Palestine and Israel - A Possible Confederate Commonwealth of Tiny Community States?

Here is my own offer for ending the conflict (originally written almost 3 months ago, right after shmanapolis): Fellow Leftists... So, the three failing bourgeois leaders - olmert, abu-maazen and george w - the three of them absolutely powerless, corrupted and irrelevant - have gathered in annapolis, alongside with their closest allied fellow bourgeois friends, in order to try and create a empty declaration, which should lead to another empty declaration, which should lead to yet another empty declaration, which should lead to that all those three bombastic failures shall NOT end up in jail, or better still - be trialed in the Haag. By the meantime, all other actors and actresses, just play their part: the extreme nationalists on both sides scream "no way!!! it is all MINE!!! MINE AND ONLY MINE!!!!!111". On the other hand, the more rational people call for more rational behaviour, but they are still caught deeply within the same matrix of thinking, which deals with the terms "occupation" and "the green line". The jews among them - save a few - do still wish for a "jewish democratic state", while blindly failing to realize, that if a state has A RELIGION - jewish, islam or any other - then it canNOT, by a definition, be "democratic" - let alone "equal". A "jewish" state is BOUND, by its very definition, to be hostile towards the very idea of "mixed" couple (a racist expression by itself, of course), let alone towards gay-Rights and Women-equallity. And when asking a "jewish state" supporter, what should be the status of non-jewish people here, then he or she would answer, "well, of course they should enjoy completely EQUAL rights - but"... {wink-wink} - meaning, as long as they shall "know their place" - as birthly inferiors to any non-israeli JEW, who might decide to "jump for a visit". This is NOT a "democratic state" - but an apartheid one. Besides, they ignore three basic facts: ONE - The Phalastinian Right of Return IS valid. There can be no denying of that, the Phalastinian Arabs made a drastic and a catastrophic mistake, exactly 60 years ago (how simbolic this convention/meeting's date is!!), in listening to their stupid muphty, instead of accepting the state being offered to them then. Well, I for one do truly believe, that they have payed for that mistake way MORE than enough!! And however, the naqba crimes canNOT be forgiven. Nor should they be, not as long as the situation is the way it is... These people are refugees - a temporal situation - for 60 long years!!!! Their right to return is absolutely valid, far more than that of some "taglith" (young jewish students from around the World, being brought here by the jewish racist agency, in order to make them come and "improve the demographic balance"... brrr or, as it is racially named, "birth-right"... brrrrr) young fascists, who have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Middle-East, they have nothing to do, with the Arabic Culture - and their only hebrew phrases consist of "ha-'am 'im ha-golan" ("the people with the golan" - meaning, against giving it back to Syria), "maveth la'aravim" ("death to all arabs" - shamefully, a common cheering cry at the israeli saturday soccer matches), "kahana [the jewish hitler, who demanded to slaughter all arabs and us leftists] war recht" and all other such despickable, racist....things. And, further more: the ambition, to create a "jewish state", has now embodied itself not only in liberman's (an extreme fascist, leader of the racist and fascist "yisra`el beytenu" = "israel is our home" - coallition-party and a cabinet-member) sick, devilish plan, of actually completely segregating the two populations and practically tearing apart Arab Israeli citizenships - as bad as in the despickable treatment of Darfur-refugees (who get either jailed, or deported - or shot at the Egyptian border-crossing, right according to olmert's personal request of mubarak...) - but also in the former obvious influence on no other than the israeli minister of foreign affairs, mrs. tsipi livni, whom some of our "political camp" have tragicly mistaken, to be a Peace-Loving Liberal. This is as for the first thing here. Now - to the second. I guess it is clear to You All by now, that I am no fan of the jewish illegal settlers in the West Bank. Furthermore, I consider them all to be knowingly criminals. But, still... In some of their settlements, there are 3rd generation - meaning, A SECOND GENERATION OF PEOPLE, BORN AND RAISED THERE, WHO KNEW NO OTHER HOME. If THAT is not Natives, then I do not know, what does the word "Native" mean!! To tear THEM away, would be nothing more, than an infamous act of atrocity and barbarism - as much as I hate the very idea of them settling there on the first place. And now, to the third point widely ignored... Dear Fellow Activists, the green line had only existed for 18 short years, between 1949 and 1967. The occupation, on the other hand, has been here for over 40 years already - that's more than TWICE the time!! So, in light of this, and the Phalastinian refugees, and the treatment of non-jewish immigrants in Israel, and that directed towards the non-jewish CITIZENS of Israel, and of the complecated illegal jewish settlements in the Territories, and of the apartheid already present, I do Heartily offer, that we should all SHIFT our perspective, CHANGE our terminology and - ABOVE ALL!! - Update our Minds. Let us not speak of "occupation" vs "the green line" anymore - but instead, let us speak of apartheid vs a TRULY Democratic State, one that should embrace everything, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Now, the one argue most usually brought against it, by the jewish/hebrew-speaking population supporting a Peaceful, two-states solution, is "but do You know of the way Women - let alone Gays!! - are being treated at the Phalastinian Authority, by the Phalastinian People?!? God forbid we should let it be here!!!" But Friends, I believe I have found the Solution to this Problem. And the Solution is: the Confederal model. To unite this Country into ONE nation, made up - not of two, certainly alien and hostile bodies, as it had in (Be BLESSED!!! Her Beloved Memory!!!) Tito's Yugoslavia!! but to THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of small-to-tiny "states", which shall - completely autonomically - mind their own business, while the central government and parliament, deals only with three issues: 1 - Foreign affairs; 2 - Security; 3 - Encouraging the Brotherhood, the Tolerance, the Economical reasonable equallity and the Joyful Cooperation, all throughout this rich Commonwealth of Community-states. ALL other issues, shall belong ONLY AND SOLELY to the small Community-states, each of which shall be ABSOLUTELY FREE, to be governed and mannaged as EVER IT DEEMS RIGHT. Bney Brak and Me`ah She'arim shall be Free, to exercise their "Halakha [jewish religious law] States", while Ghaza - or some neighbours of it - shall be equally Free, to be governed right in a perfect accordance with the Shari'ah (islamic religious law) - and all the while Florentine Neighbourhood of Tel-Aviv shall be Amsterdam's Ally, in having Legalized any GOOD stuff and several beach communities, shall be FREE to become the First Israeli Nudist State. And ALL SHALL LIVE IN PEACE. This is my offer. What do YOU think? Yours, Danni`el Qeletti ("Danni`el-'Oded Qedem"), An Israeli Radical Writer, Prophet, Philosopher & Student. Danni`el Qeletti Cell # ++972-50-85-335-18