Art Squat in Paris, the Alternative at the Officia

Kisinis writes "Kisinis Web Art present creations to squats' artists in Paris

Kisinis Web Art, the site of art and artists, announces a rubric dedicated to artists' squats.

In collaboration with squatter's artists from three squats in Paris, "La Maison de la Plage" (The Beach's House), "Chez Robert, Electrons Libres" (At Robert, Free Electrons) and "Hors Champs" (Out of Bounds), KWA offers a virtual visit to see their works in the quarters they are occupying.

Numerous photos allow visitors to discover the creativity of artists outside gallery walls. These reports reveal the diverse creativity that bubbles among artist outside all institutions and galleries, in unoccupied, abandoned spaces.

You might also find information provided by artists' associations, musicians, painters and sculptors, actors, jugglers, video artists, photographers about the numerous artistic activities they offer to the public, as well as a mailing list diffusion dedicated.

Come visit these artists' squats and learn about what squatter artists are doing.

"La Maison de la Plage", no profit organisation for the creative and temporary occupation of uncultivated urban places, is at first a place of life and creation opened to the artists. She would like to arouse of the social link through the space and its actions of creation where each is invited to be more an actor than a spectator.

Also a reportage to the eviction of the squat of the street of Pyrenees, in Paris, with the troops assaults the building occupied by the squatters and oust the rebellious out the roof.

Michel Kisinis"