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The People of Freedom and Anarchy There is no reason on earth why humanity should have suffered and still suffer because of a brutal money-making machine called capitalism. There is no reason whatsoever for a system of subjective and objective devastation to continue to exist as though all is well for the tormented and dispossessed poor (the majority). There is no reason why should the people continue and bear this permanent humiliation and daily anguish because few individuals who want to rule the world in the name of democracy for the rich and ugly. A capitalist system that caters only for the privileged well to do who are guilty of crimes against humanity, an elite that rob us of the water we drink and the land we walk and the food we eat. They sell us back our means of substance after producing it ourselves in the first place. They give us food vouchers in the name of wages and salaries which we receive for being exploited and cheated. Capitalism is a system that allows all dictatorial and power megalomaniac characters, which only capitalism encourages accomplishing their fiscal holocaust, it allows every sick personality to become the leader and become the representative of the corrupt ruling class the rich (initial capital accumulated from slave trade). I cannot find one reason why capitalism should not be toppled as soon as possible and in place of this colossal human nightmare a more humane anti-system (meta-system) will prevail. The worker and the unemployed, the homeless and the prisoner, the intellectual and the artist are all participating in this revolution, anarchists steer. Therefore I call from this article for an anarchic revolution to overthrow capitalism and destroy its protector the state. A social revolution that will liberate us from the yoke of fiscal fascism and financial Nazism, the dictatorship of the ruling class in the name of free market capitalism also known as material oppression of the rest of the people. An anarcho-social revolution that will put an end to alienation and dismantle this miserable consumer spectacle and relief the politicians and the rich from their fake power biased inclinations. Their profit is proportional to our misery, the richer they become the more desperate we are, until the lid is blown and the masses go on the march of their own liberation. But this time, me and you are present in this, it is our own lives that is at stake here, therefore reject all systems, alter the objective conditions, dismantle your subjective determinism and break the chains of slavery which will be your only loss but a whole cosmos to gain. No one is free until the last one is free No fantasy but tomorrow's reality and it will not appear magically but intentionally by us the revolutionary people of the future. So if you don’t wish to contribute others are more than ready to do this and much more. The perquisites for an Anarchic Social Revolution 1) The level of industrial and technological level, the highest is the better. 2) The level of individual conscious of the population, the more conscious the better. 3) Anarcho-theory is the meta-theory, anarchists is the highest conscious. A) Capitalism = Antagonistic conflict = Permanent negation and opposition. B) Anarchism = Resolution of antagonism = Anti-conflict creation. C) Capitalism = Dialectical metaphysics = Today. D) Anarchism = Post-dialectical (meta-dialectical) equal materialism = Tomorrow. E) Materialism is good but dialectics and metaphysics is bad. Anarchism is one millennium more advanced than Capitalism
Revolutionary transformation of capitalism into anarchism Human nature is anti-capitalist; human nature is anarchic and wants to be free. By overthrowing capitalism we overthrow the state and religion, this will terminate ideology and nationalism. 1) Capitalism causes mental and physical disease and suffering. 2) Capitalism is the basis of violence and poverty. 3) Make capitalism history and the state too. 4) The poverty of capitalist way of living, the boredom of an organization. 5) The ugliness of capitalist society and environment, make the religious comeback his-story as well. 6) Make god and nationalism history, make money his-story, an end to global ignorance. 7) Capitalism maintains all the ills of the world and exasperates them and is directly responsible for all the mass suffering it reproduces in everyday life. 8) Capitalism is big and small prisons wherever you are, it destroys lives and nature everywhere and very fast and without mercy. 9) The business of domination, exploitation and mass oppression, is the business of calculating profit and expanding impoverishment. 10) Capitalism is an accumulated wealth by the few at the cost of eco-human destruction and colossal disaster. If I was god and would have asked the devil to design the most horrific hell he could imagine, it would not be as horrific as capitalist reality today and as it was always. Micro-capitalism = personal misery and despair. Macro-capitalism = social war and violent poverty. The people of the world are the total victims of capitalist domination over a prolonged period of time. 1. Slavery = master = religion + private property. 2. Serfdom = feudal = religion + private property. 3. Worker = boss = politics + private property. 4. Capitalism = ideology = socialism = state/private property where property is theft. 5. Capitalist social relations are based solely on canning and deceit. A – Primitive capitalism = barter and exchange. B – Mid-era capitalism = gold and trade. C – Modern capitalism = labor and revolt. * Socialism = reformed capitalism * Capitalism = reformed socialism By the destruction of capitalism we destroy misery and pain; we end for ever all human suffering and all the ills and violence, by simply turning all our creative efforts towards humanity and not to the accumulation of private profits. Lest relief humanity and nature from this imperial parasite called capitalism, capitalism is theft and exploitation of humans and natural resources for the benefit of the few alone. Capitalism causes mass hate and brutality resulting in suicide bombers too. On blood and sweat capitalism stretches its grabbing arms further and deeper till it devours all and everything; it has done that for centuries, first in the name of god/empire and now in the name of capital/democracy. Enough is enough, you cannot fuck the people all of the time, there will come a time when these people will rebel and get rid of this historic-quasi-evolutionary phenomenon. The biggest democracy is the most violent one; it creates wealth for the few at the expense of the rest and robbing nature bare thus destroying in unprecedented rate the geo-biological sphere. Disobey all authority and demolish all hierarchy – destroy the pyramids of organization and power – eliminate the state and political economy. We don’t want capitalism, we abhor it, and it is inhuman and should be stopped and transformed. We don’t want Marxism either, what we want is anarchy which connote lack of authority and lack of governance. Anarchy means complete equality and permanent freedom and an end to private ownership of labor, land and the means of production.
