Work is Theft

Labor is an imposed violence and psycho-physical forceful transgression and being without labor is also a coercive force imposed upon the unlucky person. The system is owned privately by a few individuals who share it with the institution of power the army and the state. The economic system which is known as neo-capitalism is ruled and controlled by a clique of elite families and their organizations, banks, media, insurance, etc. capitalism is not a natural phenomenon or the result of human nature, it is not a natural selection nor a historical necessity but is the objective condition of modern slavery. From slavery through feudalism to modern capitalism, nothing much has changed, it is the same class that owns and manages the neo-slaves. Organization is primarily designed for the efficient operation of managers, guards, salaried and waged workers and the self-employed accept of course the unemployed. We are now 22 years after the Orwellian state of affair in 1984 – 1944 – 2004 etc, meta-historico-simulation and the only available option is an anarchic social revolt. If capitalism destroys you and I so let’s together destroy it – Work is Theft