"Capital's Greek Cage" Book Party
Sherry Millner, Ernie Larsen, George Caffentzis
Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street, New York 7PM, April 6, 2014

Join us to discuss essays from four contributors to this new Autonomedia book on the financial crisis in Greece.

“If we are to understand molecular biopolitics then we must see it working in the participatory mechanism of fascism and today’s fascism from below… Führers and inspired leaders do not seem to be important anymore — the small fascist icons can be as many and as interchangeable as sitcom actors and second-rate soccer champions. Participation is virtual — but killing can be real; you can order a gun with the click of a mouse, but the bullet can blow you to pieces.’’ — Clandestina

Bonny Finberg, "Kali’s Day," and Jill Rapaport, "Duchamp et Moi," Reading
Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street, New York City, 7 PM, March 28, 2014

New Fiction from NYC Downtown Voices
With Bonny Finberg and Jill S. Rapaport

Join Bluestockings for an evening of fiction traversing the literary stomping grounds from New York City to Paris, Kathmandu, and beyond, with two of New York’s sharpest, funniest, and most evocative downtown writers, Bonny Finberg and Jill S. Rapaport, each reading from their new books. In Kali’s Day, a dysfunctional Manhattan family–cross-dressing father, pot-dealing stepmother, and thrill-seeking, graffiti-artist daughter–go on a trip to Nepal, where they take different spiritual paths, some leading to insanity and prison, others to sainthood. Jill S. Rapaport’s debut collection, Duchamp et Moi and Other Stories, a tour-de-force of short fiction, dealing with subjects from jobs (held and hated as well as sought and fantasized about) to the varieties of affection, figuring among them the complexities of the family and those of relationships with men.

David Ranney on “The New World Disorder”
An Insurgent Notes Presentation

DATE: Sunday, April 6, 2014
TIME: 4:00 PM
PLACE: Room 5414, CUNY Graduate Center, Fifth Avenue & 34th Street, New York City

David Ranney has just published his latest book New World Disorder: The Decline of U.S. Power (2014). Ranney, author of Global Decisions, Local Collisions: Urban Life in the New World Order (2003) argues that the global system that President George H. W. Bush first called the New World Order is now in a deep systemic crisis and has become a new world disorder.

The political and economic instability that rages around the world, Ranney contends, cannot be attributed to simply a great recession. The global crisis that we face today is inherent in capitalism itself and has appeared historically again and again. Ranney lays out the source of today’s new world disorder and explains its historical precedents. He then raises critical questions about the future.

As the crisis deepens, players around the world are lining up to knock the U.S. out of its self-proclaimed position as the most powerful nation on earth. What are some possible outcomes? Are we doomed to live through a long period of narrow political bickering, a deteriorating environment, declining living standards, permanent war, and government surveillance? Will super global corporations enforce a new and possibly brutal form of capitalism that is removed from the reach of any particular government? Will we see the frightening emergence of 21st Century fascism? Or will we find a way toward a global system based on liberty, equality and environmental sustainability that aims to meet the needs of humanity and the planet?

David Ranney has been a faculty member of the College of Urban Planning and
Public Affairs at the University of Illinois Chicago. Ranney has also been a factory worker, a labor and community organizer and an activist academic. He is the author of four books and numerous articles and monographs on issues of employment, labor and community organizing and U.S. trade policy. In addition to his writing, he gives lectures on economic policy and politics and also finds time to be an actor and director in a small community theatre.

He will be speaking about the major themes of his new book and answering questions from those in attendance.

For more information, email editors@insurgentnotes.com.

The ABC's of Squatting In NYC
7:00 PM Thursday, February 27, 2014

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space
155 Avenue C, Lower East Side

Beyond the ideologies associated with the urban lore of squatting are practical knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to reclaim abandoned public space. Activists Frank Morales and Bill Timesup will lead a discussion about occupying neglected buildings and vacant lots to restore them to usefulness and vitality.

Morales, a Lower East Side native and political activist whose work with squatters dates back to the 1970's when he served as an Episcopal priest in the Bronx, and Bill Timesup, founder of the environmental action group Time’s Up! and co-founder of MoRUS, will share the vast resources gleaned from their combined experiences.

Presentation will include slide show and Q&A on tools, building systems, and nuts and bolts of squatting in New York City in 2014.

$5 suggested donation at the door

More information on Facebook.

Second New York City Feminist Zine Festival,
Barnard College, March 1, 2014

The NYC Feminist Zine Fest is back! In 2012, Elvis Bakaitis and Kate Angell launched the first Feminist Zine Fest - an event that packed the Brooklyn Commons to the gills. An expanded organizing team has worked hard to bring it back this year!

