Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion - Cause War And Permanent VIOLENCE Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Means Mass Hardship And Plenty Of Human Suffering Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Must Be Halted And Dismantled To Save Humanity IN THE ANARCHO-REVOLUTIONARY WAY Capitalism = USA + UK + AUST + ISR + JPN + ETC, = Ideology + Religion + Law Capitalism = Anarchic Revolution And The End Of The State And Private Property The USA, the UK, Israel and others lead this war and military violence against anyone or anything that stands in their way, i.e., they dream of a total hegemony over the planet and its inhabitants, they want complete control over matter and humanity. But we will not allow them, and their dreams shell remain dreams. In reality state capitalism is modern violence in action over weak and downtrodden people all over the world, as though the universal poverty they impose is not enough now they want to teach humanity a violent lesson, but the anarcho-revolution is at their doorsteps and is accelerating, so watch out Bush & Co. People resist and fight the attack in an underground resistance awaiting its public appearance at the revolution first day. No more soldiers and police, no more wars and poverty, no more states and capitalism, anarchy will not allow the repeat of all that. The resistance of the people is some times carried in the wrong form as a result of historical conditioning and the contribution of capitalism {CIA-Mossad} to its temporary second-round appearance in poor countries and The USA. Religion as all ideologies is to maintain society based on classes, on masters and servants, poverty and war is the constant result. The military-police-nation-capitalist-state is an instrument for a direct destruction of the poor and weak peoples and their countries. Capitalism which is today lead by the US empire and it allies is the true face of 21st century capitalism and the horrific consequence of its anti-human existence. We need a new America, a new Britain and a new Israel without capitalism and states and where anarchy prevails. We need a new world without money and ownership, without war and work, without leaders and government. Bombs and killing, profits and security and terrorism is what capitalism is as it is expressed physically in different parts of the world. A crime against humanity is its foundation upon which it launches its vicious egotistical devastation. Humanity will soon reach the required conscious for getting rid of capitalism and its nation-states and implement instead individualist communist anarchy. Capitalism like religion is a class war of all against all which only the leaders and the wealthy benefit from the exploitations and mayhem they cause and is intentionally made. Capitalism mixed with religions and states is the ultimate and last stance of vanishing capitalism, the final breath on the historico-evolutionary death bed. As capitalism it is a permanent class and national wars so is anarchy is a permanent struggle of liberation from capital, state and authority. Anarchy will eventually win and replace world capitalism with world anarchism and liberating humanity for the first time in its bloody and miserable short history to live and exist in peace and equality for all the people of the world. So we can live without empires and without religious civilizations that butchers itself and others every time it could.
What exactly is a Stirnerist i have no idea and its driving me crazy
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    First and Foremost, I'd like to briefly introduce myself: I don't have my own computer and can afford only an occasional presence in this world. That is to say , this cyber-world. This virtualy reality. I'm not too savvy with the internet-way of life, I must admit. I can type pretty well, and I know how to put in a couple of HTML codes here and there ,-whatever else I know about the net doesn't stray too far from that. But the clock is ticking and the choice to choose is now. And what better to link up with InterActivist? I will repeat, I'm not too savvy with how this whole thing works, how information is exchanged, how threads are started, how views are voiced, etc.etc. I 'm just glad to know that there's a place that I can do what I want the way I want it done. And perhaps that's why I joined. To see that it "isn't only me" with my own eyes, so to speak. I hope I don't sound hopeful. Speaking of, I hope to get better acquainted with IA and its innerworkings. I've started a few blogs/journals in the past only to forget about them soon after because I didn't really commit to them, too confused by them and didn't really get the kind of impression that I get from here. Hmm....well, anyway. Here I am. I am here. And so is the revolution!.
Look into the law school before you go there. I wish I had. I would never had chosen OCU school of law had I known about the lack of integrity and injustice at the school (especially the lack of integrity by Dean Hellman).
