New York Social Forum Preparatory Conference Sunday

hydrarchist writes:
New York Social Forum Preparatory Conference

Sunday January 27, 2002, 10 am - 5 pm

Brecht Forum

122 W. 27th Street, 10th floor, New York City

This year, New York is playing host to the World Economic Forum (WEF),
which will be held from January 31st to February 4th, 2002. According
to the WEF, their annual summits define the global political,
economic, and business agenda for the year.

The WEF is a leading proponent of neo-liberal globalization, and its
membership is composed of CEOs as well as heads of state, trade
ministers, and intellectual elites. While the WEF claims to be in
solidarity with New Yorkers, the interests it represents are those of
its elite members. In Porto Alegr? Brazil, the WEF's annual meetings
have become the occasion for building positive alternatives to the
current world order at a World Social Forum. We believe the WEF's
visit to New York presents our city with a similar occasion. We are inviting progressive organizations to a preparatory conference
for a New York City-based Social Forum, during which participants and
speakers will discuss the need and potential for a social forum in New
York, and begin to define its vision. We believe that an event of this
sort presents a historic opportunity to build greater solidarity among
diverse social and political forces dedicated to global economic,
racial, gender, and environmental justice.

Lunch provided

Childcare on request

another world is possible

New York Social Forum Preparatory Conference Program

Morning Session

10:00 Welcome and Introductions

11:00 Speaker's Panel: What is a social forum?
Dennis Brutus (South African Poet Laureate, Jubilee South, 50 Years is

Muntu Matsimela (Reparations Mobilization Coalition)

Premilla Dixit (NY Social Forum Working Group)

12:00 Break out session—small group discussion

* How could a social forum be useful for you and your work?

* What might not be useful about a social forum?

* What form should a NYC social forum take?

1:00 Lunch by Food Not Bombs

Afternoon Session

2:00 NYC Grassroots Organizers/Local Issues Panel

Stanley Aronowitz (Professor, CUNY Graduate Center)

David Grant (2nd VP/Local 375 Civil Service Technical Guild)

Jose Schifino (Local 169, UNITE!)

More speakers TBA

* How is the current global/local situation impacting your work/your
community, and what are the greatest obstacles you face in the current

* What would New York need in order to feel secure?

3:00 Break out session

* What are the connections between these local issues and problems?

* How do our different movements overlap? How can we work together and
support one another's work?

4:00 Report back from small group sessions

* Each group reports back and the large group will identify major
themes. The point of this is not simply to generate lists, but to
identify what the crux of the social forum would be.

* Identify next steps for communication and working on the social
forum project.

* Closing remarks"