Racist Attacks Reported on Staten Island

Anonymous Comrade writes "There have been 2 firebombings of Pakistani run deli's and a shooting murder of a Yemeni deli worker over the past two months. This is in addition to scores of other harassment incidents that have not been reported officially but are shared among "brown" people on the island.

Staten Island has been a place that the far right has targeted for recruitment and developing bases. In the early 90's the local Staten Island Advance reported the establishment of a KKK chapter on the island. Since then there has been neo-nazi activity of the Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood, USA Nationalist Party, just to name a few that I've heard of or run into. Staten Island of course is Giuliani country and Mafia country and cop country.

Some 80+ percent of the voters elected Giuliani to office each time with open racist campaigns such as that against Dinkins, when Staten Island threatened to secede if Dinkins was relected. Cops and their families make up a significant part of the community. The local Republican political leadership (Molinari and now Molinaro) is buttressed by the mafia. Some of the big mafia families live out there. The Black and Hispanic communities are largely concentrated in heavily policed run down "projects". Police brutality is rampant on the island. The Cops are extremely corrupt and violent since they feel it is their turf and they can get away with anything.

The recent murder of the Yemeni deli worker has not been labeled a hate crime which is not surprising since the cops are amongst the biggest racists. Cops routinely harass local livery drivers who look foreign. It is a game for them. It would not be surprising if the cops actually cover for the Nazi's on the island.

There is a lone courageous man, Gary, who has been in the forefront of organizing a memorial for the slain worker and demos against racism and fascism. He can be contacted at 718 984 9429. There is also a radical student newspaper at the College of Staten Island who may also be able to provide more information. They can be contacted at reneegade@hotmail.com.

Smash Racism! Smash Fascism! End Police Terror! Justice for Our Murdered Brothers!"