"Stop the World" Libertarian Conference Planned for Barcelona, March 2002

The World Can be Stopped! Insubordination is Possible!

All libertarians and libertarian organisations are invited to participate in
a meeting in Barcelona in which we will discuss the following rough draft of
a Libertarian Call to Sevilla and the proposals of actions and events which
will be brought by the friends and comrades from Andalusia.

TIME AND DATE: Sunday, 17th March at 10.00 a.m.
VENUE: To be announced. A central location in Barcelona.


Saturday 16th March at 10 a.m.: The coordinating meeting of the Euromarches.

Venue to be confirmed, but in central Barcelona.

Sunday 17th March at 10 a.m.: The assembly of collectives, associations
and organisations against unemployment, precariety.
Central Barcelona, venue
to be announced.

La convocatoria para la reunion del LLamamiento internacional If you are
interested in coming to this meeting, please contact

Si quieres recibir este texto en castellano/Si vous voulez cette texte en
francaise: info@red-libertaria.org


The Laeken Summit ended the Belgian presidency of the European Union during
the second half of 2001 with the approval of a new "EuroOrder" and the
setting up of a Rapid Intervention Force. The Spanish government has started
its presidency in 2002 with two clear objectives: greater security and
greater trade. The current stage of the construction of the European union
shows an increase in this strategy in favour of "Europe, Ltd." Inequality
increases while social injustice, the oppressions of the rich against those
they exploit and of patriarchy against women, and, in general, against the
eastern and southern countries considered as "back yard" by the rich
countries. Algeria and Argentina are the most recent examples of the
despoiling brought about by European transnational companies, without any
concern about the hunger caused by their massive crimes committed for their
own financial benefit.

In June 2002 the Sevilla summit will see an increase in the control over
people, under the excuse of fighting terrorism; the real reason, however, is
an attack against our privacy. They want to turn the entire population into
transparent beings permanently observed by Big Brother. The border policies
established in Schengen, with its EuroPolice, EuroJustice and EuroOrder is
not enough for them. In Sevilla they want to include the fight against
terrorism in the EU defence and security policies: turning each and every
street into a new border patrolled by the police, while spreading the use of
security cameras to all public areas in our cities. They will carry on
preparing a European Constitution, the preamble of which will be the Charter
of Human Rights. It was precisely the opposition to this Charter and its
lowest-common-denominator-of-social-rights approach, which brought thousands
of protesters from the Nice to the Brussels Summits, France. The leaders of
Europe are standing by their Charter, in complete opposition to the
aspirations and needs of the majority of society. This is why we are on the
march again, to refuse be stripped of our most elementary rights. Social
resistance is on march to Sevilla.

All of this resistance, all of the demands that the libertarian movement
supports and promotes, through direct action and self-management, are part
of a long-term fight to radically change society, to share wealth, establish
equality and to build a libertarian self-managed democracy.


Since the beginning of the "building of Europe", the politicians of all
countries and tendencies, have lied to us about their real plans and the
true consequences of their acts and decisions. Europe plans to reinforce
itself on a political level, and that's all. Imperialism, whose victims are
he majority of planet Earth's population, is one of the sources of modern
day barbarity.

The capitalist plans to increase production are driving us straight into a
brick wall. We are clearly reaching the ecological limits of our planet:
weather changes, global warming, mad cow disease and so on... The
decision-makers of big business and their political partners have joined
hands to increase their production and profits. These are the true criminals
against nature, who are making our planet impossible to live in.


More freedom for financial transactions, including the whitewashing of
money, for capital, for goods irrationally produced further and further away
from their consumers, increasing pollution caused by transport, which causes
workers to compete against one another. Less and less freedom for people,
social groups and the oppressed. Fewer and fewer rights and democratic
possibilities for our organisations to organise ourselves and to carry out a
social struggle. Immigrants are the most harshly hit by the freedom-killing
measures upon which the EU is designing itself.

