Seeking Autonomous POC to Make Something New

Seeking Autonomous POC to Make Something New Are you interested in founding an organization of people of color united around anti-authoritarian politics? Over time, many collectives self-identified with APOC (Anarchist People Of Color) have come and gone. New autonomous people of color are getting involved. Interest in seeing something more consistent is a common refrain. What could be needed is an organization that helps strengthen and build collectives, supports activists and puts out a coherent vision for the present and future as autonomous people of color. This is a call out for anarchists of color interested in organizing or supporting a broad autonomous group. It is reasonable to expect such a group would be built over a year, with much involvement from the greater APOC community, local activists and others, culminating into a meeting, possibly at a future APOC gathering. If you are interested email send an email to the contact below with some information to help start the conversation. ................ A short personal introduction (you, where you are located). In your opinion... * How should an APOC organization be structured? * What kinds of projects should an APOC organization do? * what three central principles would you choose for this group? * What do you think about individual memberships? Dues? * What questions should we be asking each other? .............. On June 1, the collected answers of all persons will be forwarded to members and discussions will begin. If you are interested in this proposal, contact