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Down to capitalism and the states Stop the wars of America and Israel Bring down the leaders and authority Liberate humanity from money and law End the killing and end to poverty Start the revolution now Fight than bow Revolution in the Making 1) How to make a revolution wherever you are, if the time for it is ripe and whenever the necessary objective conditions exist. 2) Capitalism means mass misery and universal suffering. 3) The meta-theory – Communist-Individualist-anarchy and the socio-universal anarcho-revolution. 4) The citizens are weak, brainwashed, frightened of everything, i.e., in total alienation. They are lead by their masters like slaves/herds ordering them towards their own voluntary enslavement. 5) The revolutionary personality – thought and action – social stimulator and process accelerator – revolutionary catalysis. 6) Post-economic anti-politics – against political economy and for revolutionary anarchy. 7) The capitalist state – classes – oppression, poverty and war. 8) Nationalism, religion and ideology are the base for the national-capitalist-state. 9) The unarmed anarcho-social revolution. 10) An anarcho-social revolution for a fast transformation of society from capitalism to anarchy. 11) The people are not ready yet, those at the internet behave as petty-bourgeois individuals/surfers and the leftists amongst them need much more dedication than that. People are not yet consciously developed enough at this stage; it seems they need more time to be able of liberating and emancipating themselves and myself. A revolution you cannot do alone, you need the majority to need this radical transformation, but they still falsely believe that capitalism will satisfy their needs which obviously it is far from it. 12) Thus the conscious intervention of the anarchist, at every historical stage and in every country, the anarchic conscious is the highest form of human conscious and one day all the people are going to become extreme anarchists. Only an anarchic conscious and its implementation can bring about the liberation of the whole of humanity including each and every one of us everywhere. Anarchy will end this modern slavery and turn it into a full blown anarchy and freedom. Practical application of the anarcho-social revolutionary theory Step 1 – Theoretico-practical revolutionary communication amongst all individuals, locally and exter-nationally – this means talking to all the people from around the world and planning for the anarchic revolution in all its 12 dimensions. Step 2 – If you are not with the oppressed then you are with the oppressor, if you are not against authority then you agree with it, and having money and work makes you even more stupid. This world is fucked because of the capitalist systems and all its boring infra-structures which cause only misery, violence and class/ethnic discrimination. Step 3 – Revolutionary coordination for the direct dismantling of the state (self-managed self-determination) and revolutionary synchronization for the abolishment of capitalism (material decentralization and total distribution) and instead of ideology, morality, religion, ethics, etc, to create a communist individualist anarchist universe. Step 4 – Creating the objective conditions necessary for the immediate expansion of conscious and the massive contribution/distribution of revolutionary knowledge for the material transformation of humanity swiftly from capitalist scarcity to anarchic abundance, from an economy of demand to an anti-economy of gift. Step 5 – The rejection of middle class reactionary values and despise of bourgeois existence with its neo-conservative appearance leads to a revolution for the freedom of equals without wages (modern slaves) and without being exploited. Step 6 – All the people will unite under one banner, all people of the world want to live in dignity and in liberty, so lets all start our revolution, lets bring down capitalism and all the states in the world and create in there places a world we all can live in as free and happy people for ever after. The wrong human brain The human brain is thinking wrong – this is one of the stages in its development – the slow development of the human brain in its historico-evolutionary prospective. What remains is the issue of class, private ownership of the social means of production, natural resources and ownership of the land. As a result of the objective law-governed development of the human brain, there will come a time when the brain develops into a sufficient conscious level as to allow it a radical social transformation and emancipation. The social conscious required for the anarchic revolution is soon to become apparent everywhere. It is the final stage in the capitalist development and it is the end of capitalist advancement. Profit is theft. First we had slavery then it became nationalism and now we have the final stage of bourgeois advanced capitalism, with its states and technology, but even that will not help the system from its determined fall and collapse like a tiger made of cupboard. Now it’s a time for constant transformation, from the primitive brain to a more modern one, so we could learn how to live with one another without classes and hierarchies. We need a higher conscious so we could end the system and offer something else instead which is more humane and more just and equal. We need a new kind of brain and we need people who have a genuine knowledge so everyone could share and learn it too, for the sake of being free of capitalism and its worldwide catastrophes.
Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion - Cause War And Permanent VIOLENCE Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Means Mass Hardship And Plenty Of Human Suffering Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Must Be Halted And Dismantled To Save Humanity IN THE ANARCHO-REVOLUTIONARY WAY Capitalism = USA + UK + AUST + ISR + JPN + ETC, = Ideology + Religion + Law Capitalism = Anarchic Revolution And The End Of The State And Private Property The USA, the UK, Israel and others lead this war and military violence against anyone or anything that stands in their way, i.e., they dream of a total hegemony over the planet and its inhabitants, they want complete control over matter and humanity. But we will not allow them, and their dreams shell remain dreams. In reality state capitalism is modern violence in action over weak and downtrodden people all over the world, as though the universal poverty they impose is not enough now they want to teach humanity a violent lesson, but the anarcho-revolution is at their doorsteps and is accelerating, so watch out Bush & Co. People resist and fight the attack in an underground resistance awaiting its public appearance at the revolution first day. No more soldiers and police, no more wars and poverty, no more states and capitalism, anarchy will not allow the repeat of all that. The resistance of the people is some times carried in the wrong form as a result of historical conditioning and the contribution of capitalism {CIA-Mossad} to its temporary second-round appearance in poor countries and The USA. Religion as all ideologies is to maintain society based on classes, on masters and servants, poverty and war is the constant result. The military-police-nation-capitalist-state is an instrument for a direct destruction of the poor and weak peoples and their countries. Capitalism which is today lead by the US empire and it allies is the true face of 21st century capitalism and the horrific consequence of its anti-human existence. We need a new America, a new Britain and a new Israel without capitalism and states and where anarchy prevails. We need a new world without money and ownership, without war and work, without leaders and government. Bombs and killing, profits and security and terrorism is what capitalism is as it is expressed physically in different parts of the world. A crime against humanity is its foundation upon which it launches its vicious egotistical devastation. Humanity will soon reach the required conscious for getting rid of capitalism and its nation-states and implement instead individualist communist anarchy. Capitalism like religion is a class war of all against all which only the leaders and the wealthy benefit from the exploitations and mayhem they cause and is intentionally made. Capitalism mixed with religions and states is the ultimate and last stance of vanishing capitalism, the final breath on the historico-evolutionary death bed. As capitalism it is a permanent class and national wars so is anarchy is a permanent struggle of liberation from capital, state and authority. Anarchy will eventually win and replace world capitalism with world anarchism and liberating humanity for the first time in its bloody and miserable short history to live and exist in peace and equality for all the people of the world. So we can live without empires and without religious civilizations that butchers itself and others every time it could.
The revolution of my daily life If you believe in capitalism, the state and religion and you believe that we cannot do without them, then you are still below the intelligence requirement necessary for a conscious comprehension and for a free social association. If you believe in ideology, politics and organization and think that we cannot exist without them and if you also believe in hierarchy, leaders and authority then you are still stuck in a retarded historical conditioning. If you believe that the nature of wo/man are selfish and that we cannot live without money and private/state accumulation of capital, then you are just another mini zombie within a system which is totally controlling you and completely enslaving your body/mind without you even knowing it. And if you fear anarchy and think that its chaos and if you hate equality because you don’t want others to feel good then you are a nasty anti-human person who deserves what he gets in the form of the up coming extreme social revolution.