All over Europe we are experiencing a flood of undocumented "sans papiers,"
and expulsions, which, at best, return the rejected immigrants to
oppression, misery or death. These measures affect all those who live in
Europe. Restrictions on public and individual freedom are the norm. The
global war declared against terrorism as a result of the 11th September is
used as a pretext to continually reinforce emergency policies, in order to
truly increase the power of capital and of the State over society.

To this respect we demand:

*An ample development of public liberties and elementary rights. In first
place the freedom of movement and of residence for all, without taking
nationality into account.

*The abolition of all racist and xenophobic European laws.

*International solidarity to those countries where the immigrants in Europe
originally came from.


Europe has tens of millions of ever more controlled, exploited, dominated
and precarious workers. Millions of workers are driven to poverty due to
meagre salaries. There are millions of unemployed, homeless or in
shantytowns, ill people without medical attention or proper schooling.

Prosperity is protected for a tiny fraction of the population, the
industrial or financial capitalists and their nearby political bodyguards,
technocrats and other experts, together with stock investors, those who
create stock market layoffs, relocate companies and stuff themselves with
subsidies and of fiscal grants.

For our part, we adamantly reject the capitalist accumulation of wealth in
the hands of a small minority.

*We fight, in line with other fights, to impose a real redistribution of
wealth and advance towards achieving the principle of "to each according to
his/her needs, from each according to his/her means".

*This redistribution is meant to end up in the self-management of all means
of production and exchange.

*Starting now, we will continually fight to establish a counterpower and an
alternative capacity against Capital and State mechanisms. We follow the
fight to extend and spread the rights of workers and the repressed to
expropriate the bosses and shareholders, destroying their control over


The European Union countries are part of NATO, the major cause of world-wide
conflict. These countries have actively participated in the wars in Iraq, in
ex-Yugoslavia, and in Afghanistan. Europe sells her weapons to and trains
the soldiers and policemen of the world's worst dictatorships.

To this end we demand the immediate:

*Converting of military industries to civil and social uses.

*Dismantling of armies.

*Asylum for deserters throughout the world, to force the authorities to take
specific measures to help freedom struggles around the world, especially, at
this moment in time, especially those undertaken by revolutionary and
democratic women in Afghanistan.


Its security is for speculators, for bosses who sack workers and for corrupt
politicians. But Europe is above all ecological and alimentary insecurity:

oil-spills, industrial catastrophes, mad cows, hoof and mouth disease, and
GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Europe equals police insecurity. The cops have all the rights, they carry
out more and more identity checks and other types of oppression, without
depriving themselves to controls "just-because-they-want-to", with the
support of racist laws. Europe equals police shooting real bullets and the
assassinations of protestors in Gotenborg and Genoa.

Finally, Europe is social insecurity, institutionalising unemployment and
precarious employment as a norm, using misery and fear to break any vague
desires for struggle or fight.

To get rid of this daily insecurity, we must:

*Make a radical break from capitalist productivism.

*Impose a right for all producers, users, and consumers to control their
products and their social usefulness.

*Build within and for our struggles a fight for an equality that is not just
a political catch-phrase, but rather an economical and social reality.


The Europe of bureaucrats finds no objections to the presence of governments
including Fascist ministers in Austria and Italy. This Europe does not take
into account the referendums held in Denmark, and more recently in Ireland,
against building a Europe designed to favour the bosses. This Europe either
ignores these referendums or repeats them until the result suits the
interests of the technocrats. Europe is undemocratic, in fact it is nothing
more than a gang of technocrats dedicated to the exclusive use and abuse of
bourgeoisie and multinational companies.

