Sit-In for Patients Not Profits at WellPoint, New York City

Sit-In for Patients Not Profits at WellPoint, New York City October 29, 2009 10 AM Dear Single-Payer Supporters: In two days, the next wave of the Mobilization for Health Care for All begins. After over 100 people have risked arrest across the country in sit-ins in the last month, we are beginning to shift the debate about health care reform in our country. Our actions have helped to put a spotlight on the real problem - the insurance companies - and elevate the real solution - Medicare for All. And they have demonstrated the real engine of change: the determined, courageous action of everyday people willing to put their bodies on the line to challenge injustice. In NYC, we will be going to WellPoint's Manhattan offices. WellPoint's former VP of Public Policy, Liz Fowler, is now known as the author of the Senate Finance Committee health bill.* The bill that funnels tax payer dollars to subsidize the private insurance industry with no protection for the American people from care denials and medical bankruptcy. Scores of testimonials have been shared about WellPoint's abusive practices against patients resulting in denials and deaths. Join us to shame WellPoint, and support those who are putting their bodies on the line to demand Medicare for All. We need you! But you don't have to risk arrest to participate... Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 10am - Sit-In for Patients Not Profits at WellPoint, ONE LIBERTY PLAZA (BROADWAY and LIBERTY ST) Take the 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall Join us to support the brave activists sitting down so we can stand up for our right to health care. You don't have to risk arrest at this action. We need lots of support for a legal rally supporting the brave activists sitting-in. For footage of previous sit-ins, visit Please spread the word to friends, family, coworkers, members. In common cause, Healthcare-NOW! *