GOD AGAINST US: ALIEN SPACEMAN JESUS, THE THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK AND MORE Alvin Miller My second, newest article: My Inaugural Address At my site: TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE CHAPTER ONE: A PLAUSIBLE TIMETABLE CHAPTER TWO: A FIRST LOOK AT NORMAN O. BROWN CHAPTER THREE: THE MEDIA MESSIAH, OR LOOKING FOR JESUS ON TV CHAPTER FOUR: THE MESSIAH RETURNS APPENDIX: THE SECRET RAPTURE BIBLIOGRAPHY FILM LIST BY DATE FILM LIST FILM SERIALS PREFACE What do you call a crazy spaceman? - - An Astronut. What follows is a nearly word for word online version of my ©1986 booklet WEIRD ESCHATOLOGY: AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW OF THE SECOND COMING (Library of Congress Call Number BT823.M55 1986). By the time you finish this, you may conclude that this particular peculiar interpretation of the Book of Revelation should be relegated to the teachings of self-appointed cranks, crackpots, prophets of doom and various other assorted fanatics. But perhaps, even so, your own view may be clarified when you read this. The first chapter deals with theology and may be slightly dull, but fasten your seatbelt, as I will get more and more weird ahead (in terms of any interpretation you have seen before). Note that I make use of mostly unobtainable texts and obscure films. Lack of access to these sources should not impede your understanding of what follows. Also, to emphasize the ostensibly momentous issues I am dealing with here, I capitalize the subject phrases I discuss. CHAPTER ONE A PLAUSIBLE TIMETABLE Are you a Christian? Do you believe in the Second Coming at some future date? Is it legitimate to construct timetables for these future events? Rhetorical questions such as these right off the bat may well put you off. A major difficulty is that no consensus as to when and in what sequence these predicted events must take place. This topic has always been a particular source of schism and polemic. I will be proposing specific dates as numerous have in each generation before me. And as many have been before me, I can be refuted by the mere passage of time. The majority view espoused by most evangelicals is pretribulational premillennalism, which I only partially agree with. I will point out that part of this view is in fact based on a historical novelty that only traces back to the nineteenth century. What I mean here is that in terms of the glacially slow movement of theology (remember that the canon was finalized some two thousand years ago), the majority view is a relatively recent innovation. I prefer a distinctly minority position, which would be called multiple-rapture postmillennialism. The postmillennial position holds that many of the predictions made in the New Testament, including those of the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24, Mk 13, Luke 21), were accomplished in the early Christian era, and their past fulfillment limit’s the future events to be expected. There exists one school, represented by, for example, Max King and Timothy James, which holds that each and every prophecy of the entire New Testament was accomplished during the early Church age. However, I feel this view neglects proper consideration of the Book of Revelation. Postmillennialism is also sometimes referred to as preterism, which implies that the text is allowed to speak without exegesis. Thus, when Jesus repeatedly predicts the Kingdom within a generation, I do not write off the statement as a mistake or excess of enthusiasm. Instead, I draw up a timetable that shows the Kingdom beginning a generation after the Crucifixion. Then, when John of Patmos says the Millennium starts at this date of the beginning of the Kingdom, I duly go to my chart (at the end of this chapter) and set the Thousand Year Clock ticking. There was in fact a specific date a generation after the Crucifixion - the pivotal date of A.D. 70. This was the historical date of the Fall of Jerusalem, which is not a particularly prominent date in more mainstream discussions. This is the date of the First Resurrection in the terminology of John of Patmos that begins the Millennium. What happened in A.D. 70? After a lengthy siege by the Roman legions, Jerusalem was ransacked and leveled. To the secular eye, as detailed by Josephus in THE JEWISH WAR in gory detail, the scene was one of mass destruction in which not even the Temple was spared. But to the spiritual eye, as Russell’s PAROUSIA demonstrated more than a century ago, these events were the fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse and the return of Jesus and His conquering armies in the clouds to inaugurate the spiritual reign with the saints and martyrs. Other sources listed in the bibliography including Chilton’s PARADISE RESTORED espouse this view. Chilton proposes that the Beast of the Book of Revelation be identified with Rome and the Harlot with Jerusalem. I need to stop for a moment to consider the question of the dating of the Book of Revelation. The presently accepted date for the appearance of the Book of Revelation is A.D. 95. If this is the correct date, the fulfillment of the predictions made so far would be merely a matter of hindsight. I recommend John A. T. Robinson’s examination of this question in REDATING THE NEW TESTAMENT. Robinson cites extensive internal and external evidence for moving the date of the Book of Revelation back to the A.D. 70 timeframe. Further, he traces the standard A.D. 95 view back to a single source. This source is a statement by Irenaeus that the Apocalypse first appeared “toward the end of Domitian’s reign.” This statement is ambiguous and may even be merely mistaken. Other sources listed in the bibliography (including Chilton and James) accept an earlier date. The Book of Revelation represents a significant amplification of the preceding Gospels and Epistles. Here the concept of the Millennium is introduced for the first and only time. The timetable presented by John of Patmos extends forward to the future Judgment Day and the establishment of the New Jerusalem, thereby completing the New Testament Canon. Turning to the time period of the Millennium, lasting approximately from A.D. 70 to A.D. 1070, the starting point was the spiritual event, the Parousia, as detailed by Russell and Chilton. But secular historians looking back at this time period as a whole have labeled it the Dark Ages. More recently this verdict has been tempered by the demonstration of the development and technical progress that occurred in the Middle and Far East during these years. But it does remain true that for Western Civilization, primarily Western Europe for these years, these were times of unprecedented barbarism and ignorance. During these times the blood of countless martyrs was spilled in belatedly laying down the Roman Empire and establishing the Church. Violence was the order of the day and sugarcoating or rose-colored glasses are unnecessary. The