2007 CrimethInc. Convergence


2007 CrimethInc. Convergence

Athens, Ohio

July 26-31, 2006

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Anarchist Camaraderie • Workshops and Discussions •
Direct Action Trainings • Planning for Mobilizations
through 2008 • Prisoner Support • Gift Economics •
Subversive Games • Anti-Capitalist Survival Skills •
Revolutionary Pleasure • Creating a Culture of

Please join us this summer for the sixth annual
CrimethInc. convergence, this time in the countryside
outside lovely Athens, Ohio. To attend, show up at 21
Kern Street, Athens, OH 45701 between noon and 10 pm
on July 25 or 26.WHAT TO EXPECT?

A Participatory Format — Though many of the workshops
and activities are being organized far in advance, the
particulars of the schedule will be determined at the
outset of the event, so everyone who comes will have
the opportunity to present a workshop or initiate a
discussion if they so desire. Everyone is strongly
encouraged to come prepared to play an active role.

A Gift Economy — This is event is an anticapitalist
space: there is no registration fee, and nothing will
be for sale. This is not a radical shopping mall, but
a demonstration of the possibilities of a radically
different way of living. We will do our best to
provide all the necessities for participants; the
corollary of this is that you should come prepared to
provide for others as well as yourself, if your means

A Rustic Setting — Much of this convergence will take
place in the countryside, without all the electrical
lights, internet access, consumer options, and
structurally imposed isolation to which most of us are
conditioned. One drawback of this is that the setup
may not be ideal for some who are differently abled,
though we will do our best to accommodate everyone’s
needs. Get in touch now if you have concerns or
desires regarding this. Everyone should bring camping
gear if possible.

A Sober, Consensus-Based Space — Due to security and
consent issues, this convergence will be a sober
space. All are welcome regardless of substance use,
but no drinking or use of intoxicants will take place
at the campsite. Group decisions will be made by
consensus wherever possible throughout the
convergence, and every effort will be made to make the
event safe and welcoming for everyone. Those who do
not respect others’ needs and wishes (e.g., police
informants) will be made to leave.

Workshops, Presentations, Performances, Discussions,
and Storytelling —Please bring a workshop to present,
a topic for discussion, a story to tell, a song to
sing, an act to perform, a movie or ’zine to present,
or something else to share—especially if you’ve never
done so at an event like this before. There will be
space and time for everyone to do so.

Last summer’s convergence featured over forty
workshops, including urban exploration, traveling for
free, the conflict between Israel and Lebanon,
Proudhon and mutualist banking, local radical history
in Winona, stories from the 2005 G8 protests in
Scotland, squatting to own, several self-defense
workshops, a reading group for which literature was
distributed in advance, a discussion for survivors of
sexual abuse, a report on anarchist activity and
challenges in Latin America, a conversation about
anarchism and spirituality, and a discussion entitled
“Lucy Parsons and Post-Left Anarchy in the 1880s.” In
addition, there was a puppet show about mountaintop
removal, an antiauthoritarian jug band performed
traditional spirituals, and a filmmaker presented a
documentary about a Brazilian form of anarchist

Games and Festivities — Last summer’s convergence
included a two-hundred-strong street theater action, a
rowdy Critical Mass bike ride, a massive game of urban
Capture the Flag, a Really Really Free Market, and
other such activities, and this summer’s will surely
offer similar opportunities.

Intensive Direct Action Skillshares — We’ll have a
direct action “fast track” this year, including
advanced hands-on courses on utilizing communications
equipment and strategizing in affinity groups.

Planning for the Years Ahead — Time will be set aside to strategize and network in preparation for mobilizations coming up in 2007 and 2008, including the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Prisoner Support — There will be a prisoner support table in operation for the entirety of the event, at which people can write letters to current political prisoners.

Massive Quantities of Free Literature and Other Resources — Bring some, take some!

Security — We will do our utmost to protect the safety and privacy of everyone who attends. You can help by being conscientious about your own safety and privacy, sharing sensitive information on a need-to-know basis, not spreading rumors or letting your paranoia get the best of you, and above all never speaking or speculating about others’ activities without their express consent.


We need assistance with these tasks before the convergence:


Gathering food (preferably vegan) and resources (see below!)
Promotion (you can download a flier at [http://www.crimethinc.com/summer/poster.pdf] to circulate in your community)
Show up early to help set up

We need people to fill these roles during the convergence:

Childcare — Coordinated child care with games, children’s books, and toys. Volunteers are needed to provide child care to parents wishing to devote their attention to workshops or other projects. We depend on the involvement of all participants to make childcare a possibility.

Conflict mediation — Volunteers are needed to assist in resolving at-camp conflicts.

Cooking and cleaning — Keeping everyone happily fed can be an overwhelming task to only a few—opportunities to help with meal preparation and dish-cleaning will be available to interested volunteers.

Legal counsel — Those experienced in legal counsel (especially those familiar with Ohio state laws) are welcomed to bring that knowledge to the convergence.

Medic — Volunteers with EMT and other medic training are encouraged to bring the supplies and enthusiasm necessary to help with bumps and bruises and support in the event of an emergency.

Mental health support — People are needed to maintain a designated safe space separate from the camp: if anyone needs time alone during the convergence they will be able to find it here—relaxing teas, comfort foods, and reflection materials will be available. Volunteers should be prepared to be on call to provide support.

Transportation — Vehicles and drivers will be needed to transport to those of us who arrive without means to move miles at a time. Anyone who can provide this should register with the shuttle volunteers.