BNP infiltrated by Documentary Maker in UK [p2p]

hydrarchist writes I thought this was kind of interesting because the program chose attacked the BNP as a criminal organization rather than critiquing their policies and the political background in which an audience in which an audience for them has emerged. The documentary is available for download at: ecret%20Agent%20-%20BNP%20-%20VCD-mpg.torrent

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Five arrested for racist boasts in television exposé of BNP

Martin Wainwright

The Guardian

Five men were arrested yesterday after an undercover television documentary featured British National party activists admitting racist violence and harassment.

Detectives are questioning the men, including a BNP candidate in last month's council elections in Bradford, about race-hate, public order and firearms offences.

They were taken to separate police stations in West Yorkshire, after raids yesterday in Bradford and the nearby town of Keighley. The arrests follow scrutiny of the hour-long BBC documentary, Secret Agent, broadcast last Thursday.

The men were later freed on bail pending further inquiries.

They all featured in BNP meetings secretly filmed by reporter Jason Gwynne, who infiltrated the party with the help of a renegade former organiser in Bradford. The BNP won four seats on the local council last month after targeting Keighley and effectively taking over an "anti-paedophile" group which made allegations about teenage girls and British Asian pimps.

The programme filmed one party member, Steve Barkham, describing how he kicked and punched a British Asian man for racist pleasure during the Bradford riots in 2001. Activists also admitted spraying dog faeces into Asian restaurants and wanting to shoot Muslims or blow up a mosque.

The film recorded the BNP's leader, Nick Griffin, a Cambridge graduate who has tried to make the party "respectable", on the lines of the French National Front led by Jean-Marie Le Pen. Mr Griffin was shown describing Islam as a "wicked" religion which was a threat to white children.

He claimed that saying this publicly could bring a seven-year jail sentence. After the programme was broadcast he said that he would welcome being charged, but he was not among those held yesterday.

West Yorkshire police said that a 23-year-old Bradford man, was questioned about racially aggravated public order offences, a 35-year-old Keighley man about conspiracy to commit damage, and a 51-year-old Bradford man about racially aggravated harassment.

An hour after the first three arrests, a 40-year-old man from Keighley was held in connection with conspiracy to commit criminal damage, along with a 45-year-old from Bradford in connection with possession of a firearm.

Mr Barkham and Dave Midgley, a BNP Bradford council candidate who was among those arrested yesterday, were expelled by the BNP after the broadcast. Shortly before the arrests, an early day motion calling for prosecutions in the wake of the programme was tabled by in the Commons by Terry Rooney, Labour MP for Bradford North."