Globalization & Resistance Conference, November 17-19, NYC


Autonomedia writes: "Globalization & Resistance Conference
Friday, November 16 - Saturday, November 17, 2001
@ The CUNY Grad Center: 365 Fifth Ave. (Btw. 34th and 35th St.)

Confirmed speakers include: Stanley Aronowitz, Susan George, Manning
Marable, Mike Davis, L.A. Kauffman, Kim Moody, Jeremy Brecher, Michael
Hardt, and Alex Callinicos.

Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work;
Continuing Education at the CUNY Grad Center; and Left Turn.

For more information: Call Heather Gautney at 212-817-2000 or email

The purpose of the conference is two-fold. First, it is meant to introduce
new activists and sympathizers to the broad range of issues raised by
globalization and to the many campaigns being waged against it. But more
importantly, it seeks to generate a dialogue among the different strands of
the movement about their common aims and how to achieve them. Whether the
event results in some definitive program is not the key issue, it is more
critical that the conference create a context for an open and substantive
discussion among the participants.

First Day

Plenary: A Short History of Neoliberalism and Globalization - Susan George,
Stanley Aronowitz

1) Breaking the Unions: Reagan, Thatcher and the Employer's Offensive
2) The rise and fall of neoliberalism: From the Mexican debt crisis to the
South East Asian meltdown

Who runs it:
3) Corporate Empire: The growth of the multinationals
4) New World Order: The state and imperialism
5) The Bretton Woods Gang: The IMF, World Bank, and the World Trade

Its impact:
6) The Debt Trap and Casino Capitalism
7) Plundering the Planet: Global Warming and Genetically Modified organisms
8) Punishing the Poor: The war on drugs at home and abroad
9) A race to the bottom: Racism, poverty, and the free market
10) Corporate rule: The erosion of democracy
11) The Culture of Neoliberalism

Plenary: Alternatives: How do we put people before profit? - Medea Benjamin,
Manning Marable, Mike Davis

Second Day

Plenary: The Shape of the Resistance - L.A. Kaufman, Kim Moody

Sessions: (followed by campaigning organizations)

1) Fighting Sweatshops (United Students Against Sweatshops)
2) Breaking the Two Party System (Green Party)
3) Grassroots Media (Indymedia)
4) Patents that Kill: Intellectual Property and the AIDS Epidemic
(Health GAP Coalition).
5) Targeting the Corporations: Starbucks, Citibank & Nike (Rainforest
Action Network, Global Exchange, STARC)
6) Direct Action Gets the Goods (Direct Action Network)

Special Section: Localizing the Movement

1) Labor and the Anticapitalist Movement (Jobs with Justice, DAN Labor)
2) Schools Not Jails: Prison Moratorium Project (Critical Resistance,
Prison Moratorium Project)
3) Organizing the Unorganized (Kensington Welfare Rights Union, UNITE)
4) Slave Labor in the 21st Century (WEP, NYC Public Housing
Residents Alliance)
5) The Jackboot State: Police Brutality and State Repression (Justice
Action Coalition,)

Final Rally: Directions: The future of the movement-Amy Goodman, Jeremy
Brecher, Alex Callincos"