∑E³ = e = mc²±¹ Meta-theory ≥ Anti-ideology => Anti-theology. Theoretico-individual = Social revolution. Theoretico-practical = Anarcho-social revolution. From homo-sapiens to homo-anarchus. Non -violent struggle in military-police capitalist states. Mass – Anarcho-revolutionary theory. Music – Anarcho-artistic revolutionary theory. Meta–theory – The theory of theory. Nature – Under massive attack and destruction. Computer – Techno-capitalism – maximal alienation – spectacular collapse of consumer society. Metro – Theoretic-truth – Theoretic-sophy – post-science = Metax. Meta-Anarchy Post-capitalist anarchy. Post-ideological theoretico-logical anarchy. Post-spectacle anarchy. A theory for the transformation of the world and its inhabitants to a humane and just universal poly-existence. Anti-ideological theory – anti-theological theory. The theory of anarchy and revolution. The theory of anti-theory – the meta-theory. Anti-capitalism and anti-state theory of anarchy. Anti-centralism >> anti-hierarchical organization >> anti-party formation >> anti-leaders >> anti-tradition >> anarcho-morphic leap. Anti-philosophy << anti-logic << anti-system ≥ meta-philosophy ≥ meta-logic ≥ meta-system. Anti-science ◊∞ anti-religion ◊∞ anti-authority. Capitalist-science ◊∞ capitalist idealism ◊∞ capitalist control. Anti-nation # anti-class # anti-power # anti-patriotism # anti-flag # anti-control # anti-work # anti-law # anti-authority. OBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING => Centuries of slavery + exploitation. SUBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Socio-individual alienation & ramification. CAPITALIST HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Termination of the system. Anarcho-non-violent social revolution  Anarcho-individualist communist revolution  Post-civilization society. How many anarchists there are in the world and are there enough anarchists today who are ready to get to the street and start an anarcho-social revolution? How many anarchists are really willing and capable of causing a global & social anarchic revolution? It is not only quantity that counts but also quality that makes the difference. The time is getting closer, the revolution is on our door step, lets not miss it as generations did before us, let’s be the first anarchists who succeed in creating an anarchic global international revolution. It is the final count down, it is life or gradual death, is it going to be real freedom and equality or permanent terminal alienation and comfortable misery. No friends, the time is ripe, the revolution is going on around you and it is now up to you either to join and participate or become counter-revolutionary and reactionary. Anarchy is the revolution underway, anarchists are the makers of the future and anarchism is the alternative to state and private capitalism. The anarchic global insurrection The plan is a revolution for human liberation, a revolution in our life time. Why the revolution has not happened yet and the human condition is not easy. The left of capital wants full integration and the right of capital wants a permanent war. Capitalism has artificially extended its life span but not for much longer. The revolutionary movement is only virtually existent, i.e., non existent in reality. The earth is on its final breath, poisoned and mutilated. What has to be done by us all? What is the next step to be taken? How about a complete and genuine liberation! A rebellion on a massive scale that will turn into a full blown globo-social revolution and which will bring down capitalism and liberate humanity from its modern slavery. The next stage in the history of struggle will be the final stage in the collapse of the state and capitalist system and the end to its deformed social relations. Capitalism and the state will be immediately replaced by a decentralized anti-authoritarian anarchic social relation that is coordinated upon anti-capital economy. Post-capitalist anti-state social-relations based on mutual equality and respect for nature and life in general and material equity in particular. Capitalism is theft, if left alone it self-destructs taking us all with it, i.e. the annihilation of nature and the human race or an anarcho-social revolution to rescue humanity and guarantee the continuance existence of healthy nature. Do we want the total destruction of life and the planet for the sake of the profit of the nasty few or you want the freedom from this. Do you want brain control and brain washing of the masses or you want happiness for all? Do you want a hysteric rush of business-military authorities killing everything that doesn’t submit or do you want the right for all to live in dignity and free will. We are the anarchist of the world, the makers of the social revolution in theory and practice. Anarchic freedom will be achieved on the day of the collapse of capitalism which hopefully it will be quite soon. Instead of capitalism we will have an advanced anarchic society built on equity and auto-production and cyber-distribution. Labor will disappear as the entire capitalist infra & sub-structure to enable the growth of a guanine human community. Classes will become a thing of the past and instead we will have a true material equity and a universal human anarcho-conduct. A new anarcho-humanity where every thing is free for all based on mutual respect and free-association, where everyone on the planet is rich materially and intellectually, everyone free and happy as will be the whole human society of the world. We are not afraid of anything or anyone so we can speak honestly and truly without hesitation and indoctrination, this means total and genuine anarchic socio-individual liberation from the chains of the past and the empire. Empirical rebellion and a concrete insurrectionary application accelerated towards an onto-epistemological revolution. We don’t need their power and control, we don’t need their exploitation and discrimination, we don’t need their oppression, war, violence and poverty but we do need happiness and comfort for all and this means a total and global anarcho-social revolution. We are against religion and the nation state, we are also against capitalist science and technology, we are against all ideology and politics and every form of organization, and we want free association alone that is based on equity and mutual cooperation. We will save the planet from a guaranteed destruction and restore it to natural; we will save humanity from a guaranteed continuous modern slavery and rescue it from capitalism and its empires. That’s it, the revolution has began, now it is up to you to participate, now it is your turn – friend.