More than 30 amazing zine makers will come together at Barnard College to share their work. There will be zine readings, workshops, and of course oodles of fun and colorful zines.

WHEN: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 ~ 1pm to 6pm

WHERE: Barnard College (116th St and Broadway), James Room

It's free and open to the public.

Bucharest, Romania, Oct. 17-18, 2014

Media and Communication in and after the Global Capitalist Crisis: Renewal, Reform or Revolution?
ESA RN18 Mid-Term Conference 2014
University of Bucharest, Romania
October 17-18, 2014

Full Call Text and additional information:

Call for Participation and Abstracts

European Sociological Association, Research Network 18: Sociology of Communications and Media Research

Submission deadline for abstracts: July 1st, 2014. Submission per e-mail to christian.fuchs@uti.at
Abstracts should be written in a word processor, have 250-500 words, and contain title, author name(s), email address(es), institutional affiliations, the suggested presentation’s abstract.

The world has experienced a global crisis of capitalism that started in 2008 and is continuing until now. It has been accompanied by a crisis of the state and a general crisis of legitimation of dominant ideologies such as neoliberalism. Responses to the crisis have been variegated and have included austerity measures of the state that have hit the weakest, an increased presence of progressive protests, revolutions and strikes that have made use of digital, social and traditional media in various ways, the rise of far-right movements and parties in many parts of Europe and other parts of the world, the Greek state’s closing down of public service broadcaster ERT and increased commercial pressure on public service broadcasting in general, new debates about how to strengthen public service media, increased socio-economic and class inequality in many parts of the world and at a global level, precarious forms of work in general and in the media and cultural industries in particular, the emergence of new media reform movements, an extension and intensification of the crisis of newspapers and the print media, an increasing shift of advertising budgets to targeted ads on the Internet and along with this development the rise of commercial “social media” platforms, Edward Snowden’s revelations about the existence of a global surveillance-industrial complex that operates a communications surveillance system called “Prism” that involves the NSA and media companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, Skype, Apple and Paltalk; discussions about the power and freedom of the press in light of the Levenson inquiry, shifting geographies of the political and media landscape that have to do with the economic rise of countries such as China and India.

Given this context, the main questions that ESA RN18’s 2014 conference asks and to which it invites contributions are: How has the crisis affected the media and communication landscape in Europe and globally and what perspectives for the future of media and communications are there? What suggestions for media reforms are there? How feasible are they? What kind of media policies and reforms do we need today? Which ones should be avoided? Are we in this context likely to experience a renewal of neoliberalism or something different?

President's Pardon Day, Beyond Capitalism, Beyond Empire
Brooklyn, NY, Feb. 15, 2014

9pm, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014
Pine Box Rock Shop, a bar in Bushwick—L train Morgan stop
12 Grattan St, Brooklyn, New York 11206

Who would you pardon?

Join us for an enlightened evening as spectator, participant or both,

Jacob Cohen-cello • Carrie Dashow–Yesiree the Public Notary* • Noah Fischer • Happy Tears-harpsichord • Frederikke Hauberg-dance • Jim Costanzo

To further the vision of what is possible Beyond Capitalism at the end of empire, we are calling for Presidential Pardon for OWS's Cecily McMillan and Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Lynne Steward, Aaron Swartz and Marissa Alexander. Beyond individuals, we are also calling for the pardons of victims of Stop & Frisk, pardons for te prisoners of war on drugs, pardon all debtors.

BEYOND CAPITALISM: People and the Environment before Profits

The Aaron Burr Society is launching the next phase of the 2nd Whiskey Rebellion, an Occupied Rebellion, at the Pine Box Rock Shop, a bar in Bushwick.

*Officially Concur presidential pardoning with Yesiree the Public Notary (may need I.d.). All concurring Pardons will be combined into an actual legal and official presidential pardoning post to be delivered by the Aaron Burr Society, possibly on foot, or possibly by mail.

The Aaron Burr Society is launching the next phase of the 2nd Whiskey Rebellion, an Occupied Rebellion, at the Pine Box Rock Shop, a bar in Bushwick.

9pm, Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014
Pine Box Rock Shop
a bar in Bushwick—L train Morgan spot
12 Grattan St, Brooklyn, New York 11206

International Uranium Film Festival
New York City, Feb. 14-19, 2014

Pavilion Theater 188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Subway: F/G train to 15th Street

Addmission: $12.50 (adult), $9.00 (children, senior and matinee), $40 (1-day pass), $70 (2-day pass), $90 (3-day pass), $170 (6-day pass) Available at Box office (sorry, cash only).




