2nd Virtual Sit-In Against the MinuteMen

worker bee writes

"Join the SwarmTheMinuteMen.com and Electronic Disturbance Theater Virtual Sit-In Against Anti-Immigrant Websites, from Wednesday July 20th - Friday, July 22nd

To join, click here:

This, the second action coordinated by SWARM [1], is an attempt to move beyond the minutemen [2] - as one group of people working against migrants and migratory movement – to a systemic logic. This logic that pervades American society [3] is canonized in Academia and institutionalized in the US border Patrol. [4]

It is logic that ‘others’ migrant people and people of color in general. [5] It marginalizes migrants; dehumanizes migrants; Subjects them to unnecessary violence and persecution. [6]

The recent and broad-based recognition and legitimization [7] of these anti-immigrant groups is rooted in a much larger ideology that underpins white American identity. [8] It is an ideology that tells its history as if it is not a history of migrants, immigrants, and indigenous peoples some of whom suffered genocide in the face of European migration. [9] This attention has also re-invigorated even more radical and racist organizations [10] Though some may portray the Minutemen as simply “backward hicks’ – they share the interests and goals of academics like Samuel Huntington [11] , the policy makers behind NAFTA [12] and the US patriot act [13], and US nationalists. [14] The rhetoric of such policies has paved the way for Nazis and White Supremacist to rise again. This Racism is systemic within the US. It goes from the mouth of a Ivy League academic to the gun of a civilian border agent. [15]

This virtual sit-in is an attempt to disrupt the modes of communication and information dissemination that facilitate racist organizing. Over the next few weeks, the California Minutemen Border Patrol Auxiliary camp out in Campo, recommencing their summer long campaign of violence against Migrant people [16]. For this we will not stand – but SIT – IN – In conjunction with protests at the Minutemen camps [17], on their virtual domain – in the names of those who have died and will die as a result of their actions. The software we are using request files from the servers of the targeted websites that are not found – files like Justice, Freedom, and the names of those who have died crossing the border [18]. In effect you will see the error message – “files not found.” The sit-in will interfere with and slowdown the servers of these various groups and individuals – much like a physical sit-in slows down the movement of people in buildings or on streets. [19] More than 78,000 people sat with us in our first action against the Minutemen. As our target grows – so will the resistance.

We have charted the movements of migrants, those who resist them [20] and those who support them [21] – across the map of North America. We have only included the lines chosen by nation-states solely as a reference - not because we feel they divide us or define us. The paths charted are only but a few of the infinite journeys traveled by the migrating world.

To join, go to: http://www.thing.net/~rdom/ecd/ecd.html

For more information, go to: http://swarmtheminutemen.com

Thank you for participating.

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No One Is Illegal - http://solidarityAcross.org
Baldwin Park Demonstrations - coverage at http://la.indymedia.org/"