This is not an attack but neither is it defense this only highly recommended I am not here to please or comfort you, I am not here to entertain you (boredom), and I am not here to waste time when time is money. I am here for one reason alone, to use all platforms available for the stimulation of a spontaneous social revolution on a global scale arising out of each one’s inner self-awareness and anarchic convictions. Soon there will remain nothing to save, the human misery is ripe everywhere, the pains are horrendous; ignoring this human suffering makes you an accomplice to these capitalist crimes against humanity. Without organization and no parties or elections, no hierarchy or ideological movements of leaderships, just Anarchy where all are equal and free without law or authority. All we want is to live as humans, free, healthy and happy and this is impossibility under capitalism or its cousin socialism, only anarchy can really and practically achieve this hope. The exact vicious reverse conditions exists, capitalism is marching towards its own self-annihilation taking everyone with it and the whole environment. Planet earth is chalking on its capitalist vomit, humanity is desperate and is getting much worse by the hour, we are on the verge of the biggest revolution human history has ever known, a mega-revolution beyond anyone’s wildest imagination and it will take place right here underneath your nose. So debates are over, the explaining is over, any one who has not yet understood want understand anything never, unless of course we join efforts. Writing is not a social event but a theory of action, the intellect on his own is impotent as emotions on its own are debilitating. You are angry at me because I am telling you to revolt not to debate or chat about it, discussing will be good after the revolution not before it, we need to act now and talk later if you want a socio-anarchic revolution in the here and now. We must learn from Bakunin how to cause a spontaneous revolution anywhere where you care to be, i.e., at the right place and at the right time, spatio-temporal synchronicity. We are post-dialectal, post-contradictions; we are post-Judo-Christian-Muslim Capitalism we are for an anarchic global post-national revolution. Free-association and self-determination, self-managed universal application, ungovernable and fully conscious is what anarchy is all about, nothing else. As I said indifference is as being an accomplice, you cannot ignore the outcry of humanity and pretend that isn’t there, you must react, you act as though there is no tomorrow. To be an anarchist is not just writing clever criticism and analysis, it is much more and don’t forget that the internet is capitalism too and capitalism is the dictatorship of capital. So we are living under capitalism whilst trying to create anarchism to replace it and this can be achieved by activating the oppressed worldwide under one revolutionary banner, material equality and total freedom – The Anarchic Revolution.
Make The Revolution Now The more primitive the people are the more laws they invent, the more conscious the people are the less laws they need. Primitive system = plenty of laws. Post-primitive system = less laws. Conscious meta-system = beyond laws. The most conscious people on earth need no laws at all, whereas the most primitive people on earth need the most laws. Technologically developed primitivism = space age primitivism = a primitive form of accumulating profit. What I mean by primitive is the level of social relations, the level of existing semi-consciously, or is it the stage of conscious application to live in a society without modern slavery and fascist capitalism and the death of ideology. Adam Smith the founder of capitalism said about his nasty invention: “capitalism it is all a self-apathetic program premeditated for the sole purpose of profit at the cost of apathetic abuse of the masses”. Then the revolutionary program is anarchic and anti-organizational and anti-ideological. Anarcho-communist and individualist planning is beyond the conventional and is anti-traditional in its operative functions, we are fed up with the always new version of apologies for the same old justification of the inequality of wo/man. Morality is a justification for crimes against humanity; therefore we are anti-moral, anti-religious and anti-capitalist. So please respond to what you read here not according to what you have been dictated to believe but according to the new knowledge that has been acquired at the present. Leave your old notions and dogmas behind you and leap into the knowable future where you will find us waiting for you to emancipate and join us in the process of changing humanity to the better of course. Throw away your misleading and wrong ideas that have hindered our long awaited liberation from institutional philosophy and military science accompanied by the ethics of murderers. All ideologies is garbage to be thrown away, we don’t need ideology which simply means indoctrination. Without hesitation we are creating a libratory and anarchic knowledge necessary for the termination of capitalism and its replacement by anarchism, with the ism’s or without, I leave that to your taste. Meta-analytic knowledge that lights the path to equity and freedom of all, for the first time in human history without misery, a practical knowledge that will show us the way towards genuine material liberation and the termination of all forms of exploitation, called imperial bloody capitalism. They pollute and ruin the oceans, air and land; they destroy all animals and humans. They keep you in captivity they have finished the wild. Everything is under their control and they control capitalism. The question then is for how long this all destroying system will be allowed to go on destroying everything in its path and the answer is of course not for much longer because this orgy of destruction