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(en) Why May Day matters to Malawi - History with anarchist roots

A-infos - May 2, 2014 - 1:40pm
Introduction ---- When we celebrate May Day, we rarely reflect on why it is a public holiday in Malawi or elsewhere. We want to share the powerful struggles that lie behind its existence and the organisations that created it and kept its meaning alive. May Day, international workers day, started as a global general strike commemorating five anarchist labour organisers executed in 1887 in the US. Mounting the scaffold, August Spies declared: ---- “If you think that by hanging us, you can stamp out the labour movement – the movement from which the downtrodden millions, the millions who toil and live in want and misery – the wage slaves – expect salvation – if this is your opinion, then hang us! Here you will tread upon a spark, but there, and there, and behind you and in front of you, and everywhere, flames will blaze up. It is a subterranean fire. You cannot put it out.” ...

(en) Australia, May Day 2014 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

A-infos - May 2, 2014 - 1:20pm
No matter what gains we make in struggle, sooner or later employers and governments will try to roll them back. And no matter how much ground we give, employers and governments will only come back for more. The class war goes on, because whether we fight or we don’t, capital never stops fighting. The struggle will continue until we organise as a class, take the means of production into our own hands, and overthrow the entire capitalist system. Only workers’ revolution can end the class war and bring peace to the human race. ---- Chicago 1886 ---- May Day began in the United States, when Anarchist unions in Chicago called a general strike on 1 May 1886 to win the 8 hour day. A few days later, a bomb killed 7 police and 4 others at a protest connected with the campaign. In the ensuing witch hunt, eight Anarchist union organisers were arrested. They were convicted in a trial ...

(en) Beyond MayDay Celebrations: Towards a Viable Counter Movement in Nigeria by Warren McGregor - ZACF

A-infos - May 2, 2014 - 1:16pm
by Muttaqa Yushau Abdulra’uf, Sian Byrne, Warren McGregor and Lucien van der Walt The origin of May Day, International Workers Day, lies in the historic fight for decent working hours that culminated in the execution of four trade unionists in Chicago, the United States, in November 1887. This was a decisive moment in the struggle for a just society through militant trade unionism. In Nigeria, May Day was first declared in 1980 by the People’s Redemption Party (PRP)-led government of the late Abubakar Rimi in Kano State. ---- Therefore this article draws attention to the anarchist ethos of, first, building a people's counter culture to unravel the dominant class culture in the society and, second, building a counter-power that draws its energy from the trade unions, peasantry, the unemployed and the oppressed to change the world. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #238 - Front from left: The impossible reformism? (fr, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - May 2, 2014 - 3:04am
At the time of preparing the European elections next June, what lessons electoral attempts left reformist currents? ---- The PCF has held so almost exclusively from 1945 until 1988, the electoral terrain of reformism therefore calling for the progressive construction of a socialist society. ---- Thereafter, the application Juquin, former leader of the PCF, will generate real momentum in 1988 through support committees that eventually water coil, for the same reasons that campaign committees against the European Constitutional Treaty (ECT) later will not lead: the only possible agreements between reformists and revolutionaries consistent investing the electoral terrain can only be punctual. ---- Redials 2000s ---- But the idea taps activist circles generation 68 all that revolutionary prospects look away [ 1 ]. ...

(en) Brazil, Coletivo Anarquista Luta de Classe - MAY 1, FROM MOURNING TO FIGHT, THE ORIGINS TO THE PRESENT DAY (pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - May 2, 2014 - 3:00am
First of May is a day of mourning and struggle, not to party! ---- Text published in the first edition of Opinion Anarchist CALC, distributed at the first meeting of the CEL (Circle of Libertarian Studies), on May 1, 2013. ---- May 1: Fighting with the "low" or celebrate with a "top"? ---- "I have been treated here as a killer and only if I have proved that I am an anarchist. For repeat that protest against this barbaric pity because I was not proven any crime. But if I have to be hanged for professing anarchist ideas, my love of equality, liberty, fraternity, so I have nothing to object. If the death penalty is correlative to our burning passion for freedom to the human species I say loudly: disponde of my life! " ---- (Adolph Fisher, one of the martyrs of Chicago) ...