Capitalism as State Terrorism Capitalism is the root of all inequalities and injustices of the whole world. Nothing good can come out of this kind of anti-human system which causes only poverty, war and mass mental sickness. Capitalism stimulates only the ugliest traits of human character thus encouraging only greed and deceit. Capitalism perpetuates only hate and suffering, business is a criminal activity of cheating and manipulating our instinct of survival creating the hierarchy of mass misery. Capitalism will be abolished by voluntary anarchism before it succeeds in completely enslaving us and fully ruining the planet. Capitalism, like feudalism and slavery before it, causes plenty of suffering and brutalizes the populace bringing with it havoc to the community and complete destruction of nature. Everywhere people are unhappy, everywhere the majority is poor and oppressed and the few continue to profit and prosper at the expense of the rest. This will not last for ever; the capitalist system will soon come to an end. The rich will have to learn to live with us on equal terms, without this, resistance and class revolution will expand. Religious terrorism is part of capitalist terrorism; it is good for state security and for the diminishing of human and civil rights. The vast majority of the world population wants to live in dignity and in equality, but there can never be a true and real peace unless there is a factual equality and concrete distribution of wealth. Capitalism forbids good living to the majority of the people, a sufficient reason for revolting. Capitalism is a never ending war against all the people of the planet, uniformed mercenaries in a rampage against life and nature in the name of the rich and the leader. No more, the people are beginning to rise, they are beginning to insurrect and will one day soon participate in the universal anarcho-social revolution. We are fed up with this kind of un-living; we are sick and tired of this sort of imposed alienated social existence, which is miserable, dull and permanently vanquished. The world and people have to completely and radically change or they will die and vanish. But life is stronger than slavery and capitalism and anarchy awaits us all - Capitalism is a primitive cruel idea with a modern technological cover up.
Global resistance to capitalism 1) Resistance to foreign occupation. 2) Resistance to local occupation. 3) National resistance – religious resistance – class resistance. 4) It is not human nature that causes all this human misery but the system of capitalism and the people who mostly benefit from it. 5) The alternative is a contemporary anti-capitalist anarchic society, based on a gift meta-economy. 6) The rulers of this world, in whatever form or shape must be overthrown now. 7) We will immediately terminate all capitalist social relations through the abolition of money, rent and prices. 8) Working people will be liberated from their mean wages and from class discrimination. 9) Liberation from the poverty of every day consumer life, the boredom and misery of work, poverty, monotony and the horror of war. 10) The misery of permanent alienation and routine, which only an anarchic revolution can resolve. Dismantling all governing institutions and in its place we will have a decentralized distribution of power. Power to the people means without power at all, power to the people means the abolishment of work, wages and prisons. Freedom means living without war-lords and states and their law – police – army security complex. Equality means that life will be without rich or poor, without privilege for some and misery for most. Revolution means the termination of centralized power and its dismantlement by distribution of material wealth in total equity. Wealth belongs to all those who made in the first place which is us all and our ancestors. Anarchy means the abolition of the state and capitalism immediately, thus creating abundance to all the people of the planet. Liberty must be for all, the liberty to live without privilege or oppression. Peace will never exist on earth as long as classes exist and by abolishing classes we abolish capitalism and vice versa. The state is the guardian of capitalists and capitalism is the guardian of the ruling rich. This has to be stopped by an anarcho-social revolution that will once and for all terminate this intolerable human condition forever. Where there is capitalism there is terrorism, terrorism is just another form of aggressive capitalism. War, terror and crime are some of the physical ingredients of capitalism. Religion, politics and ideology are some of the mental ingredients of capitalism. Anarchy has nothing to do with this; anarchy knows only freedom and happiness to all instead of what we are experiencing today.
