Clandestina, The Rise of Greek Neofascism

The Rise of Greek Neofascism

This is a link of a video from the second anarchist "milicia antifascista" patrol that took place last week in Athens. The motorcycle patrol took place in the areas where nazis usually attack immigrants (the first patrol, two weeks ago, did the same thing). The song heard is an old partisan (communist) antifascist song.

Here in Greece, the state is systematically constructing a fascist "movement", in order to neutralize the social movement that has risen since December 2008 and the IMF attack in Greece. The fascist "movement" gains strength thanks to the scapegoating of immigrants.

Many people from the anarchist millieu and the antiauthoritarian left are ready to bare the burden and pay the cost of a state-provoked small(?)-scale civil war. The internationals have to realize this and take action before it is too late,