(en) Britain, Collective Action is dead; the Libertarian Communist Initiative is born.

A-infos - May 1, 2014 - 6:19am
Launched on May Day 2012, Collective Action set out as a regroupment project concerned with rethinking the organisational structures and theoretical groundwork commonly found within the established anarchist milieu. Initially hoping to work with and regroup sections of this milieu, few beyond a variety of local projects have been perceptive to the questions Collective Action has tried to ask. The foremost stimulus for starting out in 2012 remains a key problematic we want to address: in 2011 riots swept large parts of urban Britain, yet the established left – whether institutional or contentious – was incapable of responding, intervening or organising within the space the riots opened up. We are adamant that this should not be the case again. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - May 1: What our revolt ton! (fr) [machine translation]

A-infos - May 1, 2014 - 4:08am
Does it leave the government for the rich continue to bludgeon our social rights for binge patterns and shareholders? Let us fascists occupy the streets and overflowing urns? We have our clenched fist, we have our struggles and solidarity: it is time to resume the offensive and build, now, a future free of capitalism, its attendant oppression and alienation. That millions of our lungs, our revolt ton! ---- For employers, the Government PS-EELV, it is Christmas every day! Gifts, gifts... always the latest ones? 30 billion tax exemption for employers plus the promise of $ 50 billion of spending cuts to cut our public services. ---- The "poor" CAC 40 companies were to be in great need, they have paid for the single year 2013, the tune of 43 billion euros in dividends to their shareholders. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #238 - The far right attempts a takeover of the popular neighborhoods (fr, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - May 1, 2014 - 4:03am
Early this year, following the Valls-Dieudonné case and the withdrawal of schools initiated by Farida Belghoul, we have seen the attempt of a political offensive of the extreme right on the Muslim populations of the Popular neighborhoods that was able to meet some disturbing echoes. ---- Winter we would like to forget: case Valls-Dieudonné mobilization to remove their children from school due to massive sending SMS including in some Muslim networks, participation of "neighborhood youth" to the far right demonstration Day ¬ anger and rallies support Dieudonné, a banner "French Muslims say no to gay marriage" homophobic head of the procession ... How some ranks of the reaction in France he managed to mobilize their side Muslim populations including Popular neighborhoods? To understand this phenomenon, we must first distinguish the capacity to mobilize ...

(en) Turkey, To Taksim To Win

A-infos - May 1, 2014 - 3:06am
The Turkish state has once again closed Taksim Square for the millions on 1st of May which it used to ''open'' a couple of years ago. It attacked with its batons, water cannons, tear gas bombs and plastic bullets the people who wanted to be in Taksim Square on the 1st of May for their slain brothers and sisters. It has injured and taken many workers, revolutionists and oppressed ones into custody; it has not allowed ambulances to enter for the wounded... Last year, the Turkish State attacked the resisters as it did on previous forbidden 1st of Mays. But what happened that day didn't discourage the resisters, conversely the anger of the 1st of May sparked a revolt. ---- Days after the 1st of May, the roads which lead to Taksim were shut down by the police for the second time. The government wanted to shut down Taksim to the resisters who fight against State terror, ...

(en) Anarkismo.net: Mayday: Building A New Workers Movement by Various anarchist organizations

A-infos - May 1, 2014 - 3:04am
For far too long major segments of the working class have been dormant under the illusion that change can be delegated to exterior organizations or parties. When our struggles are bureaucratized and delegated to others, we lose ownership over them and in turn lose many benefits gained through them. A victory for the working class can only be established if our class is active in the struggle leading to victory. ---- From the battle for the 8 hour day, to the struggles witnessed this past year, these examples cry out for the need to organize the fight back against the war that is being waged on workers at home and abroad. Through these examples we can begin to see an alternate future and experiment towards it. This new workers' movement must be established on class struggle lines, a movement that no longer waits for politicians and bureaucrats to resolve the growing ...