Post-Propaganda * Why – when – how – who – etc. A. The West has the right objective conditions yet lacks the rebellious nature of the people, at present at least. B. The East and South have masses of rebellious people but lack the objective conditions. C. Anarchism like Communism has been stuck theoretically and practically for the last 200 years. D. Revolutionary transformation of consciousness and its advancement of human faculties. * Answers – solutions – post-dialectics – etc. 1. Why do I start with West (English), the global situation of the internet is obvious. In English for the West first because intellectually it is more advanced whilst the rest of the world has emotional superiority. 2. The mixture of a highly advanced emotion from the South and East with the very developed intellect of the West is the answer to 90% of all contemporary human problems. 3. Self-criticism and self-complementation on correct occasions alone guarantees permanent development in all fields. 4. You cannot make a penny or a cent without further destroying some other human lives. 5. Rapid accumulation of knowledge and its revolutionary transformation into social practice and preparedness for the revolution. As to the readers of all sides of the ideological specter, please, just wait a second and comprehend before you respond, adjust yourselves to a totally new universal situation. Those of you who desire to rescue and save humanity from utter devastation should only lend a hand and coordinate this colossal task. Whereas to those readers who wish to maintain whatever authority and hierarchy from our ugly past should listen carefully to what I have to say because otherwise they are going to find themselves expelled from society on a trip. Likewise those who won't to maintain any sort of governance or statehood or capitalism under any banner, please listen, it might be the last time we say please give up peacefully so we would not have to use any force. The majority of the people are in no position whatsoever to take back their right of self-determination; most people are deluded into voting believing that they are taking part in an equal and democratic process. Capitalism is democratic as in Greek it means power to the owners of Athens salves. Democracy is for the master not for the servant, democracy of the rulers over the ruled. What good democracy if you have no money to buy food? Finally here we are in the year 2005AD at exactly the same year 0005AD and 2005BC the situation of the individual has not changed an inch, what has changed are the gadgets of control. The social relations have not changed for the last 70000 years, why because the enslavement of another fellow human being remains and is live and kicking. As always there is an urgent need for a major conscious leap into a future designed by humanity for the sake of living free and in dignity. No cults of leadership under whatever disguise, this time the revolution will not be as it was in the past, i.e., in the hands of Bolsheviks and authoritarian communists, but in the hand of the whole people who want to participate in the creation of their own destiny.
The end of idealism The blind is leading the blind Philosophy as clinical psychiatry The death of philosophy Dull and frigid philosophers The impotence of capitalist thinkers Pedantic idealism Philosophers to the garbage YOUR FALL IS NEAR DEAR And the revolution is here to stay Philosophers like scientists are dogmatic and very limited, they always serve the master. Philosophy is the religion of capitalism and science is metaphysical; the poverty of intellectual life. Afraid of freedom and concrete equality they bow to every idle and submit their critical thinking to the service of the empire that be. Confused by their own tautology and anxious about their ontological crises, they plunge into the formal and abstract. Well, this time there is no escape dear philosopher and scientist, because your hay days are few. Termination of the capitalist system 1. By dismantling the army and police we dissolve the state and authority and thus no one will be capable of attacking or exploiting another. 2. By the cancellation of inheritance law and terminating private ownership of natural resources and the means of production, i.e., by the elimination of capitalist social relations and business our world turns into paradise and not hell. 3. The burning of money as an exchange value. 4. The ending of all laws and bourgeois morality thus terminating the hegemony of the ruling classes. 5. Capitalism is a physical and mental disease, a profitable disease for the few, its urgent cure is the uprooting the infected reactionary cyst called system control for the dictatorship of the rich. 6. The only cure and solution is revolutionary transformation of society on the basis of gift economy and total material equality. 7. Anarchic anti-capitalist social leap into a world where human life has the highest consideration.
