The Future is Ours Anarchic

The Future is Ours Anarchic You don’t have to go far to know that capitalism is tragic for most of humanity. It is just enough to look at your own personal life and my own to realize that capitalism is life and planet destroyer. Because of a prolonged oppression, poverty and enslavement, most people have never experienced in their lives any freedom or choice, they never new the meaning of pleasure and creativity, they where always severely deprived of all the good things in life. They don’t know what it means to be materially secure, or that one can live if circumstances allow, an interesting and satisfying lives. All this is beyond them and beyond their reach, what they are left with is hunger and disease. Most people don’t know the meaning of free choice and free will, they where never given the chance, always in poverty and depravity they know only one thing, that they suffer and that the rich always wallow in corruption and in luxury. Humanity is in misery for many centuries and now it is the time to change all this ‘permanence’ and turn it into a full blown anarchic revolution in the coming future. We must return to humanity its long lost dignity, there is enough for everyone and plenty, no excuses and apologies can change the facts that billions of people survive and barely exist in a downtrodden subjective reality and unbearable misery. This explains clearly why is the politico-economical world situation is like this – the most inhuman and brutal. Who can dismantle capitalism and how? The answer is really simple; the anarchists will dismantle the capitalist structure and replace it with an anarchist society brought about by an anti-national anarchic revolution. The sooner the capitalist system is dismantled is the better for all even for the rich although they don’t know it. The sooner capitalism goes as a result of the anti-capitalist social revolution the sooner humanity will start tasting the never ending spring of freedom and discover for the first time in human history the real meaning of life, pleasure and creation. A mass revolution, beyond borders and nations, beyond classes and countries, a social revolution that will definitely and once and for all put an end to this capital geo-demographic mayhem. All poverty and all wars are the result of political economy of wealth and control, all human misery and suffering also all the violence are the direct result of political economy and its representatives, all is because of economical laws of the masters of capital. Once we de-economize society and abolish capital and politics we shell enter into a higher a stage of canceling all money and the private ownership of the means of social production. Capitalism negatively affects the inner self of every individual; the rate of degradation of each is according to the actual material objective condition of the subject. Capitalism is the latest form of slavery and it must be abolished, before we are abolished. This imposed modern universal slavery will implode one day soon, because of the deteriorating pressure of the last threshold. A major rebellion will take place against this condition of oppression and quickly turning into an anarchic social revolution sweeping with it the unwanted remains of the previous era and creating for the first in human history a genuine anarchic society that guarantees the well-being and the freedom of all everywhere and all of time. Our selves are constructed and made on the major of oppression and poverty we endure, our behavior and personalities are founded on the major of our enslavement to the system and its leaders and on the major of our resistance to it all. The more rebellious we are the less we fear the brutality of capitalism and its executing arms. The more revolutionary we become the less time will remain for the nation-state capitalism and the less time will remain for its hegemony. The more we fight theoretically and practically against discrimination and exploitation, the sooner will our freedom be achieved and our livelihood guaranteed.