(en) France, coordination Anarchist Groups - Puig Antich group - 1 May 2014 Start of a rebellion against all the powers ? (fr) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 30, 2014 - 3:56am
Although we do not usually celebrate birthdays or to satisfy the need to gather around memories rather than mobilize to change this , we thought it important to give a brief reminder of the fact that in 1814 , born Mikhail Bakunin , Russian revolutionary , anarchist thinker and actor essential precursor of revolutionary syndicalism , as Maurizio Antonioli wrote in the book he dedicated to him, " Bakunin between anarchism and syndicalism ." Anarchists , anarcho-syndicalists today continuing fierce struggle Bakunin , in his time, never ceased to hold against all the powers and against all dominions . ---- ( After download http://cga.org/sites/default/files/texte_premier_mai_2014.pdf ) ...

(en) Brazil, Colectivo Mineiro Populat Anarquista COMPA - March of Occupations Leon Rose, Hope, Victory, William Rose and Kaiowá to the Court of MG on 24/04/2014 (pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 30, 2014 - 3:07am
Retrieved from: http://ocupacaoguaranikaiowa.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/725/ ---- The Court of Minas Gerais (Nbr) determined in recent weeks, unjust, immoral and unconstitutional, the eviction of over 12,500 families currently living in occupations Victoria, Leon Rose, Hope, Kaiowá and William Rose. Such an act is an affront to the social right to housing those families seeking only the execution of an essential human right. tolerate no unjust judicial decisions that prioritize speculation over the right of thousands of families to have a home. We do not accept court decisions that disregard human rights, social rights, the right to the city. The right to property is conditioned by the social function of the same according to the Brazilian Constitution, so it is not an absolute right, as the judges want these processes repossession. ...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle on the background of Israel preparation for withdrawal*

A-infos - April 29, 2014 - 12:17pm
The Israeli Zionist-capitalist elite start to feel that the point of a showdown is nearing fast. They already realized the total backup of the US is diminishing due to the change in its global interests and diminishing of its power... but it still gambling that dragging time may increase their gains in the sphere of lands grabbing and domination on the future Palestinian state. However, the painful understanding that they will not get all that they demanded all the time since the Oslo agreement is already here. The Palestinian ruling elites in the west bank and in Gaza too are on their compromising road as the Fatah old guard and the Hamas are now contemplating sharing the spoils. The joint struggle which contribute its share to the world wide mounting pressure on Israel to compromise continue in spite of the increasing pressure of Israel to put end to it. ...

(en) France, Publication ACC #251 (February-March-April 2014) (fr) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 29, 2014 - 10:48am
This is really the last edition of the ACC paper. ---- For all our subscriber-es, all our readers and all our readers can access and disseminate widely, its electronic PDF version can be downloaded free of charge; either verbatim, text by text, either: ---- You will find here the last page (20) where a refund is offered to our subscriber-e-s whose subscription has not expired ... in exchange for a moral commitment to subscribe to other alternative journals . This page last - easily downloadable for replay - also contains a complete summary which links have been added to allow you to access each text separately. ---- In this last issue, we wanted to remind the art historical and political origins of ACC (pages 2-6) and, of course, provide detailed reasons why we constantly look (pages 7-11) version paper. Reasons already outlined in the introduction, page 1 . Pages 2-11 are ...

(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups - Montpellier - Another Future -- Anarchism Repression in belarus (fr)[machine translation]

