The Hate of Capitalism

The Hate of Capitalism Why so many people hate Capitalism, because it causes them so much misery, hardship and pain, every minute of every day so many individuals suffer everywhere all over the planet and for a very long time. Discussing and interpreting the different historical manifestos of different periods of class struggles is not enough and brings not the revolution any nearer. Posting constantly about the differences and similarities in the anarchic movement or trying to disapprove anarcho-capitalism and all the negotiations about the various anarcho-political organizations is fruitless and brings not the revolution any closer. This is all too late and too little; we are beyond words and arguments, we are at the stage of permanent conscious metamorphosis, from the low to the higher, from the simple to the complex and vice versa. Whether things existed before or after Capitalism is not relevant at all to what we want to achieve, i.e., total anarchy without any residues from the ugly past. Whether Marxism is correct or not is not important and just causes the good people to split into hostile camps. What we want is a united theory of revolution, a revolution that goes beyond armed struggle and pseudo-peaceful reformation. The state and capital must go and be dismantled immediately. That will be also the end to hierarchy and with it goes all its accompanied authority. What will remain are a people living in abundance, harmony and festivity. This system must go as soon as possible, it causes too much suffering and agony to billions of people on earth; it has to be eliminated and destroyed before it utterly destroys us first. Capitalism and it states must be destroyed at the nearest time possible so we could rescue and save humanity from further butchering and devastation, we will take humanity to the road of pleasure and liberation and finally reach a society of equals and the free. All the argumentation about the differences of communism, socialism, the withering away of the state, proletarian state, all this is designed for one purpose alone: ideological recruitment. All this must be avoided and instead invest energy in directly communicating with the people in every mean available, anarchists must relate to people experiences in the now and here and offer an immediate solution before the revolution. Communicating with people everywhere and in every place, through what is written, seen, heard and spoken and always connected to its anarcho-theoretical equivalence. Being knowledgeable and clever or well educated is not enough, what we need really is more personal courage more social daring, to fasten and accelerate the process of emancipation and material liberation. Anarchists must live by deeds and actions, fearless but careful, real anarchists move and change thousands of individual’s everyday, because they are exemplarily in practicing what they say and write. The theory of revolutionary change and liberation, the theory of anarcho-emancipation, the theory of being happy without oppressing or killing the other, this is what is all about. A revolution without manuscripts and blueprints, without leaders of any sort, we us the people leading ourselves to a better future according to our own will and desire and not according to some foreign investor. We are beyond onto-epistemological confusion and corruption, the world is in paralyses and is in complete stasis. Lets push it forward, beyond the limits of Marxism and science, beyond Bakunin and his friends, it is time to break and cut loose from all that was written up until now and start afresh and anew stage for a further development and a critical advancement to a more humane and happier future. Otherwise many of you will remain behind the momentum still dwelling deeper in the mud of capital circulation, in fear, in poverty and class-horror. Come to anarchy without politics and ideology, come to anarchy without an ego and a trumpet, come as you are free and uncorrupt, as everyone should be too, so you could contribute your part in the creative process of self and others liberation. To free ourselves from our daily misery, anguish and alienation, why let the rich get richer and the rest get poorer, why allow them to dominate and exploit us, let’s fight back and take what is ours. Break the limits, break the system from in and out, from below and from above, shorten their staying time to zero. Set yourself free from the chains of property and modern enslavement and we will liberate ourselves together as it has never been done before, with a pluralistic singularity. The rest will join us soon in a movement of individual and social liberation from money and their owners. Will move on the path of anarchic equity and personal freedom – here the revolution starts. what have you to lose but your chains laid down to you by the system, what have you to lose but your virtual inter-cage cellular pseudo-communication, hanging desperately between your credit cards and your habits of consumption and all this of course is only in accordance to your earnings i.e., wage/income/salary/job for the mob and then what? Then back to your computer to spell out your frustration and boredom. Pasting the quotation of the ones before, hoping for some analysis and assuming that we don’t know what it is all about, is naivety on your behalf, so wake up. The true anarchist always and courageously speaks the truth except to authority, because he doesn’t want to get killed, so in face of authority he is underground. She/he lives according to anarchic theory and practice, by avoiding the law the anarchist prepares the ground of insurrection and upheaval. We don’t have to sit in jail to make a revolution, we can make it to be beyond the reach of the longest arm, and you can bring down the system without being arrested. Most people want to be free and happy but they don’t know how achieve this; we will help them find the way to everyone’s freedom and happiness. We will show them where the right knowledge and practice to be found, we will give them the revolutionary tools of liberations and the anarchic means of self-emancipation and self-liberation. We don’t want to be rich we want to be anarchists in an anarchic society, we don’t want to succeed within the capitalist system we want to destroy it all together for the rescue and benefit of us and of humanity. We don’t want to exploit or oppress anyone, all we want is to live free of work, religion and authority, we want a life without money and classes, without the weak and the strong, life is not a jungle and if so is capitalism then I am Tarzan. We don’t need your pity bourgeois attitudes, we don’t need your shop-keeper mentality, what we need is a revolutionary person that fears no one and nothing, all carriers are for the distorted and desperate lower middle-class, trying so hard to improve their dull condition, known also as ambition or as the American dream of equal collapse. Anarchist chose the simplest and cheapest ways to live as not to require a lot of money, from there they bring about havoc to the system and bring nearer the day of liberation and self-determination. From their humble places they launch their onslaught on capitalism and its states, and by the demolishing of both of them we bring about their full destruction and its disappearance for ever.