to December Sundays worked per year: the tourist and commercial areas, where every Sunday is allowed, become common, stations shops would no longer be limited worked on Sundays and wage compensation for night work (between 21h and 24h) jump for retail. It is not a question of "work more to earn more" but to remove the ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - unionism, ?April 9 is not an end in itself (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 4:00am
We were more than 300,000 to fight April 9 keypad to fight the law of the bosses that we needed a government that was socialist in name and that takes up all the bad ideas that whispers MEDEF. ---- Against the austerity measures against the wage freeze, against the generalization of insecurity, against the undermining of labor law organized by the Macron law, demonstrations were held all over France and especially in Paris where we were 120,000 between the Place d'Italie and Les Invalides. ---- This strike on April 9th is an important step to affirm the need for an offensive unionism and build a balance of power in favor of working people. ---- But this is only the beginning and is now to ensure that the fighting spirit which was expressed today is not without more: ...

(en) Greece, Three Bridges - Summary - Anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity - Three Bridges

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 3:55am
There is the dominance of powerful countries , the supranational formations and their local topotiriton. There are endokyriarchikes conflicts feeding a game of geopolitical tensions in the Mediterranean region. There nationalism that divide the oppressed and lead to mutual slaughter. There deregulation of local communities through martial surgery, but the brutality of fundamentalist religious obscurantism. There is a grid of repression, which is woven with "terror law" police control the streets, prisons, special booking conditions, migrant camps. There is a world of bosses, supported terrorism in the workplace and the continuous devaluation of labor. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #249 - Content + Editorial: Their Morals and Ours (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 3:54am
April 9; Higher education; Continental; Social dialogue; decentralization law; FdCA; Alexandr Koltchenko; Navalny; Ceseda; Charlie Hebdo; Anti-Muslim racism; Zionism; Zad; Sivens; Chambarans; Limoges; ---- Editorial: Their Morals and Ours ---- Full-Lights: Issues April 9, ---- April 9: Build a massive strike ---- struggles in business: March anthology ---- Struggles ---- Higher education: Precarious against low wages ---- Haute-Garonne: Semi-win for Planned Parenthood ---- Continental Clairoix does not go ---- Social ---- Social Dialogue: Disagree! ---- Decentralisation Act: Pitfalls ---- metropolization ---- Internationnal ---- Italy: FdCA prepares the libertarian alternative ---- Russia: On April 11, in the street for Alexandr Koltchenko ---- Russia: Portrait of Navalny: nationalist, racist and media darling Frankfurt ECB fined ...

(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant alternatif AC #249 - April 2015, Summary + Editorial (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 3:54am
Summary ---- Editorial PAGE 3 ---- Social ---- PAGE 4 Macron, it's all good ---- PAGE 6 Republicanism and urbanism to the rescue of the country in danger ---- Space militant PAGE 7 ---- Economy PAGE 8 The "scandal swissleaks" ---- Space to militant PAGE 10 ---- PAGE 11 Fight Fight to the Redoute: 1 year ---- Immigration PAGE 13 Calais on the situation ---- Planning ---- PAGE 15 For the ZAD Testet so it stop? ---- Big Brother PAGE 16 ---- Planning (Continued) ---- PAGE 18 NDDL: With or without airport ... what the ZAD? ---- PAGE 20 Ali Ziri, a case and a movie ---- Agriculture PAGE 22 Urban agriculture, joke or utopia? ---- International PAGE 25 Algeria: shale gas PAGE 28 Libya a sinking ship in silence ---- Metropolisation PAGE 31 Film "The party is over" ---- The economy in the short PAGE 32 ...

(en) Australia, Anarchist Affinity - The Platform #3 - Dave Kerin on Workers' Cooperatives and the Climate Emergency by Guest Author

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 3:53am
Dave Kerin is a co-founder of the Earthworker Cooperative in Morwell, Victoria, which is building a network of democratically owned and managed cooperatives throughout Australia to manufacture clean energy technology. Sam spoke with him at Trades Hall. ---- What is the Earthworker Cooperative? ---- The Earthworker Cooperative facilitates and enables the establishment of other workers' cooperatives in Australian, with a focus on manufacturing new green technologies for supply locally. Eureka's Future is one of the enterprises within that, manufacturing solar products. It started with manufacturing the BOLT-ON solar heat pump, which renters can bolt-on and bolt-off when they leave. It used to be made in China but we won the rights to make it here, along with stainless steel tanks, which are entirely made here by us. There are other products, an evacuator tube solar system, solar ...

(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups CGA - Working world - Flexicurity capitalism disguised as partnership (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 15, 2015 - 3:52am
Happy as a boss in Denmark. To believe strange rankings published every year, the Danes are the happiest people in the world. And the source of this national happiness would be a barbarous neologism sounding like a magic incantation to socio-liberal ears, flexicurity (or flexicurity). The European Union has made since the Lisbon summit in 2000 the "major driver of its strategy," pointing seven years later the need for "common principles of flexicurity". In France, it is to achieve a "flexicurity French" that was finalized in 2013 the National Inter Agreement (ANI), an agreement that still marked for president of MEDEF, Laurence Parisot, "an event in the economic and social history of our country. First, because this law finally settles flexicurity in the labor market. "More recently, visiting Denmark in November 2014, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls saw in the local social ...

(en) Ireland, Grangegorman residents key points on the March 2015 attempt to evict

A-infos - April 14, 2015 - 12:24pm
The text that follows was published by the residents of the squatted complex at Grangegorman on 24 March to describe the day long eviction attempt they succesfully resisted on the previous day. It was initally published on their Facebook page and handed out in leaflet form to people walking by the complex. The words are there own. ---- On Monday 23rd March, the squatted buildings at Grangegorman, where a community has been living for a year-and-a-half, was the subject of a violent attempted eviction by a large force of contractors and Gardaí. Here is a summary of the situation. --- ACTIVITIES AT GRANGEGORMAN: ---- * Home and living space for about 30, mostly young people, who can no longer afford to rent in Dublin. ---- * A community garden that was built and is worked on together by residents of the space and local families from the nearby school. ...

(en) Turkey, Every Woman Fight is Women Fight (tr) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 14, 2015 - 9:55am
March 8 International Women's Day rally was held in Kadikoy. Women killings, violence, harassment, rape, poverty, war and militarism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia against women marched to the scaffold meet in Kadikoy Square. Anarchists male dominance and women participate in the walk we ported our rebellion screaming fight with us to challenge capitalism. Land of our further growing our purple flag this year our anarchist comrades women from different provinces March 8th was a symbol of struggle and fight again. Why women on the street? ---- We're women; worker at the factory, in the field're farmers, cook in the kitchen, are mothers of our children, we partner with men. ---- We're women; We are always one step behind in men. Whether you read Let's, let's wish ignorant. Because power is currently the man in all circumstances. Power is power. This in itself is a means ...
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