A-infos - April 29, 2014 - 10:35am
The group Another Future for the Coordination of Anarchist Groups welcome tour of Belarus ABC Wednesday, May 14 to 20H bookstore Bad Reputation: ---- "This year again, the Anarchist Black Cross Belarus toured information in Europe. We have several goals. We want to present the week of solidarity with anarchists prionnierEs which will take place in late August 2014. This is the project of several groups ABCeuropéens who want to unite their efforts to support our camardes in prison. We also want to share information about the anarchist movement in Belarus. Hopefully the stories of struggles elsewhere will help you in your own struggles. It is impossible to talk anarchist movement in Belarus not to mention the repression that the movement faced and how we react. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #238 - Notre-Dame-des-Landes: More aggressive than ever! (fr, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 29, 2014 - 10:16am
Nearly 50,000 protesters, 520 tractors, 65 cars from all over France ... And yet, the media spoke a few broken windows. The demonstration against the airport project Notre-Dame-des-Landes February 22 in Nantes is a milestone in the fight. ---- The event on February 22 in Nantes, against the airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, was the result of a long process of organization and coordination. Its scope, the repression has been through its media coverage and strategic issues it raises, it is now interesting to a point on the mobilization. ---- It had the distinction of having been worn by all components of the struggle of it ACIPA[1] zadistes up, through collective Pal[2], and of course the 200 local committees distributed in France. This preparation in the unit allowed the deployment of a high energy to make this event an extraordinary event ...

(en) Germany, FdA-IFA - a black swab in drab colored ... (de) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 28, 2014 - 5:41am
[Here you can read in offenburg the first mai-calling of the Anarchist Initiative ortenau for anti-capitalist little blocks. I believe this is the first time that an anarchist group trying to participate mai-getaumel on open burger first. we are in an environment in which for example in the year 2010, the then- gdp was the Keynote speaker are spinner-country presiding rüdiger, do not have easy stand, but always only go to other cities on the roads, not enough for us ...] ---- Out on May 1! Get into the anti-capitalist little blocks in Offenburg! ---- May 1 is wel tweit one of the most important days of the working * inside movement. The IG Metall Rev. urg takes this fact as a reason to on their website with the text " look into the history of May 1st - From the day of struggle for the festival "to indicate the origin of this day. As Anarch * inside ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #238 - Insurance: It is always the same fare (fr, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 28, 2014 - 5:40am
"Negotiations" Unédic are completed, once again, a victory of the MEDEF. Yellow unions will papatte affix the bottom of the Agreement, and the rights of unemployed workers will fall further. Poor mobilization of social movements - just offset by the reaction of intermittent-es - should make us reflect on our methods. ---- At the time we go to press, the Unédic agreement is not signed yet, but it's like. On the night of March 21 to 22, the MEDEF has obtained the agreement of the CFDT, CFTC and FO what he proposed. The most important thing: almost no increase in employer contributions! This will require that 22 billion euros of debt to unemployment insurance are met only by the efforts of employee-es. PS-Greens government is gift 30 billion business, it is not that they inject into social organizations. ...

(en) Poland, Warsaw's Pensioners and Anarchists Unite Against Gentrification

A-infos - April 27, 2014 - 1:07pm
On a brisk Thursday afternoon, a queue forms in front of a newly privatized four-story council estate in Warsaw's Praga district. ---- A century ago it could have been an impressive piece of art nouveau architecture, but — worn away by the years, like most of the buildings in Praga — it now stands as a bleak contrast to the city's shiny financial center. The people forming the queue live in the neighborhood, though with the nascent privatization of the area it's hard to tell how long they'll be able to stick around for. ---- The local Tenants' Defense Committee — who those in the queue are waiting to see — was set up to tackle up this problem, beginning its life as a small family affair. ---- "A multiplex cinema was erected in front of our window, where an old movie theater used to stand. The vibrations resulting from the use of heavy machinery began to topple the weak ...

(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif, CA #239 - Ukraine: a rather warm winter (fr, pt) [machine translation]

A-infos - April 27, 2014 - 1:06pm
Independent since 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine is seen today in the center of a geopolitical dispute involving one side the European Union and the United States (through the allies NATO) and other Russia. ---- For the European Union it is a challenge, will she be able to protect and rebuild this country to the brink of economic crisis? NATO, led by the United States, expanding more and more since the end of the Cold War, has a real opportunity in the wake of the fall of the pro-Russian Ukrainian government of Yanukovych to nibble a little more former countries of the Eastern bloc. ---- For Russia, this is a step backwards. The 2004 Orange Revolution had put the pro-European power, but the situation was restored in 2010 following the victory of the "Party of Regions" (the party of Yanukovych.) A return to Ukraine in the Russian camp is ...
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