"History of Activism, History as Activism" Conference Planned for Columbia University, April 2002

History of Activism, History as Activism

A Graduate Student Conference

Sponsored by the Columbia History Department

Columbia University, New York, April 5-6, 2002

Dear colleagues,

we wish to invite you to our upcoming conference.

The proposed schedule for the two-day conference follows:

Friday April 5, 2002

9:00-9:30am Coffee and bagels



Jim Downs, Columbia University (History)

Opening Remarks

Eric Foner, DeWitt Professor of History, Columbia University


Panel One: Anarchy & Socialism

Chair: Giovanni Ruffini, Columbia University (History)

Marcella Bencivenni, CUNY (History)

Todd Emerson Bowers, SUNY Albany (Sociology) and

David Redmon, Gettysburg College (Sociology)

Rebecca Hill, CCNY (Center for Worker Education)

Rachel Scharfman, NYU (History)

Workshop One: Archiving Activism 1

Chair: TBA

Anna Kruzynski, McGill University (Social Work)

Tim McCarthy, Harvard University (History & Literature) and

John McMillian, Columbia University (History)

TBA, Schomberg Center

11:30- 1:00pm

Panel Two: 1960s Activism Around the Atlantic

Chair: James Tejani, Columbia (History)

Tia Malkin Fontecchio, Brown University (History)

Konstantinos Kornetis, European University Institute

Carla MacDougall, Rutgers University (History)

Donnacha O'Beachain, Georgian Technical University (International Relations)

Panel Three: Environmental Activism

Chair: Sarah Greg, Columbia University (History)

Jeanine Clark, Northern Illinois (History)

Logan Hennessy, UC Berkeley (Environmental Sciences)

Oscar Larranaga, U of London (Political Ecology)

Bob Lifset, Columbia University (History)

Jeff Shantz, York University (History)

Nathan Stoltzfus, Florida State University (History)

Workshop Two: The Perils of Publishing & Alternative Media

Catherine Clinton, The Citadel (History)

Joshua Breitbart, NYC Independent Media Center

TBA, History News Network


1:00-2:30pm Lunch


Panel Four: Politics of Sexuality

Chair: Liza Yukins, CUNY (English)

McEvoy Campbell, CUNY (English)

David Eisenbach, Columbia University (History)

Marcia Gallo, CUNY (History)

Glenda Russel, Antioch New England Graduate School (Psychology) and

Jason Even Mihalko, Antioch New England Graduate School (Psychology)

Panel Five: Accessing Healthcare

Chair: Kirby Randolph, University of Pennsylvania (History)

Kathy Davis, Utrecht University (History)

Esyllt Jones, University of Manitoba (History)

Naomi Rogers, Yale University (School of Medicine)

Barbara Levy Simon, Columbia University (School of Social Work) and

Rufina Lee, Columbia University (School of Social Work)

Panel Six: Nationalisms and Resistance

Chair: TBA

Michael Livingston, Minnesota

Kristin Mulready-Stone, Yale University (History)

David Sheinin, Trent University (History)

Tugba Tanyeu, Boston University (Archeology)

4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Roundtable: Bridge between Academia & Activism

Chair: Jennifer Manion, Rutgers University (History)

Nancy Hewitt, Rutgers University (History)

Jesse Lemisch, CUNY (History)

Gary Okahiro, Columbia University (Ethnic and Race Studies)

Graham Willett, University of Melbourne (History)

6:00-7:00pm Social Hour

Saturday April 6, 2002

9:00-9:30am Coffee and Bagels


Panel Seven: Historians as Activists

Chair: Claire Bond Potter, Wesleyan University (History)

Sarah Van Beurden, University of Pennsylvania (History)

Aykan Erdener, Harvard University (Center for Middle Eastern Studies)

Jean Philippe Legois, University of Paris (History)

Christopher W. Schmitd, Harvard University (American Civilization)

Workshop Three: Archiving Activism 2

"Do Not Tear Up My Earth" Documenting Women's Voices in Louisiana 1970-1990.

Chair: Mary Herbert Price, T. Harry Williams Center, Director

Jennifer Abraham, T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, Editor

Peggy Frankland, environmental activist and historian

Wilma Subra, activist, Subra Company

11:00 - 12:30pm

Panel Eight: Mobilizations - Motivations & Means

Chair: Zaheer Ali, Columbia University (History and African American

Luther Adams, University of Pennsylvania (History)

Claudine Leysinge, Columbia University (History)

Orlando Plaza, New York University (History)

Brian Purnell, New York University (History)

Panel Nine: Gender, Sexuality, & Healthcare Advocacy

Chair: Erme Maula, University of Pennsylvania (Nursing)

Marion Banzhaf, (Feminist Women's Health Centers)

Alice Dreger, Michigan State University (Science & Technology)

Mathew Johnson, University of Michigan (Anthropology & History)

Barron Lerner, Columbia University (Public Health & Medicine)

12:30 - 2:00 Lunch

Lunchtime Labor Roundtable - Campus Organizing

Chair: Drucilla Cornell, Rutgers University (Political Science)

Jacqueline Gamble, University of California, Coalition of University

TBA, Rep from Columbia Union

TBA, Rep from NYU Union


Panel Ten: Women's Movements, Movement Women

Chair: Jennifer Tammi, Columbia University (History)

Elizabeth Castle, Stanford University (History)

Karen Lewis, CUNY (History)

Eric McDuffie, New York University (History)

Tiyi M. Morris, DePauw University (History)

Panel Eleven: Unconventional Activisms

Chair: Nancy Kwak, Columbia University (History)

Guy Geltner, Princeton University (History)

John McGuire, College at Oneonta (History)

Erica Poff, Sarah Lawrence (History)

Janice Traflet, Columbia University (History)

Workshop Four: Radical Teaching & Alternative Resources

Chair: TBA

Joshua Brown, CUNY, Social History Project

TBA, Radical Teacher



Panel Twelve: Art as Activism

Chair: Sharon Musher, Columbia University (History)

John P. Bowles, University of California, Los Angeles (Art History)

Scott Gac, CUNY (History)

Mark Andrew Huddle, University of Georgia (History)

Julia Bryan-Wilson, University of California, Berkley (Art History)

Panel Thirteen: Alternative Approaches

Chair: Unique Fraiser, Rutgers University (History)

Caitlin Love Crowell, Yale University (History)

Peggy Phillips, University of Miami (History)

Daniel Rivers, Stanford University (History)

Aaron Wunderlich, University of Albany (History)

Roundtable: Fatal Women - Feminist Futures

Chair: TBA

Drucilla Cornell, Rutgers University (Political Science)

Ellie DiLapi, University of Pennsylvania (Women's Center)




Closing Faculty Panel

Introduction: Jim Downs, Columbia University (History)

Victoria DeGrazia, Columbia University (History)

Farah Griffin, Columbia University (English and African American Studies)

Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University (History)

David Rosner, Columbia University (Public Health and History)

Marcia Wright, Columbia University (History)

6:30-7:30pm Social Hour