Diggers 2.0, "Reclaim the Heights! Bury the G8! Bring Your Shovels!"

Reclaim the Heights! Bury the G8! Bring Your Shovels! The Diggers 2.0 APPEAL TO THE GLOBAL MULTITUDES: Seize this chance to build sustainable autonomous community structures! Capital merely engineers destruction and myths of future prosperity. Its crisis should be met with the shock and awe of the full energies of the multitude. Break your backs creating a post-industrious commons! A call to the global multitude to descend upon Abruzzo for July 7-11, and help rebuild it in the image of the future! We've negotiated, we've demanded, we've blockaded, we've gone global, we've tried being glocal. We've smashed -- now it's time to build the commons -- our future. Ten years after Seattle what we build is what matters. Let's ignore the spectacle of the summit. Let them see how it's done. A sustainable form of life, where solidarity issues out of the rubble like bluebells in the spring. Build a self-renewing power. No to the vampiric event-management of the next human-faced developer trained within the ‘ethics' of his glass-ceilinged Olympian CSR agenda oiling himself in the social surplus. No value(s) from above! It's time for underground networks to rise up and flourish! Root the sporadic, weed the negativity. We are the movement we've been waiting for. We are their crisis and our future. Solar energy to power this place. Rather than protest let's demonstrate a working model. Let's build on the rubble of neo-liberalism. Get digging! The energy of resistance is renewable! The not-yet is coming before you anticipated. BRING A SHOVEL AND DESCEND ON THE G8 READY TO BUILD! With Love and rage from The Diggers 2.0... SWARM at radicaleyes.it