A Statement from the Muslim Liberation Movement

A statement from the Muslim Liberation Movement

This email is being sent to progressive organizations throughout the United

States, as a part of our ongoing effort to build bridges between the
Community and progressive elements in the US. We encourage all of those
who read
our statement, and agree with its principals to endorse this statement
sending us an email.

The MLM publishes two publications bi-monthly, "The Liberator",
alongside with
"The CAU$E" (Committee Against U$ Empire), which is a coalition
dedicated to bringing anti-imperialists of all stripes together. We also
publish "Tahreer", which is a publication dealing more with issues in
Muslim community.The MLM also conducts educational workshops throughout the US on Islam,
history, modern political movements in the Muslim world, the Palestinian
etc..We are available to give these workshops throughout the US. In
addition we
have a speakers bureau that can provide expert speakers on a range of
for events throghout the US.


This is the statement of solidarity by the MLM to the African-American,
and activist communities in America.

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Declaration of Cooperation Between American Muslims,
the African-American Community, Latin America, and
Activist Community in the USA;

America is a nation that was born of fraud deceit and
theft. A nation that has been built on the backs of
imported slave labor, African-Americans, and exploited
labor, white workers, Latinos and others. Today, as we
live in a Global Village, where events all around the
world have local impact, we must draw the line and
stand against the modern day plantation owners,
exploiters, oppressors and thieves.

As a Muslim, I openly and freely bear witness that
there in No God but Allah, and that Muhammad Ibn
Abdullah is the messenger of Allah. Just as this
declaration of faith inspired the earliest generations
of Muslims to fight against oppression, and give their
lives to that cause, we as Muslims must today stand up
for truth and justice. We must not be silenced by the
strong arm tactics of Attorney General John Ashcroft
are any other force; we must stand as a community
united against injustice.

The Muslim ummah (global Muslim community) is today
full of tragedy. Our nations are ruled by tyrants, who
are little more that puppets of America and the west,
save a few. Palestine remains under brutal occupation
and every day is being drenched in more blood. Iraqi
children are dying from disease and forced to live in
squalor because of US sanctions. The so-called "War
on Terrorism" is spreading across the Muslim world and
is seeking to stifle all dissent in the Muslim world.

Western Civilization, as it has done in the past, this
time with America as a leader, is seeking to once again
solidify her rule over the world and crack the whip on
the backs of the slaves. This is nothing new, our
brothers and sisters in Africa and Latin America have
seen this many times before.

In this hour, we must stand together. The Muslim world
must stand together, as the messenger of Allah said, "the Muslim community is like the human body, if any
part of it feels pain, the entire body aches".

Furthermore, we must not only be united with the
Muslim world, but with all oppressed people worldwide.
The American Muslim community must act now and reject
the effort by those traitors in our community who seek
to bring us into the Republican party (or Democrat for
that matter), instead we must stand with our comrades
in the ghettoes and barrios of America, as well as
those in the White community who are well-meaning.

This is the statement of the Muslim Liberation
Movement, regarding our policy concerning interaction
and solidarity with the African-American community,
Latin American community (including American Latinos),
and activist community.

The African-American Community

At this time we have more than two million
African-Americans who have embraced Islam.
African-American Muslims are living, working and
studying in dozens of Muslim countries. Large
African-American Muslim communities exist all
throughout the Untied States, and these communities
are interacting with, and in communion with, the
global Muslim community. Therefore, the problems of
the Muslim world become the problem of
African-American Muslims, and the problems of
African-Americans become the problems of the Muslim

The Muslim Liberation Movement stands in solidarity
with our African-American brothers and sisters, and
would like to state so on these issues in particular;

1. We support reparations for all descendants of
victims of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

2. We call for the repeal of the United States federal
sentencing guidelines, the Rockefeller drug laws, end
the death penalty and all other instruments used by
the justice system that disproportionately target the
African-American community.

3. We call for the formation of police oversight
boards throughout America to oversee police abuses.

4. We support statehood for the District of Columbia .

5. We support affirmative-action programs that curb
discriminatory hiring.

Based on our support of these issues, we call on
African-American organizations to sign a letter of
solidarity with the Muslim Liberation Movement, and
sign this statement.

Latin America and Latinos Living in

The United States

A long history exists between the Spanish speaking
world and the Muslim world. Centuries of interaction
have brought our communities together. At this time,
Muslims are living in all Latin American countries.

Latinos in the US are a growing population that in the
years to come will be a major force in American
politics. It is important that we create a coalition
today that will stand together in the future, a
coalition of minorities, that will remove the culture
of racism and white supremacy that has plagued America
since her inception.

The Muslim Liberation Movement supports Latin American
and Latinos in America, and would like to state so on
these issues in particular;

1.We call for the recognition of the Spanish language
as an official language in the
United States.

2.We call for the immediate legalization of ALL
foreign workers in the US.

3.We call for the immediate ending of the crippling
International Monetary Fund, World
Bank, and World Trade Organization policies in
Latin America.

4.We call for the liberation of the island of Puerto
Rico from US rule.

5.We call for the end of the inhume embargo that has
been placed on Cuba.

Based on our support of these issues, we call on
Latino organizations to sign a letter of solidarity
with the Muslim Liberation Movement, and sign this

The Activist Community

We seek to work with all of those in the activist who
are working for the cause of global justice. Those who
stood in the streets of Seattle, Genoa and Quebec
were soldiers in our struggle.

The need for coalition is crucial. Activist groups,
leftist groups, etc., all have differences, but we
agree on more than we disagree. Most importantly, we
are all anti-imperialists, anti-capitalist, anti-racist
and stand for the creation of a more just society

The Muslim Liberation Movement supports those genuine
members of the activist community, and would like to
state so on these issues in particular;

1.We support the creation of affordable housing, an
expansion of public housing and an
end to the trend of ethnic cleansing that is
sweeping American cities as new trendy
neighborhoods are being created and displacing
indigenous communities.

2.We support a national living wage, as well as a
global minimum wage.

3. We support the right of all workers to organize.

4.We support the expansion of public transportation.

5.We support the immediate criminalization of
activities of cooperate polluters.

Based on our support of these issues, we call on
activist organizations to sign a letter of solidarity
with the Muslim Liberation Movement and to sign this

The Muslim Liberation Movement

Tim Kaminski, Executive Director (Amir), St. Louis, MO

Umar Lee, National Spokesperson, Brooklyn, NY

Hammad Abdur-Raheem, Secretary, Washington, DC