ONE DAY CAPITALISM WILL END – SO YOU BETTER START GETTING READY NOW – LIVING AFTER CAPITALISM Notifying humanity which is stuck deep in agony and frustration as a result of a prolonged sub-existence under global capitalist domination and conditioning. The masses are dependant, weak and severely exploited, incapable yet of freeing themselves from this monster of capital, law and order. Humanity cannot yet liberate itself from the yoke of authority (the rich) and the state. Capitalism is a fascist system of power and control by the rich of the poor and all the means for its hegemony are legitimate and practiced. People everywhere are in the same sinking drunken boat symbolizing the utter fall of capitalist social relations and the creation of anarchic social relations without any ownership of the social means of production and the natural resources. The start of anarchy at the end of capital will be a new and a first start for humanity to exist in what remains in liberty and happiness. Capitalism is reaching it final crises, its panicking and is hitting everywhere but no avail, it is a bit too little too late. The revolutionary resistance is wining everywhere and nearly all of the time. This is a sign for the dawn of anarchy and living in equality. Capitalism is in crises and so is humanity – the anarchists are doing their best but it seems to be not enough to bring about the revolution – so what is to be done? Conscious individuals and groups, in different places and circumstances, simultaneously moving within rebelliousness and in full emancipation. Emancipation is knowing the truth and understanding it consciously whilst rebelliousness is the total negation of slave-feud-prol-class history. The future belongs to freedom, freedom from capitalism and its classes, freedom from authority and subjugation, i.e., an anarchic society based on material equality and individual liberty. Develop higher the human conscious towards a better world and a better humanity. You can not be free alone, you need the rest for this and the rest needs you as well – this is the social revolution that is taken place now underneath capitalism and above it. A different revolution to take us to a different space and time called anarchy. A place where conflicts are resolved before they happen and where antagonism vanishes before it appears. Physical equality leads to total liberty, i.e., real anarchy in a real world, anti-capitalist relations in a complete equality situation. 1) Communism arising from below as opposed to communism imposed by force by the state – anarcho-communism is against authoritarian communism. 2) Anarchy is for anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-authority – anarchy is permanent freedom. 3) Individualism is for the personal guarantees of a permanent liberty, objective and subjective. Anarchic anti-empire – Anarchic anti-neoconservatives – Anarchic anti-religion – The anarchic positive – Capitalism destroys life and nature and is the sole cause of violence and discrimination. Capitalism kills all and everything, what about you, is it killing you too, slowly but surely, in the name of progress and profit. Is it killing the people alive and is poisoning the surrounding in every conceivable form and shape, at home and in work – enslaved for the system “forever”.