Actions Against the World Economic Forum, NYC

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Friends and comrades, please take a moment to read this important message,
and please forward along.

From Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be meeting
at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan for its annual summit. Alexander
Downer, who attended the 1998 Summit, describes the Summit as
the world's 'Business Olympics'. The yearly meeting, usually
held at WEF headquarters in Davos, Switzerland, was rescheduled
to meet in New York as a token of support for the injuries our
city sustained on September 11th. In reality, this meeting and
the agenda it represents are an affront to the people of New York,
who, like many others around the world, face a period of economic
uncertainty and austerity which threatens their very livelihoods.

The WEF is, in a way, a big cocktail party for the global corporate
elite. As an organization, it has no power to actually set policy,
but it creates a space in which international "leaders" can hash
out their vision for the rest of us. In their own words, "they
are fully engaged in the process of defining and advancing the
global agenda." More specifically, it's our globe, but it's their

One way in which the WEF has advanced this "agenda" was by
helping to create the notorious World Trade Organization (WTO).

For the first time in many years, anti-capitalist protest has
returned to the capitalist heartland, and to the global stage.
These protests open up the ideological space for the articulation
of alternative guiding principles, putting on the agenda the possibility
of transformation away from the current pro-corporate malaise.
As the promotion of capitalist discipline is questioned,
protest targeted at the agents of neo-liberal globalization gains
remarkable political leverage. In this political climate WEF meetings start to take
on a special significance. Since 1996 the WEF has attracted increasingly
militant opposition, and it has responded by attempting to re-chart
the neo-liberal project. The WEF response is to deliberately avoid
the appearance of backroom strategizing, and instead to seek a
higher public profile, attempting to reground its legitimacy by
being seen to engage with prominent advocates of the emerging
alternatives. But in reality the WEF meetings are still overwhelmingly
comprised of the most powerful and wealthy corporations, individuals,
and government officials; in fact, mostly male and mostly representative
of the developed countries.

Below you will find links to information on how you could get involved in
the planning and carrying out of diverse, imaginative, and impassioned actions
against the WEF, including actions in the streets, a counter-summit
being held at Columbia University, and an evening concert. The main
day of action is being planned for Saturday, Feb 2.

Please join the people of New York and the world from Jan 31 to Feb 4
as we say "NO!" to corporate globalization, neo-liberalism, global economic
apartheid, militarism, and the destruction of our planet; as we present our
vision of another, more just, democratic, and sustainable world.

Thank you.

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"Another World is Possible" Coalition:

Stop the WEF and mobilize for global justice.
Site features a comprehensive calendar of events and information
on logistics such as housing, subway maps, and maps of the Waldorf.


"Globalizing Justice":

A Call for a WEF Counter-Summit and National Student Mobilization
From Thursday, January 31st to Sunday, February 3rd 2002
at Columbia University in New York City

Featuring speakers, workshops on a variety of topics, and more.
*Deadline for proposing workshops is Jan 11.

Check the site for schedules, information on housing, etc., and
subscribe to these lists for more detailed information or to help plan: m

"Anti-Capitalist Convergence Against the World Economic Forum":


Join us January 31st (Thursday) through February 1st (Friday) in NYC for two days of
workshops, infosessions, and teach-ins held in conjunction with The Another World Is
Possible Coalition, Eye on Davos, and The National Student Mobilization.

After Friday's activity has ended, a legal vigil will be held in Union Square, followed by a
spokes council, to which each affinity group is invited to send a representative. Please
send a member who is familiar with the processes of facilitation and consensus.

February 2nd (Saturday) will be the universal day of action against the World Economic
Forum. Legal marches and rallies are being planned by The Another World Coalition and
The International ANSWER Coalition. ACCNYC is in the process of determining its role
in the street action.

More info will be available soon. Check back for scenario updates:

Start spreading the word! Flyers and Agitprop will be soon available here:

*NOTE: for those of you who will be in town:


Saturday, January 19 @ 2pm

Chashama Theatre - 129 W 42nd St

(Between Bdway & 6th in Times Sq)

The NYC Anti-Capitalist Convergence calls on all anarchists and anti-authoritarians to
join us for a regional organizational meeting in preparation for the mass mobilization
against the WEF, January 31 to February 4.

For more information contact

David Graeber

Note - Space on Times Square has been provided for this meeting by The Intergalactic
Anarchist Convention - Jan 17 to Jan 20:>
Proceeds benefit May Day Books and WEF actions-related legal funds.

check for coverage of the events.

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