Western societies, in Europe especially, cannot eternally avoid their
irresponsibility with respect to the policies adopted by their respective
governments that have given rise to capitalist barbarity. Democracy is the
government of the people by the people. The so-called democratic governments
are elected on the basis of programmes proposed to their voters, without any
sort of controlled mandate. Reality shows that voters do not check or
control the policies taken by their governments. In this way in Genoa, the
people in charge of the G8 ignored the calls of the 200,000 demonstrators,
and decided to resort to force, murdering one of our demonstrators. On the
other hand, the European commission voluntarily submits itself to the
pressures of the multinational lobbies located in a nearby building. Put
another way, 200,000 protestors are not "heard," while the politicians and
bureaucrats carefully listen to capitalist lobbies. Where is the democracy

We reject this concept of a democracy market, which is empty and cut off
from the people. We want:

*Direct democracy and self-management.

*An open and sincere debate on all that affects our lives.

*A truly
federalist organisation based on direct action, equalitarian in both access
to and use of power, anti-hierarchical and anti-bureaucratic.


European policies free the rules of workplace conditions as far as they can.
This causes an increase of precariety and misery, the disappearance of
social support, and the privatisation of anything profitable: health,
education, transport, etc. This privatisation of public enterprises looks at
poverty with a new eye. The management of misery opens the door to prison
systems. Social apartheid is the crowning point of capitalism's evolution.

One of the goals of European policies (a goal that is not exclusively
European, but shared by the leading nations) is to control the poor wherever
they live. That is the reason behind the will to transform Europe into a
true fortress. Likewise, this is the cause of its ever-increasingly-coercive
immigration policies. But the goal is not that of expulsing all illegal
immigrants from Europe. This is impossible due to three reasons:

*A lack of means: how many aeroplanes or boats would be needed to expel all
the clandestine immigrants?

*A political problem: if the State wanted to expel all the clandestine
immigrants, it would have to organise raids on a major scale. The European
States cannot risk the enormous protests that this action would cause.

*Problems of the economy: clandestine workers are a workforce that can be
easily controlled and which, against their will, can put pressure on fellow
precarious workers.

The goal is have at hand a workforce that will accept the most precarious
working conditions together with the worst salaries and conditions.

sections of the economy would not be profitable without the exploitation of
these people: construction site workers, cooks and waiters, seamstresses,
farmers, etc.

The poor are confined to ghettos on city outskirts. The misery in these
neighbourhoods is getting worse. At the same time, it is becoming harder and
harder for people subjected to poverty to live where they wish. Far too
often, when a victim of poverty wants to live in a different region, he or
she is told to go back to where they came from.

This management of misery demands an ever-increasing police presence.
Governments, both right and left, are aware that it is impossible to use the
police to oversee large populations. Instead, they would like to convert
every citizen into a plainclothes policeman, who will oversee and denounce
any behaviour that is unusual or uncivil. In this way, the arguments for
zero tolerance are in top form.

The building of Europe, as seen from a capitalist viewpoint, implies a
breaking up of the State with respect its economy and social activities. At
the same time, authoritarian and security measures are increased. In this
context, the attacks of 11 September are blessed bread for the political
decision-makers: using the excuse of an anti-terrorist fight, of a complete
legal arsenal that can be used against ghetto inhabitants and the friends
and comrades who campaign against globalisation and capitalism.


We will be in Sevilla, showing our rejection of the capitalist Europe that
the EU leaders are imposing on us. Sevilla will retake the torch Brussels.
Our fight for social justice, for a libertarian world based on justice and
solidarity will not stop with Sevilla.

A major March of social resistance will, from city to city, spread the fire
of our anger, the cry of our needs and desire for another world from city to
city until arriving in Sevilla.

*Marching is advancing, creating a new world with each step.

*Marching is building an alternative together with others.

*Marching is drawing attention towards our collective fights, on all our
paths. This is why our acts and demonstrations began in the winter of
Brussels and will carry on to the beginning of summer in Sevilla, in a chain
of social fights between these cities.

Apoyo Mutuo - red libertaria

info@red-libertaria.org -

Postal address: Apdo. 51575, 28080 Madrid