Most anarchists are not anarchist at all – Capitalism causes madness Anti-economical determinism Since anarchists from the time of Bakunin and Kropotkin up to now depended solely on the Marxist analysis of capitalist economy that turned out to be very wrong and misleading. This erroneous analysis brought down the whole socialist camp and exposed the invalidity of communist theory. The dependence of anarchism on failed Marxist predictions and prognostication caused plenty of harm to anarchic theory and turned anarchists into regimented scouts of social therapy. No wonder that modern anarchism looks like this today, North American anarchism is not anarchism at all, but a replica of middle class activism. Anti-economical anarchism is the only true anarchism since it alone can totally eliminate all sorts of authority, hierarchy and what ever oppression anywhere. Anarchism as represented by our friends in north Europe, is pathetic and makes you want to puke, to even think of organized anarchism is an ultra contradiction in term. As a result of so many crucial mistakes contemporary anarchists behave as a bunch of left wing liberal scouts, negotiating their party line and dogmatic ideology, just as our hated cousin the Bolshevik. The magic ward of affinity group means let's hide in little gropes and pretend we are operating on a global scale, or let's dress in a differently colored costumes so we could play safely whilst confronting the 8 masters. Primitivism is not anarchism nor salvation is going to come from the internet, the revolution awaits you someplace and somewhere else. This is not a criticism of the anarchic movement as such, but a recommendation for the adaptation of a meta-Marxist post-capital anti-dialectical approach based on anti-analysis and the demolishment of capitalist social relations. What we need is an anti-economical post-Marxist meta-synthesis for the creation of the last revolution. Economy is theft and property is robbery. All necessities of life is distributed free during and after the revolution, the collapse of capitalism will enrich the whole world population and turn each and everyone into an overnight millionaires, we shell have by the year 2015 7000000000 millionaires, a very happy and celebrative humanity. Arm your pleasure and equip your passion with revolutionary knowledge so you will be always ready to make and participate in the already long overdue social revolution. If by waiting few more years we can further reduce the required violence to a minimum then be it. After destroying the state and hierarchy wages and commerce disappear to the disappointment of many anarcho-capitalists. Labor will turn into a revolt, we want to manage our lives ourselves and no one else and anyone who dares otherwise shell facet a violent attack, since slavery and exploitation are unforgivable and epidemic. The destruction of life is not a demagogic issue but a survival defense and a last stand of the slave who is on a head collision with his master. Freedom must be taken by force; justice is equality when there is no exploiting fellow human any more. Values and business is an organize deceit orchestrated by blood stained economical gangsters embraced by weak and corrupt politicos. Capital economy is the king and the ruling classes, immersed in wealth and power whilst devastating our lives, our planet and obliterating the future. They impoverish the rest of humanity whilst keeping the middle class and allowing it consume, thus keeping it in check, business-bossy and ossified. Humanity wants revolt and it wants it now and we are here to provide it with exactly that. Lets not allow 200 years of anarchism be thrown to the garbage of history because of some alienated tendencies. We exist and that is enough to create the biggest and final revolution in our miserable human history, cause a revolution that has never been witnessed before i.e, the creation of freedom. Humanity demands freedom and we demand material equality, a meta-critical mass rebellion engulfing the whole planet thus turning life into a more bearable and pleasant existence for all.
