Kerry and Bush, but Ralph Nader Too?

Chuck Zlatkin writes:

Kerry and Bush, but Ralph Nader Too?

Chuck Zlatkin

I watched the third debate and I had this vision that I was watching Lyndon Johnson debate Lyndon Johnson. No matter which LBJ wins the debate or the election, this war will continue to escalate. This part I’ve lived through before.

In the current version, John Kerry is playing the part of the Great Society LBJ. The role of the good ‘ole boy Texan LBJ is portrayed by George W. Bush. It is the 1964 election all over again except this time we get an echo not a choice.

The beauty of watching this election as something scripted is that it makes it real easy to see the truth of it.How many Catholics are there in America? There are 294 million people in the United States and about 24% are Catholic. In the country’s history there has never been an election where two Catholics opposed each other.

Women are 52% of the population and there was never an election with a woman as the candidate for president of one of the major parties. According to the U.S. Census twenty-seven percent of African-American married-couple families had incomes of $75,000 or more in 2001 but they have not had one candidate head the ticket of a major party.

In this election, for the first time in its history, the two major candidates for the presidency are both members of the same secret society, that at most, has 800 living members. No two Catholics, not one African-American, no women at all, but two members of the Skull and Bones Society are your candidates.

Some people think that the Skull and Bones Society is harmless like Ralph Kramden’s Raccoon Lodge. This group is far from harmless.

There is no more chilling piece of tape than the clips of both John Kerry and George W. Bush being questioned by Tim Russert on “Meet The Press” about their membership in Skull and Bones. You can see the clips in “American Dictators” by Alex Jones and Kevin Booth. Kerry and Bush both give the same non-answer. It was kind of like watching debate number 3.

If you don’t want either of them to win, its easier to see them for what they are. Both Kerry and Bush are liars. Now some people will tell me that you have to lie to become president as a rationaliztion for Kerry’s behavior. They want me to support Kerry because he is only pretending to be in favor of the war in order to get elected. I would prefer that Kerry stop lying to me, but especially to my friends.

Both Kerry and Bush dodge the truth every chance they get. Kerry and Bush both have the blood of innocents on their hands. I will never vote for anyone who voted in favor of this war. When it mattered most, Kerry failed to step up and do the right thing. No matter what happens in the campaign and in the election both Kerry and Bush will continue to be partners in the prosecution of the war in Iraq.

Kerry or Bush for president? You’ve got to be kidding. I think both of them should be behind bars for the crimes against humanity they have already committed.

Ralph Nader?

Through Ralph Nader I learned about Donald Etra. Donald Etra is a lawyer who worked for Nader in the 70s. He co-authored the Nader Study Group’s Report on First National City Bank (now Citibank). Mr. Etra ,who is an Orthodox Jew and liberal Democrat, went on to become a very successful lawyer representing such clients such as Eddie Murphy and Fran Drescher.

On September 30th Kris Millegan published an article, “Election a ‘win-win situation’ for secretive Bonesman” in the Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon. Millegan gave a thorough rundown of the history of the Skull and Bones Society including the fact that they number three presidents, three U. S. Supreme Court Justices, over 20 U. S. Senators and countless others throughout every level of the government.

Millegan mentions the fact that this is the first time in history (Skull and Bones began in 1832 in Germany) that both candidates were members. He also points out that the Washington Post’s Dana Millbank, who is covering the campaign, hasn’t mentioned it even once, but maybe that’s because Millbank is a member of Skull and Bones.

Millegan also mentions that Nader has been quiet. He points to Donald Etra as the possible reason. He calls Etra “Nader’s sometime lawyer and longstanding associate.”

Donald Etra is a good friend of George Bush. And why shouldn’t he be? Donald Etra was one of the 15 members of Skull and Bones tapped in 1968, George W. Bush was another.

The next week after Millegan’s article was published, Ralph Nader went to Yale where he made a statement before the Skull and Bones headquarters. Nader stated that both Bush and Kerry are members. He talked of how many of this secret society have reached positions of power in government and business. Nader then quotes Bush and Kerry’s non-answers when they are asked about their membership. Nader then proceeds to ask seven questions he already knows the answers to about Skull and Bones. What he fails to mention is Donald Etra.

It occurred to me that Nader’s decision to take on the Skull and Bones was directly related to Millegan’s outing of Donald Etra.

I wrote to Millegan and asked him what he thought. Millegan said that he really didn’t know. He told me that Ralph Nader had brought up the issue on George Noory’s Coast to Coast program, after he had written it, but before it was published. Millegan’s piece subsequently got quite a bit of play on the Internet.

It is quite possible that Ralph Nader is not being honest about his connection to Etra. Etra and his family were guests of Bush at the White House, they all spent the night. I read somewhere in a story about Skull and Bones that Kerry and Bush didn’t know each other at Yale. The source of that story was Donald Etra.

Now, I didn’t run from Nader because of Donald Etra. I ran from Nader when he started pandering for ballot access at the feet of Lenora Fulani. I used to watch Lenora Fulani’s cable access television show back in the ‘80s when she was part of the leadership of the New Alliance Pary. It is really fascinating to me to see Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Schumer and New York State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno pay homage to Ms. Fulani because of her possession of a line on the ballot. It became rather frightening to me when I saw Ralph Nader do the same.

People will rationalize that Nader has to do this to be a viable candidate. I can tell you that he ain’t viable with me any longer.

Is Donald Etra Ralph Nader’s Roger Stone? You remember when it became public that Republican agitator Roger Stone had taken over Al Sharpton’s campaign? It wasn’t too long after that, that Sharpton went on the offensive against Howard Dean. Stone not only staffed Sharpton’s campaign but he also brought money to it.

In the last election Billionaire Republican Richard J. Egan was one of Bush’s 115 Pioneers. To be a George W. Bush Pioneer you had to have raised $100,000 for his campaign. Egan was named Ambassador to Ireland in 2001 by George W. Bush.

In this election Egan, along with his son and daughter-in-law, donated money to Ralph Nader’s campaign.

I wonder if Richard J. Egan knows Donald Etra?

I forgot to mention that for a time Al Sharpton was on Lenora Fulani’s payroll. I remember once Sharpton being asked about it. He claimed it was no big deal because all he got paid was $12,000. While there are things I like about Al Sharpton, his inability to be honest about his time as an FBI informant caused me to distrust the man. I never thought that I would come to a similar thought about Ralph Nader.

For years when Nader was attacked I defended him. When I came upon certain inconsistencies I would make excuses for him, the way people are now doing for Kerry.

There just is no time left to waste on voting for evil. I would suggest that you join me in protesting this sham of an election by voting for yourself. In a fixed election the only vote count that you can really know will be truthful will be your own.

If you want to go public with your vote for youself, let me know and I’ll post your name along with mine. You can contact me at and you can also check out