Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism Conference, Barcelona, Spain, December 1-3, 2011

Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism Conference
Barcelona, Spain, December 1-3, 2011

A Conference organized by MACBA (Museo del Arte Contemporaneo de Barcelona) & SCEPSI (Scuola Europea per l’immaginazione sociale)

The conference is intended to elaborate the lessons of the first year of the European uprising against financial dictatorship, and to imagine a future free from the dogmas of capitalism.

December 1st Thursday

17.00: Myriam Rubio of MACBA introduces the Conference.

18.00: Franco Berardi: Right to insolvency, how to disentangle present potency of the general intellect from the dogma of financial capitalism

19.00: Mark Fisher & Alexandra Odette Kipriotaki sul tema: A different timestate zone of being

20.00: Francesco Salvini: Knowledge commons, notes for collective project of research on knowledges, conflict and crisis in Europe

21:00: Discussion.

December 2nd Friday

17.00: Federico Campagna: Recurring dreams: Debt and fascism.

18.00: Francesca Martinez Tagliavia:

19.00: Andrew McGettigan: The process of financialisation of higher education

20.00: Pedro Leytao:

21.00: Rock the Cradle, video by Ernie Larsen & Sherry Millner, Occupy Wall Street New York City

December 3rd, Saturday:

10.30: Valerio Monteventi.. Italian political catastrophe in the framework of the European crisis, and the emergence of a new movement.

11.30: Amador Fernandez Savater: 15-M: una política del cualquiera

12.30: Conclusion: What if Capitalism is dead?

Autonomy of knowledge self organization of the general intellect. The European School for Social Imagination (Scepsi): politics in the age of post-democratic governance and the creation of the institution of common knowledge.

Federico Campagna: Recurring Dreams

Last time, it took him decades to be born. First it was the war, and then, once it was over, it was debt, and all the ties that came with it. It was the time of industrialization, the time of modernity, and everything came in a mass scale. Mass impoverishment, mass unemployment, hyper-inflation, hyper-populism. Nations were cracking under the weight of what marxists used to call ‘contradictions’, while capitalists were clinging to the brim of their top-hats, all waiting for the sky to fall to earth. And when it fell, they threw themselves down after it, in the dozens, down from their skyscrapers and their office blocks. The air became electric, squares filled up, trees turned into banners and batons. It was the interwar period, and in the
depth of the social body, nazism was still hidden, liquid and growing, quiet like a foetus.

Valerio Monteventi Rossella Luppi

Quando l’occupazione di Wall Street è cominciata il 17 settembre 2011, si trattava di alcune centinaia di persone che avevano deciso di organizzarsi per protestare contro l’avidità capitalista e la disuguaglianza sociale. Erano considerati semplicemente un gruppo di sfaticati e fricchettoni, senza una precisa agenda politica, che avevano occupato e tappezzato con manifesti fatti in casa e poster dipinti Liberty Plaza e Zuccotti Park, un parco vicino a Wall Street.

Franco Berardi

Mejor prepararse para lo inesperado. Es mejor saber que la violencia infinita del capitalismo financiero en su etapa agonizante produce psicopatía, así como racismo, fascismo, autolesiones y suicidio. ¿No le gusta el espectáculo? Es una pena, porque no se puede cambiar de canal.