Institute for Social Ecology Lists Spring and Summer 2002 Courses

Popular Education for a Free Society

Spring & Summer 2002 Courses in Social Ecology

The Institute for Social Ecology (ISE), located amid central Vermont's
rolling mountains, has been a center for education and action working with
the ideas of social ecology since the 1970s. The ISE and its programs also
serve as a forum for serious dialogue among ecological, social justice, and
anti-capitalist activists, as a laboratory for new ecological technologies,
and as a resource for community groups around the world. For the spring and
summer of 2002, the ISE is again offering its widely acclaimed programs.

Mexico City Study Tour - May 19 to May 27

Participants in the ISE's Mexico City Study Tour will learn about this
dynamic city in a comprehensive and participatory way. Taught in English and
directed toward students from the United States, it will be roughly divided
between classroom discussions facilitated by Mexican activists and hands-on,
experience-based explorations of the city. The program will focus on the
history of the city, walking tours through it, and meetings with Mexican
activists. Throughout the program special emphasis will be placed on the
contributions and dilemmas of Mexico City's anti-authoritarian movements.

Sustainable Design, Building, & Land Use - May 31 to June 21

Using the Institute for Social Ecology's 50-acre site as a laboratory, this
program explores the history of agriculture, social ecology and design,
organic agriculture, appropriate technology, alternative building,
permaculture and ecological restoration and more.

Arts, Activism, & Social Change Workshop - May 31 to June 14

A 14-day intensive workshop intended for artists and activists looking to
gain practical experience with designing and composing activist art
projects. Participants will receive hands-on experience in creating a wide
array of activist art, including puppetry, dance, street theater,
songwriting, murals, and culture jamming.

Ecology and Community - June 28 to July 27

This month-long, intensive learning experience offers workshops and practica
in the field of social ecology. Courses include: Understanding Capitalism:
Global Perspectives, Movement Building: Theory and Practice, Feminism and
Ecology, Radical Agriculture, Toward Direct Democracy, and Radical Education
& Deschooling.

Economics, Philosophy, & Politics in the Age of Globalization - August 2 to
August 10

This continuing studies program offers a dynamic exploration of current
social and political trends, even as it mines the past to make sense of the
present. In this eight-day intensive, students will participate in one of
two possible tracks. To enroll, students must have completed the Ecology
and Community program offered each summer by the ISE.

Science, Technology, the State, and Globalization - August 12 to August 14

The aim of this 3-day continuing studies workshop is to show how many
current environmental, cultural, and economic problems posed by
globalization remain rooted in the hegemonic ideas of capitalist technology,
science, and statism. Alternatives to this inherently destructive evolution
will also be discussed. To enroll, students must have completed the Ecology
and Community program offered each summer by the ISE.

ISE / Burlington College B.A. Degree in Social Ecology

The ISE, in collaboration with Burlington College, offers a B.A. in an
individualized major in social ecology. This program is rooted in the
understanding that every student is an individual. Rather than the
standardized learning offered by traditional colleges and universities, we
believe in an alternative education model that is flexible and

The Institute for Social Ecology was established in 1974 and incorporated in
1981 as an independent institution for the purposes of education, research,
and outreach in the field of social ecology. For over a quarter of a
century, ISE has inspired individuals involved in numerous social change
movements to work toward a directly democratic, liberatory, and ecological
society. The educational programs of the Institute for Social Ecology have
served more than 2,000 students around the world.

For further information on our programs, contact the ISE by email at, telephone 1 (802) 454-8493, or visit our web site