ZeroWork writes: "Lingua Franca has the story:
Fred Jameson among those involved."

To their considerable anguish, Dick's academic champions have had to contend with the revelation that their hero wrote letters to the Federal Bureau of Investigation denouncing them. In these letters, Dick claimed that Jameson and other literary theorists were agents of a KGB conspiracy to take over American science fiction.


michkuo writes: "Provoking interview with political/aesthetic theorist Chantal Mouffe in MIT Press journal Grey Room. It's in issue #2:

It's not online, but I think it's at St. Marks Bookshop. The interview tests some interesting premises about the status of art as an inherently political -- in the "friend/enemy" definition of the term -- entity. Mouffe also has some pretty far-out ideas that branch away from the contemporary Left: contesting the legitimacy of a common "human citizen," a citizenship of the world; universal human rights, etc."

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