Art Collectives in Portland Exhibition

Alan Moore writes "March 13, 2003 - International Arts Group Exposition 2003 (I've got an answer / I've got an anthem), Organized by Red76 Arts Group, at The Laurelhurst Theater, Portland.


Over the past several years, dozens of arts group have come into existence and met the need to serve as models for new and innovative arts platforms. Similar in practice to the ethics and culture of DIY punk/indie bands, arts groups have circumvented the stopgaps of their mainstream counterparts and, subsequently, created a vibrant and successful alternative to museums and galleries. They are the public's most accessible outlet for contemporary thought and practice in the arts.

There are innovative ideas all around us. There are things to look at and talk about every minute of our daily life. Arts groups, as a rule, help point them out. They do not function as collectors; they exist in the day to day. Arts groups, by their community minded and participatory nature, create more beneficial platforms for the public to interact with. They expose contemporary art and art thought not just to the people who happen to walk into museums, but the people who walk down the street outside of the museum.

Here's the problem, though-

Without a dialogue between these groups, how can anything truly change for the better as a whole? How can the general public, especially in America, start to view art work and art thought as an essential part of their lives? As a way to navigate through their life more easily? In this age of globalization, of unprecedented alienation yet unparalleled communication, these are valid and pressing questions.

On March 13, at the Laurelhurst Theater in Portland, Oregon, Red76 arts group will present, "I've got an answer/I've got an anthem", I.A.E. 2003 (International Arts Group Exposition). The first project in Red76 arts group's new platform "The Connection Project".

This first I.A.E. brings together work created/curated by arts groups from all over the world. The following groups, among others, will be represented in I.A.E. 2003 through films and videos, lectures and presentations, slideshows, sound work, and more:

SuperFlex (Copenhagen, Denmark)

ForceField (Providence, Rhode Island)

Peripheral Produce (Portland, Oregon)

Temporary Services (Chicago, Illinois)

Instant Coffee (Toronto, Canada)

N55 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

NINE (NYC, NY) www.0009.ORG/menu.html

Charm Bracelet (Portland, Oregon)

Deaf Leopard (Los Angeles, California/Portland, Oregon)

Basekamp (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

It Can Change (San Francisco, California)

Collective Jyrk (Portland, Oregon)

Free103point9 (NYC, NY)

Lucky Pierre (Chicago, Illinois)

NYC Surveillance Camera Players (NYC, NY)

PaperRad (New York State)

Beige (New York State)

Eveleigh & Evans (London, England)

Love and Devotion (Stockholm, Sweden)

Next Question (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia)

Jefferson Presents... (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Rasbullito Collective (Portland, Oregon)

Alphabet Dress (Portland, Oregon)

Red76 arts group (Portland, Oregon) >>>

Many of our booklets are now available in the library at CNEAI (National Center for Printed Art), Chatou, France. The booklets were included in the exhibtion "Boudoirs, Salons, et Antichambres", October 13, 2002 - January 19, 2003.
CNEAI >>>"