Gringoyo, Narco-Mania! And Other Parodies of the War on Drugs


Narco-Mania! And Other Parodies of the War on Drugs
Films by Greg “Gringoyo” Berger

Friday, August 3, 7pm - 9:30pm
Alwan for the Arts, 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10004 / Map

Fundraiser for and The Fund for Authentic Journalism.
Sliding scale admission, $0-$20. Suggested donation $10.

"Exposes the interests of the United States in the war against narco-trafficking." - Arturo Rodríguez García, Proceso.

"Berger spins out political an audience eager for his lampoons." - Maddie Oatman, Mother Jones

Filmmaker Greg "Gringoyo" Berger and other collaborators will present the films. Co-Presented by El Museo del Barrio.

Filmmaker, journalist, and self-proclaimed “recovering documentary filmmaker” Greg Berger (known in Mexico as “Gringoyo”) has spent the last three years making satirical comedies about the Mexican War on Drugs. In the process, he has also documented the rise of the largest mass movement against the Drug War since Richard Nixon’s 1971 declaration. Disgusted by the absurdity of the War on Drugs, Berger stopped making documentary films for television and started making short satires distributed online through the website Narco News.

In the past, Gringoyo has created outlandish characters based on absurd “gringo” stereotypes in Latin America to highlight wrong-headed U.S. policies and attitudes in the region. In Narco-Mania, he lampoons the flawed logic of the Drug War by “unmasking” an international conspiracy to break up Mexico’s biggest Drug Cartel by arranging a marriage between the gang’s leader and Yoko Ono, set to the beat of Spanish–language covers of The Beatles.