Ron Sakolsky, "The Dream of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams," New York City, Oct. 18, 2013

"The Dream of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams:
Urgent Communiques From the Crossroads of Anarchy and Surrealism"
Ron Sakolsky

Friday, October 18th @ 7 pm
Bluestockings, 172 Allen, NYC

Ron Sakolsky will read from his twenty-first century anarcho-surrealist trilogy: Creating Anarchy (Fifth Estate, 2005/Ardent, 2013), Swift Winds (Eberhardt, 2012), and Scratching the Tiger's Belly (Eberhardt, 2012). Together these books comprise a radical mixtape of outrageous ideas-in-action, hidden histories, mutinous rants, rebel poems, razor sharp polemics, incendiary broadsides, slyly subversive stories, rollicking manifestos, impossible demands, utopian adventures, and provocative parables.

Sakolsky is the editor or co-editor of the Autonomedia anthologies Surrealist Subversions: Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States; Sounding Off: Music as Resistance / Rebellion / Revolution; and Gone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture.

Ron Sakolsky was born in Brooklyn in 1945. Studiously dodging the draft and resisting the Vietmam war at Brooklyn College, he went on to do his graduate work at New York University. His writings have appeared in such diverse radical publications as: Anarchy, Earth First!, Fifth Estate, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Modern Slavery, Race Traitor, Rolling Thunder, and Social Anarchism. For the last 10 years, he has published his own anarcho-surrealist zine, The Oystercatcher.