"Open Projects -- Do Lines Need to be Drawn?"

Anonymous Comrade writes:

On the 20th of January
an email
to the Oekonux list
claimed that "Debian harbours Nazis' on the basis that a
Debian developer, Jonathan Walther,
hosts an extensive collection of
and fascist
documents on his personal web site.Walther received
a severe warning
to keep his politics outside of Debian —
Debian is an explicitly apolitical organization.

"getting useful work out of people whose ideologies you are
in violent disagreement with is an interesting property of the Free
Software community"


On the 25th of Feburary Walther's
to the Oekonux list and this prompted a
for him to be removed from the list. There has been an on-going row about
this ever since on the
english language list and
on the
project list. It
has resulted in
people leaving
and others
wondering how long they will stay.

Should openness have limits?