Historical Materialism Conference: "Confronting Capital," April 26-28, 2013, New York City

Historical Materialism Conference: Confronting Capital
April 26-28, 2013, New York University

Critical investigations into the present moment quickly reveal that the current crisis of capitalism shows no sign of abating. The failure of austerity to restore growth has sent ruling class politicians scrambling, as the assault of capital on all fronts of life—ecological, economic and social—grows exponentially.

This is not without resistance however. From the ongoing Arab revolution, to Occupy and Greece, confrontations of capital and regimes of power continue to proliferate, push forth new political horizons and sustain influence on a global scale.

HMNY 2013 is an intervention into the present to provide a theoretical space for debate and discussion, urgently needed on the left at this juncture. Moments like this are especially fertile for new looks at old debates, from the history of capitalism to new modes of resistance. HMNY 2013 will be a venue where figures representing the breadth of current leftist thought will convene to exchange ideas.

Historical Materialism (HM) is one the foremost journals of Marxian theory. HM’s London-based conferences have long drawn hundreds of scholars from around the world. Since 2006, North American HM conferences have been organized in Toronto and New York City (which will now alternate with bi-annual Spring conferences). HMNY 2013 will begin with a reception on the evening of Friday April 26th, and will take place on April 27th-28th at the New York University in downtown Manhattan. All participants are encouraged to stay for the whole duration of the conference.

The themes for this year's conference will include:
politics of socialist planning and utopias
history and future of social democracy
political economy of capitalism
history of international communism
political philosophy of feminism
debt, austerity, and finance
critical geographies
ecology and climate change
law, punishment, and incarceration
queer studies and sexuality
theories of the state and politics
race and capital
empire and the third world
history of capital and labor
feminism and marxism
critical philosophy
socialist strategy today
education under capitalism
aesthetic ideologies
culture and the crisis
The deadline for the submission of abstracts is February 15, 2013.

To contact organizers, email organizers@hmny.org.

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You can visit HMNY 2011 for the audio recordings of past conference sessions.
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