HERR HOPPE AND THE NUCLEAR WASTE - Germany, 2011, 4 min, Directors: Jan Lachauer and Thorsten Löffler, Animation, English

AFTER THE DAY AFTER - USA, 2011, 6 min, Director and Producer: Nathan Meltz. Animation/ Experimental, English

THE LAST FLOWER - Iran, 2013, 6 min, Director: Sima Baghery, Fiction, Animation, no dialog

ABITA. CHILDREN FROM FUKUSHIMA - Germany, 2012, min, Directors: Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner, Animation, English subtitles

LEONID`S STORY - Germany / Ukraine, 2011, min, Director: Rainer Ludwigs, Producer: Tetyana Chernyavska, Animated Documentary, Russian, English Subtitles

HIBAKUSHA - USA, 2012, 54 min, Directors: Steve Nguyen and Choz Belen, Documentary with animation, English


SLOUCHING TOWARDS YUCCA MOUNTAIN - USA, 2011, 17 min, Director and Producer: Eve- Andrée Laramée. Experimental

THE ATOMIC STATES OF AMERICA - USA, 2011, 92 min, Directors: Don Argott & Sheena M. Joyce. Documentary


TAILINGS - USA, 2012, 12 min, Director: Sam Price-Waldman, Documentary, English

SACRED POISON - USA, 2011, 30 min, Director and Producer: Yvonne Latty. Documentary

URANIUM - Canada, 1990, 48 min, Director: Magnus Isacsson, Producer: National Film Board of Canada, Documentary, English.


YELLOW CAKE. THE DIRT BEHIND URANIUM - Germany, 2010, 108 min, Director: Joachim Tschirner, Documentary, English


ATOMIC FOOTPRINTS - Australia, 2006, 14 min, Director: Pip Starr, Documentary, English
KINTYRE - Australia, 2012, 15 min, Director: Curtis Taylor, Producer: Curtis Taylor and Eleonor Winkler, Documentary, Martu and English, English subtitles

MUCKATY VOICES - Australia, 2010, 10 min, Director: Natalie Wasley. Documentary

AUSTRALIAN ATOMIC CONFESSIONS - Australia, 2005, 49 min, Director: Katherine Aigner, Documentary, English


ATOMIC BOMBS ON THE PLANET EARTH - UK/The Netherlands, 2011, 13 min, Director: Peter Greenaway, Producer: Video Design Irma de Vries, Experimental documentary, no dialog

NUCLEAR SAVAGE: THE ISLANDS OF SECRET PROJECT 4.1 - USA, 2012, 87 min, Director: Adam Jonas Horowitz, Documentary, Marshallese & English.

Appeal for Support for the No TAV Movement

We are guilty of defending our land. Support us!


Contributions can be made to the following account:
“Spese legali NO TAV” (Legal fees)
IBAN : IT22L0760101000001004906838 – BIC : BPPIITRRXXX
c/o BancoPosta in the name of
Pietro Davy Maria Chiara Cebrari

On the 7th of January 2014 (filed on 1/14/14) the Ordinary Court of Turin, detached section of Susa, ruled: “We jointly condemn and hold Alberto Perino, Loredana Bellone and George Vair to the payment of punitive damages amounting to € 191,966.29 to the plaintiff [LTF]” as well as € 22,214.11 to be paid to LTF sas for legal fees, for a total amount of € 214,180.40.

The civil lawsuit was filed by LTF sas http://www.ltf-sas.com/ because, according to them, on the night between 11 and 12 January 2010 they were prevented from carrying out the S68 survey in the area of the Susa autoporto (truck parking). The geognostic or exploratory surveys S68 and S69 were useless, so much so that they were never conducted or proposed again, neither in the preliminary draft nor in the final draft project for the international section of the Turin – Lyon new railway line.

That night, not far from the autoporto (truck parking), hundreds of protesters congested road access to prevent geognostic survey operations.

The Digos (the Division of the Italian Police for General Investigations and Special Operations) said that police forces would not come to clear out the protesters, they would politely ask to do the survey and, if they were refused, they would go away. And that’s what happened.

Later we discovered that it was a trap to tie the NO TAV Movement’s hands employing a new strategy: the imaginary claim for damages amounting to hundreds of thousands of Euros charged to key figures in the movement.

"Kali's Day" Reading with Bonny Finberg, Feb. 3, 2014, New York City

Come celebrate the publication of Bonny Finberg's new novel,
"KALI'S DAY" (Autonomedia/Unbearable Books)

Monday, February 3rd, 2014 @ 7PM
31 THIRD AVE., New York City

and the author will read selections from the book.
Emceed by JIM FEAST