Second Annual C.L.R. James Scholar Essay Contest on Gender, Race, Class, & Empire Second Annual C.L.R. James Scholar Essay Contest We are constantly bombarded with images concerning the victimized state of women around the globe. Politicians, academics, and even some social justice activists tell us that women’s liberation is little more than a mirage. Yet, these images hide a reality much more profound, inspiring, and courageous. There is a proud tradition of women who have refused to accept subordinate roles to their families or to the state. Whether organizing rent strikes or workplace strikes; fighting for reproductive freedom or education; sometimes with people of other genders and sometimes on their own; women have played vital roles in countless social movements and local organizing around the globe. It is in the spirit of this legacy that the Onyx Foundation would like to invite women and men to participate in an essay contest that seeks to explore and advance democratic visions of women’s liberation. Essays should examine only ONE of the following themes. If you would like to write about something different yet related to the theme of women’s liberation, contact us to discuss your idea. • “A Woman’s Place”: A Look at Selma James and the Politics of the International Wages for Housework Campaign • An Anti-Imperialist Perspective for Women’s Liberation: Looking at the U.S. Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan • Sex, Race & Class: Histories of women of color in social movements or revolutions • Reflections on Organizing: Lessons from your own independent organizing with women in schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces Please visit for additional information on essay topics. Essays must be a minimum of 1500 words. There is no maximum length. Include a cover page with your contact information: name, street address, email (if available), and telephone number. Video or audio essays will also be considered. Submission Deadline: July 1, 2008 Mail Essays to: The Onyx Foundation • P.O. Box 750238 • New Orleans, LA 70175-0238 or email to: