Uninomade 2.0 Launched

Uninomade 2.0 Launched How is it possible to create a laboratory where the separation of theory and political practice is continually put into discussion? A space where research becomes the elaboration of programmatic points, that is to say, co-research? This is the question that gave life to Uninomade, a network of researchers and social movement activists who have developed this organization as a tool of self-education and collective reflection for new political categories able to interpret and transform the present. From here, from this common patrimony and the urgency of this question, a group of comrades has decided to start anew. This is a political phase characterized by continuity and discontinuity. The worsening crisis is assuming the profile of a permanent condition of contemporary capitalism, one that we had hypothesized, even if the "recomposition" of antagonistic processes doesn't mechanically and synchronically correspond to this condition. Nevertheless, we are witnessing the multiplication of small and large social movements and strikes - from the factory to the metropolis, in Italy and around the world - on a daily basis. These new struggles evoke the concrete turning the crisis into a space of new possibility. Investigating the production of subjectivity and power inside the new composition of living labor, new forms of struggle and differential temporalities, finding innovative places and dynamics of connection: these are the challenges that, even if in different forms, we are collectively facing. This is the direction that the Uninomade 2.0 site would like to go, proposing a place where this common research can take form. It is a site that functions both as an archive and as a collection point for the materials for our coming seminars - on Europe and the crisis, on the common from a juridical viewpoint and on welfare and its transformations, to name a few. It is a site that looks to constitute a tool for reflection and theoretical and political debate as well as for the collection and circulation of analysis and elaboration. In the end, it is a site that attempts to intervene in the struggles and the questions raised along this path of research, continually open to relationships with social movements and forms of conflict. To be at the height of this challenge, we think that the national limits of the discussion should be immediately put into question: even though we keep a constant eye on what happens in what was once called the "Italian laboratory", the objective of Uninomade 2.0 is the assumption of European and transnational dimension as a space of analysis, reflection and political action.