Porno-military internet, anarcho-capitalism and patriotic cyber chauvinism The tools – The individual – The state – The society 1. The perverted historical development of "humanity. 2. The perverted historical development of hierarchy. 3. The onto-epistemological spectacle/surveillance. 4. The anarcho-symbiosis and nihilo-metamorphosis. 5. Theoretico-practical meta-synthesis. 6. Creation of anarcho-alternative paths of progression. 7. Meta-dialectical and post-materialist emancipation. 8. Anarcho-communist revolutionary advance. Free individuals like anarchism are the fundamental precondition for a free and equal society. Nihilo-revolutionary thinking and acting for the liquidation of anti-human forces and cyber annihilation of all ideologies and religions, thus ending quasi-theory and ignorant behavior. The foundation of capitalism (1760-1840) is based on criminality and illegality, the new economy of punishment, the ghetto and prison for the masses. Anarcho-capitalism is a dead fish stinking from its head, pity-bourgeoisie greed without state interference. The western civilization the creator of unnatural capitalism 200 years ago is half liberal and half fascist. All ideologies and religions were created for the sole purpose of controlling the mind and gold. Politics and economy like science, ethics and morality were designed for the purpose of manipulating and managing the feudo-industrial modern slave. All systems are rotten and are very destructive to life and must be abolished to rescue the human race from its self-made extinction. What we need is an anti-system, the meta-system, a system-less harmony and creation which means in pragmatic term, economical happiness to all people on earth. Yours in the anarchic social revolution 2005CIA. Hedono-Nihilo-Anarchism See also spartacus 483
Dear revolutionaries – Greetings still from the hell of the future The "development" of capitalism is a total and permanent human crisis, physically and psycho-emotionally. The forces of politico-economical powers are one and the same thing but in different periods and faces, operating within historical conditioning on a global scale. The head, body and tail of the capitalist beast which is humanly sick and perverted in its social relations, based on usurers, conmen and speculators. Under the disguise of post-barter exchange they legalize their stolen profit and labor loot. A system of universal suffering wars and poverty, a global system of robbery of all resources, exploitation and then after ruining the planet and human life they hide in remote country sides or well hidden bunkers. A system of violent and viscous powers ruled and conducted by politico-fiscal tyrants and rich megalomaniacs, who swindled humanity in controlling its entire human and natural resources. Crimes against humanity what this system does because it is based on a capitalist legal form of socio-economical criminality, an officially recognized egoism and ambitious lust and greed as a substitute for the lack of genuine pleasure. The hierarchy is severely perverted; it has created monsters of powers that were encouraged to become so, leaders who are mentally shallow and instable, like the ones we have today and as it always in the past. Neither left nor right of capital will save us from a determined doom, but a conscious socio-anarchic revolution lead by the people themselves with a little help from anarcho-revolutionary friends. The anarcho-social revolution is a real solution to a real problem; only anarchy can dissolve capitalism and bring it to a halt. How to stop capitalism from killing humanity quickly and gradually in the name of free marketeering and a ruling class democracy? We can stop this destructive self-blinded march in the quest for more and more billions of dollars and universal domination. How long capitalism is going to devour us and later excrete us for recycling our submission and obedience? When will the capitalist system become obsolete? Can we fasten the process of its disintegration as was the case in the socialist system. When will this criminal and brutal system disappear and free humanity from its nasty yoke? When will it self-destruct and how? Well, the answer to all these urgent problems is our anarcho-revolutionary activity in the last fifty years. Freedom fighters in theory and practice, as living example, in words and deeds, courageously digging the grave of international-state capitalism. Now the grave is deep and ready and what remain it just to push it down there and on the surface plant some ganja weeds. The freedom of all is the freedom of the one and the well being of each, so we can go on living without coercion and oppression. Let's accompany humanity in our journey of intellectual creativity and constructive alterations. Start with subverting your immediate environment and the internet.
The system that destroys mind and matter The capitalist system is the cause of all modern barbarism. Capitalism is an economical cannibalism; it kills and devours people for profit. Capitalism is a mass killing machine just like the Romans and Chingis Khan but in the disguise of finance and personal investments. Capitalism is an amalgamation of pain, blood and sweat. Capitalism is the concentration of stolen labor and confiscated land. Capitalism is the primary cause of disease, mental and medical. Capitalism causes 90% of all violence in the world, the blood/sweat thirst of capital. The toxic fangs of capital, the vampires are the ruling class and their lackey's, the parasite lurking over other people's labor, the executioners of freedom and love. Capitalists are sucker parasites feeding on humanity, predation on all collective benefits, accumulating their loot for further infinite expansion called the business cycle. The rich and their banks and stock exchange will have learned to live without them; their parasitic practices will be terminated for ever. No more excuses for neither buying nor selling. The people of the world will take control over their food and shelter and all the rest of it and get rid of the leaders of capital and terminate their beloved pyramid the state. Capitalism makes the world ugly and by its nature it is greedy and stingy. On the ruins of modern capitalism we will have free people living without barter or exchange, without a need for a symbolic mediation, living through direct conscious distribution of production and consumption. God and capital and the state are dead, anarchists have killed them in the last 200 years. We have killed them because they deserve to vanish from our existence, what they have left behind in their glorious historic march is nothing but slavery, global misery and devastation. We destroy capital and the state to liberate humanity from its hypnotic social grip and its desperate repulsive reappearance as a spectacle of the negative dimension. Capitalism is an historical perversion and the state is a manic deviation. Anarchism defeats the state and capitalism and offers humanity something that is worthy of their posture, a labor of love or the love of labor, beauty instead of horror C I A – Communist Individualist Anarchism
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