Autonomadic Bookmobile & Sideshow Benefit

Autonomadic Bookmobile & Sideshow Benefit

New York City , March 29, 2002


The AUTONOMADIC BOOKMOBILE, the lovechild of Autonomedia and the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, is a medicine show of small-press books and zines which travels the USA spreading surprise, subversion, and sideshow in its wake. Now the Autonomadic Bookmobile & Sideshow presents New York with a night of musical mishegas and sideshow svengalism, in a benefit performance to raise funds for the Bookmobile's spring '02 tour.


Sweet Texas thunderbolts from CORN MO!!!

The gritty gravy of HOOVERVILLE!!!

Tales of lust and legerdemain by The PSYCHOS!!!


The prodigious prestidigitation of the AUTONOMADIC BOOKMOBILE SIDESHOW!!!

********* PLUS *********

The Bibliotheque Burlesque of the AUTONOMADIC BOOKTABLE with more small press and radical books than you can shake a Jihad at.

AND MAYBE EVEN: charlatans, tooth-drawers, mountebanks, ballad singers, buffoons, gully lickers, jalopy fixers, can grabbers, swill gulpers, pig pokers, corsage thieves, page folders, pistol smokers and krylon sniffers.

AND: Beer.

WHEN: Friday, March 29, 9 pm

WHERE: UMBRELLA HAUS, 21/23 Avenue C, between 2nd & 3rd streets

COST: Five pathetic bux

CONTACT: (212) 894-3754 x. 1049

SUBWAY: JMZ train to Delancey, walk north on Essex or Norfolk streets to Houston, walk east (turn right) a few blocks to Avenue C (gas station on the corner), turn left, half a block.
Umbrella Haus has umbrellas stenciled on the outside of the

OR: take the F train to 2nd Avenue (and Houston) and walk down Houston (East) until Avenue C.