Arab-Americans Request Help

Louis Lingg writes: "By e-mail I was forwarded the following request for assistance from the The Arab-American Family Support Center on Atlantic Avenue in

Dear friends,

We are really swamped here at the Arab-American Family Support
Center. We have kids scared to go to school, mothers to scared to
leave their homes to buy food for their families. People are being
attacked, Arab children have reported this afternoon, teachers who
attacked them verbally.

There are now 4 reported attacks in Bay Ridge. Families are
contacting us because they are too scared to talk to the American
Children are at home scared.
The media is calling us from all over the world every minute.
Please help.This is what we need:

--volunteers to escort women to go buy food and to walk kids to and
from school.
If you can help, please send me your phone number, name, and the
neighborhood you live in and work in [to the e-mail below].

--I need a list of Arab professionals and intellectuals and
university students that I can give to all the media who keep
calling. If you can speak to the media, please send me your name, number, and
profession, major etc.