must be stopped, the destruction of life for increasing profits must be stooped too and so terminate capital as a social relation. This system survives on the utter destruction of nature and the human race and the alternative to capitalism is anarchism as the only way to restore nature and free the human race. 1) Anarchy = No Leader 2) Communism = No Class 3) Individualism = No Authority Useful Telling = Constant Revolt Against The System Of Capitalism. Terrorist Recruiter = Action By Deed = BrainWashing = Join The Fight. I know That You Are Not Mindless + You Must Fight For The Freedom Of All. Religion = Capitalism = Hate + Ignorance. All Believes Are Dangerous To Humanity Like All Ideologies. Plan = Social Revolution = No Ideology = No Organization. Rational Case Of Beliefs = Anarchy = No System. Communist = No Money. Individualist = No Law. Ideology = Party = Power. Anarchist Anti-Ideology = No Propaganda But Direct Action. Be patient friends, your reactions and onto-epistemological response, as cause to effect, is exactly what I am saying, that your thoughts and analysis are based on an insufficient knowledge unfound in your conservative quasi-intellectual education with no offence but a comradely solidarity and an urge to speed up the process of self-liberation. What you write is exactly what I mean: They pollute and ruin the oceans, air and land; they destroy all animals and humans. They keep you in captivity they have finished the wild. Everything is under their control and they control capitalism. The question then is for how long this all destroying system will be allowed to go on destroying everything in its path and the answer is of course not for much longer because this orgy of destruction must be stopped, the destruction of life for increasing profits must be stooped too and so terminate capital as a social relation. This system survives on the utter destruction of nature and the human race and the alternative to capitalism is anarchism as the only way to restore nature and free the human race.
I say, the time for words are over and if you still have any doubt that capitalism is very anti-human and anti-planet then step aside and let us liberate ourselves without you. Humanity will rise up eventually and free itself from ideology and authority and the question has never been if the revolution will happen but when it will happen and where it will start at more than one place at once. We must be on the fore front of the liberation process and this means to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of capitalism and get rid of the state and religion and all ideology. People will soon realize that there is only one solution, that there is only one way out of this massive universal personal and collective misery and it is the anarcho-communist individualist social revolution activated by human emancipation. Join us in the revolution and emancipation or buzz off, we don’t need a dictatorship to be free, we don’t need money and authority to be happy, we don’t need war and poverty to be creative, what we need is exactly the contrary. The abolishment of the system and the creation of total material equality called freedom. Capitalism like communism is authoritative and hierarchic – The state, god and class must be abolished – Ideology and power must be destroyed and society radically transformed to a more humane level of existence called anarchy
The system we are stuck in Everything, every year stays the same, just an improved version of the same. Take nationalism and religion for example, they are a brainwash methods of mass control, or the state and law as instruments of physical and economical control. It is very sad that humanity after all its horrific past has not yet learned how to be free and rise above and beyond the capitalist antagonistic conditionings and emancipate ourselves soon. Humanity has changed little since 7000 years ago, what has changed are only the techniques of domination and exploitation and the establishing of modern slavery. I very much hope that it will not take humanity a long time to leap unto a higher conscious dimension and have enough courage to repel all authority and refuse obedience completely and develop a revolutionary and creative personality capable of transforming the world, the individual and society. We need a qualitative different future without money, classes and power, a future without hierarchy and capitalism and instead create social relations that are based on total material and physical equality. Capitalism is a barbaric and vicious system the destroys the lives of the majority of the people not to mention what it does to nature which is utter devastation for the sake of quick bucks. What a miserable form of survival turning the whole of humanity into one big injured animal doomed to anguish and slow death from poverty, violence and super-alienation. This global misery and its accompanied neurotic desperation to consume, this techno-capitalist condition cannot really last for a very long time because the level of toleration is dropping drastically and the level of rebelliousness is rising tremendously all over the planet. People are beginning to realize that the only solution is a total anarchic social anti-capitalist revolution that will lead us to a different and better form of social relations. To rescue a dying humanity and a toxic planet we must revolt and control our destiny and orient it towards an ever lasting happiness and free existence. The theory of anarchy stripped of ideology is the solution and it is the practical necessary step towards transforming humanity and life to a better and more humane future. Capitalism is a sick system that infects lots of people everywhere; capitalism is really a disease, psycho-physiological illness for sick people. Capitalism is very dangerous because it can destroy your life instantly and you are powerless to do anything, it destroys your