"Anarchist People of Color" Website Launched

"Anarchist People of Color Website is Live

The new Anarchist People of Color website has launched, and we welcome your
comments, links, etc.

The Anarchist People of Color site is at:
http://www.illegalvoices.org/apoc/>http://www.illeg alvoices.org/apoc/

The site emerged from the APOC discussion list, and serves to encapsulate
many discussions and tendencies in the movement -- from globalization to
tenant/poverty-rights organizing to articulating the need for more people
of color in the movement to networking with fellow anarchists of color. We
provide a variety of content and links and your visit is welcomed.

In September, the APOC will become home to three legendary anarchist texts.

"Anarchism and the Black Revolution" by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin is among the
most influential text of the contemporary anarchist movement. In 1979,
wrote a series of pamphlets designed to explain Anarchism to a totally new
audience which included the new generation of anarchists. In those
pamphlets, which would become "Anarchism and the Black Revolution," Komboa
criticized the North American anarchist movement for being too white, too
middle class and too intellectual and challenged activists to develop a new
set of strategies and tactics aimed at broadening the revolutionary
movement. The text influenced many radicals over the years, and the online
edition will be presented with a new preface and introduction by anarchists
of color influenced by Lorenzo's work. In addition, PDF versions will be
available for study groups, discussion and distribution.

The Anarchist People of Color site wishes to thank Lorenzo Komboa Ervin for
permission to distribute this free version of his book.

"African Anarchism: The History of A Movement" by Sam Mbah and I.E.
Igariwey is the first book-length treatment of anarchism and Africa. The
authors, members of Nigeria's legendary Awareness League, argue that
anarchism provides a coherent framework with which to comprehend and
respond to the multiple crises afflicting the continent. "It is against
this background that we, members of the Awareness League, have elected to
trace the relationship between Africa and anarchism. In doing so, we are
impelled by a two-fold sense of historical responsibility: to enrich
anarchism and anarchist principles with an African perspective, and to
carve out a place for Africa within the framework of the worldwide
anarchist movement." ~ from the Introduction.

"Cuban Anarchism: The History of A Movement" by Frank Fernandez addresses
Cuba's lost history of anarchist organizing. Anarchists bore primary
responsibility for organizing workers in Cuba's most important industries,
tobacco and sugar. At the height of their influence in the 1920s, Cuba's
anarchists controlled the Cuban union movement, provided free, nonreligious
schools for poor children, provided gathering places for Cuba's working
class, organized campesinos into unions and agricultural collectives and
published newspapers and magazines across the island. Later, they would
take an active part in the resistance to the Machado, Batista, and Castro

The Anarchist People of Color site wishes to thank See Sharp Press
(http://www.seesharppress.com/)>http://www.seesharp press.com/) for permission in distributing the latter
two texts.

Again, feel free to stop by:
http://www.illegalvoices.org/apoc/>http://www.illeg alvoices.org/apoc/"