The Monkeywrench Downunder – Issue 1

Discussions have covered a range of topics.

- The struggle for land as a central focus of class struggle in an age of resource peaks.
- The limitations of ‘clean’ energy and the critique of technological fixes. Ie. Indigenous resistance to windfarms in Mexico to strikes in the German wind sector. Solar panel toxic-waste struggle in China.
- ‘Green’ capitalism’s ability ( or not ) to adapt to climate crises and create new forms of accumulation.
- The scale of the climate crisis and how to respond as radicals.
- Class composition and just-transitions/eco-revolution? Discussion of the ‘meta-industrial class’ consisting of some indigenous, peasants, housewives, subsistence living especially women in this analysis ? Contrasting with a critique of reformist trade-unionism with green edges and shit green jobs.
- Critique of Geo-engineering experiments such as ocean fertilisation.
- Anarchist and leftist critiques of the ‘authoritarian primitivism’ of groups like Deep Green Resistance.
- Eco-insurrectionism, good and bad!
- De-growth and anarchism/radical-left.
- Anarchist, autonomist Marxist, left-communist views on ecological struggle.
- Anti-extractivist politics and movements against mining and other infrastructure development.
- Indigenous notions of ‘living well’, the critique of development and ecological class struggle.
- Climate struggle in times of austerity.
- The environmentalism of the poor, China cancer villages, Latin American indigenous resistance against ‘eco-socialism’
- Fuel poverty – heat waves, cold snaps and housing.
- Resource grabs, neo-liberal crisis and emergent ‘green’ capitalism.
- climate hysteria and its use, critique of the greening of hate of the far right and other existing or emergent capitalist trends.

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