Third Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival

Third Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival

May 10 – 12, 2002, Call for submissions by April 15

The Third Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival, part of
the Matches and Mayhem events, is looking for submissions.
The Festival will be over the weekend of May 10-12.
Submission deadline is April 15.

During the next few months, we will develop another great
program of recent and rare works by and/or about anarchists.
The work of curating the Anarchist Film Festival has inspired
a new project to promote screenings of anarchist films here
and around the country. This new project, the Anarchist
Video Library (AnViL) is also seeking submissions of recent
and past works for our lending and permanent collections.

In addition, AnViL is sponsoring a feast for filmmakers where
anarchist filmmakers can network, discuss their work and the
works in the festival, and talk about the importance of forging
an anarchist film culture.

The Process:

Please help the Anarchist Film Festival and/or AnViL by
submitting your film or video. We are seeking work by artists
with radical anti-authoritarian politics. Your submission
DOES NOT have to be explicitly political, but we do seek
some connection between your politics and your art. We
want to exhibit a wide range of possible forms of anarchist
cinematic art.

Recently finished works will be considered for the Anarchist
Film Festival. Anything you've ever done, or even that
someone else has done and that you want to share, will be
considered for the AnViL collection. Submissions to the
collection will be reviewed, included in our database, and
made available to groups wishing to screen them. The
collection will also bring underexposed works to more
audiences by including them in screenings beyond the
festival and by recommending them to borrowers.

To Submit:

Send a VHS copy to the Matches and Mayhem address
(below). Include as much information about yourself as you
can. The basics (name, address, and a way of contacting
you) are required, of course.

Please let us know if you can donate your submission or a
second copy to the AnViL collection. We have very limited
dubbing abilities right now. If you need it sent back, please
include a check or MO to cover the return postage.

Please, please, please: Send your submission ASAP. Send it
with your information and return postage if you want it back.
For more info on submitting or for updates on the festival,
send your email address to


Matches and Mayhem

1573 N Milwaukee Ave #420

Chicago IL 60622


Website: anvilweb

Email: anarchist film festival