life in every possible way imaginable, so be ware you are lead to oblivion without knowing it for the sake of immediate profits for the few. Capitalism needs religion and the sate to survive, social ignorance and patriotic nationalism give it its power for a longer existence. It stimulates ideology, racism and classes in every step of the way, to keep the rich getting richer and remains for ever in power whilst for the rest it is a guaranteed one way ticket to poverty. Politics the science of lies, it is essential for the survival of capitalism as science does to wars, plenty of prisons and massive social disintegration and destitution which are also the unnatural result of decisions taken by those lusting for an infinite profit in a so called democracy for the rich and a dictatorship for the rest. A deadly system of private ownership of the social means of production, a discriminatory system of inherited ownership of the means of life of everybody on this planet, i.e., it means that our existence is owned by few tyrants and oligarchs, called capitalism in its modern slave version. The state is capitalism’s organized violence, its authoritative punitive vengeance and forced rehabilitation of the poor, the state is the organ that executes the will of the capitalists and their lackeys. The capitalist system turns you into an obedient servant to those who control you by making you a submissive modern white collar slave living for their profits at the expense of wasting the whole of your own life and your family and the rest of the community for the sake of the very greedy few. They are your masters and you are their servants because they were born rich and you were born poor, but anarchy will put an end to this miserable episode, by showing the way in which to replace this unnecessary capitalist cruel system by an anarcho-communist individualist society living in a total freedom, material equity, true peace and real harmony with life and with nature. Capitalism must go before it finishes us and earth first; capitalism must be ended before there will be nothing else to save anymore but fortunately anarchy will prevail on the ruins of torturous capitalism. Free Anarchic Existence America is just the country that how all the written guarantees in the world for freedom are no protection against tyranny and oppression of the worst kind. There the politician has come to be looked upon as the very scum of society. Peter Kropotkin Have not prisons - which kill all will and force of character in man, which enclose within their walls more vices than are met with on any other spot of the globe - always been universities of crime? Peter Kropotkin The law is an adroit mixture of customs that are beneficial to society, and could be followed even if no law existed, and others that are of advantage to a ruling minority, but harmful to the masses of men, and can be enforced on them only by terror. Peter Kropotkin
Infinite brain in an infinite universe Infinite brain – like mine – can absorb, comprehend and analyze infinite amount of knowledge and information from when the whole thing started (the big bang theory) to the end of the universe – the meta-galaxy. Infinite neural connections in the largest brain know yet in relation to the weight of its body in the universe. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use their infinite capacity. All the authorities in his-story did not want to develop their citizen’s brains and we know exactly why? So the brain needs advancement to a higher conscious level which is within reach and can climb much higher. Don’t look for excuses and apologies for your corrupt thoughts and misleading ideas. Don’t make a dichotomy out of truth; the truth is always obvious as the sun and millions of ants can dissolve a glass ball and much more than this. So please trust your knowledge and go on with the prognostication. Fear nothing and everything is always known – all it takes is learning and a developing brain from ignorance to a post-chaotic Anarchic Brain and Emotion. My mind/brain operate on a more than eleven dimensions simultaneously and most of the time and a peeing ant on the moon with a brain the size of a coconut can understand the infinity of the universe and also have the ability to slightly effect it and participate in the dance of light/dark and anti-matter which are moving away from each other in an eternal void. e=mc3 +/- 3ac
No, now you are going to be happy and free at the hands of anarchy: It is you who is living in the modern dark ages now, having a mobile or a computer does not make you much more advanced than the apes and that is only according to your behavior in and around your cave. No it is no good being an anarcho-capitalist too, you cannot be half capitalist and half anarchist, anarchy is like love you cannot have half of it. From a primitive Anarcho-Communism 30.000 years ago through a transformative historico-evolutionary deviation that started 5000 BC up to now. The next stage is of course modern Anarcho-Communism, from say 2015 onwards. Capitalism is an artificial cruel manifestation which is maintained by wealthy leaders who wish for ever to rule us and all generations, well, we will not allow them this of course but the contrary we shell destroy the grounds upon which corrupt feet stand. Capitalism is used by the ruling class to manipulate, exploit and abuse our instinct of survival thus enslaving us all unless we rebel of course. Once this violent intimidation and aggression disappears, once this imposed coercion and oppression disappears, capital, the law, hierarchy and the state will disappear with it too. Human nature is what we make it to be and we are also the masters of our destinies so too we can design and chose any future we wish to see. Freedom for all and equity for all is the only way to a universal happiness and anarcho--cosmic creation.
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