Neo-Nazi Infiltration of Anti-Globalization Protests

June 21, 2002

From: Center for New Community

To: Human Rights and Anti-Globalization Activists, Media

The Center for New Community has uncovered a violent neo-Nazi organization
attempting to inflitrate the anti-globalist movement. A new group calling
itself the Anti-Globalism Action Network (AGAN), has emerged to protest the
G8 meeting in Canada next week but is merely being used as a facade by the
National Alliance.

AGAN has been circulating a press release about a "cycle of violence" at the
upcoming protests of the G8 meeting in Kananaskis, Canada, on June 26-27. In
reality, AGAN is little more than a front for the neo-Nazi National
Alliance. The group's website is even registered to the
Canadian branch of the National Alliance.

Headquartered in Hillsboro, West Virginia, the National Alliance is one of
the largest and most dangerous neo-Nazi organizations in North America.

Recently, the National Alliance has adopted numerous strategies aimed at
both recruiting from and disrupting progressive activists, including rogue
postings to local sites and an appearance at the Seattle
anti-globalization protests of 1999.

Through their "Anti-Globalism Action Network", the National Alliance hopes
to continue this process by inciting violence and recruiting unsuspecting
anti-globalization activists.

According to the group's anti-Semitic worldview, organizations like the G8,
IMF, and World Bank are the tools that the Jewish elite uses in their quest
for world domination. It is vital that anti-globalization activists and
organizations expose and oppose this hateful message, making it clear that
the anti-globalization movement will not tolerate organized bigotry in its

Individuals or organizations that come into contact with AGAN should refuse
to work with them and alert others to do the same. Note: individuals
associated with AGAN may use the names "Anthony Phillips" and "Graham
Peters." If you are contacted by this or similar sounding organizations,
please contact the Center for New Community.

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press release sent out by AGAN (date unknown)


The Anti-Globalism Action Network (AGAN), an ad hoc collection of
anti-globalism activists, predicts that the violence surrounding past G8
meetings will erupt once again in Kananaskis. The failure of Canada, and
other Western countries, to address the root causes of the protests,
rather than just their symptoms, ensures that the cycle of violent protest
and repressive counter-measure will continue.

Western governments, whose true loyalties lie with the financial elite
and special-interest groups, give lip service to democracy; yet respond with
tear-gas and rubber bullets when the citizenry attempts to participate in
the political process. The Canadian people would be much better served by a
government that invests in environmental protection, national sovereignty,
and measures to curb the growing power of both multi-national corporations
and media oligarchies, than in a government which serves those whose
ultimate aim is our subjugation on a global plantation.

Responsibility for the cycle of violence does not lie exclusively with
Western governments; the media shares part of the blame. The lust by the
media for sensational sound bytes from tear-gased teenagers is nothing less
than fetishistic. The power of the media lies in part in its ability to
masquerade as neutral and independent observers, when in fact the growing
concentration of media control has resulted in the media becoming a vested
member of the establishment.

The movement against globalization has assembled a broad coalition of
often contradictory interests. The lack of hierarchical leadership with a
clear political program has created a void that is being filled by more
hierarchical elements.

"You'd be surprised at the diversity found within the Anti-globalism
movement," says Anthony Phillips of AGAN. "The active participation of
one organization in particular should send shock-waves throughout the
establishment, as they break all the stereotypes of the anti-globalism
movement being strictly a preserve of the traditional radical-left."