Global resistance to capitalism

Global resistance to capitalism 1) Resistance to foreign occupation. 2) Resistance to local occupation. 3) National resistance – religious resistance – class resistance. 4) It is not human nature that causes all this human misery but the system of capitalism and the people who mostly benefit from it. 5) The alternative is a contemporary anti-capitalist anarchic society, based on a gift meta-economy. 6) The rulers of this world, in whatever form or shape must be overthrown now. 7) We will immediately terminate all capitalist social relations through the abolition of money, rent and prices. 8) Working people will be liberated from their mean wages and from class discrimination. 9) Liberation from the poverty of every day consumer life, the boredom and misery of work, poverty, monotony and the horror of war. 10) The misery of permanent alienation and routine, which only an anarchic revolution can resolve. Dismantling all governing institutions and in its place we will have a decentralized distribution of power. Power to the people means without power at all, power to the people means the abolishment of work, wages and prisons. Freedom means living without war-lords and states and their law – police – army security complex. Equality means that life will be without rich or poor, without privilege for some and misery for most. Revolution means the termination of centralized power and its dismantlement by distribution of material wealth in total equity. Wealth belongs to all those who made in the first place which is us all and our ancestors. Anarchy means the abolition of the state and capitalism immediately, thus creating abundance to all the people of the planet. Liberty must be for all, the liberty to live without privilege or oppression. Peace will never exist on earth as long as classes exist and by abolishing classes we abolish capitalism and vice versa. The state is the guardian of capitalists and capitalism is the guardian of the ruling rich. This has to be stopped by an anarcho-social revolution that will once and for all terminate this intolerable human condition forever. Where there is capitalism there is terrorism, terrorism is just another form of aggressive capitalism. War, terror and crime are some of the physical ingredients of capitalism. Religion, politics and ideology are some of the mental ingredients of capitalism. Anarchy has nothing to do with this; anarchy knows only freedom and happiness to all instead of what we are experiencing today.