Interface 5(1): Struggles, strategies and analysis of anticolonial and postcolonial social movements

Interface 5(1) now out. Struggles, strategies and analysis of anticolonial and postcolonial social movements
Interface: a journal for and about social movements

Issue editors: Aziz Choudry, Mandisi Majavu, Lesley Wood

Volume five, issue one of Interface, a peer-reviewed online journal produced and refereed by social movement practitioners and engaged movement researchers, is now out, on the special theme "Struggles, strategies and analysis of anticolonial and postcolonial social movements”. Interface is open-access (free), global and multilingual. Our overall aim is to "learn from each other's struggles": to develop a dialogue between practitioners and researchers, but also between different social movements, intellectual traditions and national or regional contexts.

Like all issues of Interface, this issue is free and open-access. You can download articles individually or a complete PDF of the issue (7.44 MB). Please note that you can also subscribe (free) on the right-hand side of the webpage to get email notification each time a new issue or call for papers is out. This issue of Interface includes 388 pages and 21 pieces, by authors writing from / about Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the UK and the US among other countries.

Articles in this issue include:
• Aziz Choudry, Mandisi Majavu, Lesley Wood,
Struggles, strategies and analysis of anticolonial and postcolonial social movements 

Anticolonial and postcolonial social movements
• Dip Kapoor, 
Trans-local rural solidarity and an anticolonial politics of place: contesting colonial capital and the neoliberal state in India
• Ian Hussey and Joe Curnow, 
Fair Trade, neo-colonial developmentalism, and racialized power relations
• Julia Cantzler, 
The translation of Indigenous agency and innovation into political and cultural power: the case of Indigenous fishing rights in Australia
• Hilde Stephansen, 
Starting from the Amazon: communication, knowledge and politics of place in the World Social Forum
• David Austin, Aziz Choudry, Radha d'Souza and Sunera Thobani, 
Reflections on Fanon's legacy (four short pieces)
General articles
• Cynthia Cockburn, 
A movement stalled: outcome of women's campaign for equalities and inclusion in the Northern Irish peace process
• M. Dawn King, 
The role of societal attitudes and activists' perceptions on effective judicial access for the LGBT movement in Chile
• Paul Sneed, 
Infotainment and encounter in the pacification of Rocinha favela
• Mark Stoddart and Howard Ramos, 
Going local: calls for local democracy and environmental governance at Jumbo Pass and the Tobeatic Wilderness Area
• Anna Feigenbaum and Stevphen Shukaitis with Camille Barbagallo, Jaya Klara Brekke, Morgan Buck, Jamie Heckert, 
Malav Kanuga, Paul Rekret and Joshua Stephens,
Writing in a movement: a roundtable on radical publishing and autonomous infrastructures (roundtable)
Special contribution
• Tomás Mac Sheoin, 
Framing the movement, framing the protest: mass media coverage of the anti-globalisation movement
This issue’s reviews include the following titles:
• Raúl Zibechi, Territories in resistance: a cartography of Latin American social movements. Reviewed by Colleen Hackett.
• Peter Dwyer and Leo Zeilig, African struggles today: social movements since Independence. Reviewed by Jonny Keyworth.
• D. Roderick Bush,  The end of white supremacy: black internationalism and the problem of the color line. Reviewed by Hleziphi Naomie Nyanungo.
• Jean Muteba Rahier, Black social movements in Latin America: from monocultural mestizaje to multiculturalism. Reviewed by Mandisi Majavu.
• Christian Scholl, Two sides of a barricade: (dis)order and summit protest in Europe. Reviewed by Ana Margarida Esteves.
• Alice Te Punga Somerville. Once Were Pacific: Māori connections to Oceania. Reviewed by Ella Henry.
A call for papers for volume 6 issue 1 of Interface is now open, under the heading "Pedagogical practices of social movements". Along with themed submissions we welcome pieces on any aspect of social movement research and practice that fit within our mission statement ( We can review and publish articles in Afrikaans, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Zulu. The website has the full CFP and details on how to submit articles for this issue at
The forthcoming issue of Interface (November 2013), celebrating our tenth issue, is open-themed.