First Resurrection was an event of mass destruction and the Kingdom or Millennium was an era of barbarism. In other words, it is not an accident or coincidence that the fulfillment of the prophecies was apocalyptic. Instead, there is an important principle to remember here, since I will point out that Judgment Day will also be mass destruction and the New Jerusalem to follow will appear to secular eyes again be relative barbarism. I will take up these thoughts again in later chapters. Why didn’t Judgment Day begin about A.D.1070 with the end of the Millennium? Historically, many of the people living then did expect to see the Messiah return. I answer instead that this was the date when Satan was unbound for his season. Here I part company with many of the sources listed in the bibliography. They prefer to see the Millennium as an indeterminate period extending potentially thousands of years with Satan loosed for his season only shortly prior to the Second Coming. They see the Church still in the Millennial period expanding and consolidating its gains to ultimately convert the entire world immediately prior to the Advent. On the contrary, I hold that John of Patmos really meant a time period of approximately one thousand years, and that Satan has been at work sowing his evil. I admit that the season has now lasted nearly a thousand years in its own right. One consolation is that this extended period is finally about to come to a close. Satan has been quite busy from my point of view during the last centuries. Examples of his infamous work would be such events as the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the Inquisition, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution on down to the contemporary horrific mass movements. I could be accused of being a feudalist or an obscurantist here. However, I do not look back to the Kingdom so much as forward to the approaching New Jerusalem. At this point in time I feel we are reaching the low point of the curve descending to Hell, immediately prior to the Messiah’s return. Thus, I teach hellfire and damnation, as do most of the right wing evangelists who hold the premillennial view. But, as I have said, the postmillennialists of the bibliography, who are also uniformly conservative for the most part, place much less emphasis on this aspect. I am also in agreement with the premillennialists with respect to the Rapture. Historically, for eighteen centuries the Rapture was taken as essentially simultaneous with the Advent. This is detailed by, among others, MacPherson in THE GREAT RAPTURE HOAX and Kimball in THE RAPTURE: A QUESTION OF TIMING. MacPherson demonstrates that the nineteenth century so-called Scotch seer Margaret MacDonald in 1830 introduced the pretribulational Rapture - a temporal separation of a Secret Rapture from the Second Coming. This introduction was a theological novelty or innovation. MacPherson traces the concept from its introduction through the nineteenth century figures Darby and Scofield to the mainstream electronic evangelists of today. I have said that I accept the multiple-Rapture view, which is a variation of the pretribulational Rapture. I agree, based on the work of my sources, that this view had its origins only in the nineteenth century. I will indicate why I hold that view in the last part of Chapter Three. I should note that because I take a preterist perspective, I place less emphasis on seeing the events that occurred with the First Resurrection exactly duplicated on Judgment Day. For example, Nero was clearly the Antichrist for A.D. 70, but I don’t necessarily expect to see a new Antichrist prior to the Second Coming. If forced to, one could select from many twentieth century candidates for this post. Similarly, I don’t expect to see the coming events occurring at the actual Jerusalem this time. I predict in Chapter Four they will more likely begin in one of the advanced Western nations. Beginning with the next chapter, I will be using apparently incongruous sources, such as left wing sources from the sixties. I will delve into films and the media in general. These sources I will bring up are relevant to the issues of this chapter. So far I have outlined a plausible but not mainstream view of Christian eschatology. From this point forward, as promised, expect the view presented to be ‘weird‘. CHAPTER TWO A FIRST LOOK AT NORMAN O. BROWN It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury Signifying nothing. -Shakespeare There is a good possibility you have never heard of Norman O. Brown or come across any of his writings. His books are now a generation old and partly out of print. Perhaps certain of the issues he raised have become moot with the passage of time. I think when his books originally came out Brown was taken as merely a sexual radical. I say merely here in the sense that Brown would not be under discussion if I felt that was solely what he was about. A superficial reading of his cryptic, aphoristic style indeed does give this impression. However, the actual subject of two of his books, LOVE’S BODY (1966) and CLOSING TIME (1973) was religion. Of the two books, CLOSING TIME is currently out of print but necessary for a complete picture. With these two books Brown actually solved the mysteries of religion. Am I here claiming that if you comprehend these books you will have all your questions answered on religion? Yes, that is indeed what I am claiming. Brown did get all the way to the inner sanctum. If you are able to solve Brown’s puzzles, you will simultaneously solve the mysteries of religion. I say this fully aware that Brown’s erudition makes this a monumental task. If I have piqued your curiosity, and you decide to take a look at Brown, the best procedure might be to look at some other sources as a preliminary. It’s all there in Brown in plain English, you understand, but you may have more success by circling in from the periphery. One good out of print source from the same time period is Eric Gutkind’s THE BODY OF GOD: FIRST STEPS TOWARD AN ANTI-THEOLOGY. This book is also written in an aphoristic style. Comparing the title of this book with LOVE’S BODY will give you a clue to start you on the road to solving Brown. Looking from the philosophical side, Michael Harrington’s THE POLITICS AT GOD’S FUNERAL astutely asks all the right questions. The best book ever written on Jesus is Constantin Brunner's OUR CHRIST: THE REVOLT OF THE MYSTICAL GENIUS. Here's an interesting sentence from the book: "There he hung, the blasphemer of God and slander of the most noble men, the poor malicious fool, the incorrigble wretch, the whoreson and whore monger, the swindler, the liar, the secucer." The so-called radical Freudians, in general, such as Marcuse, Reich and Roheim in addition to Brown, are pertinent. There isn’t space for an exegesis of Brown. Instead I’ll outline a central idea - the importance of the Primal Scene. For the uninitiated, the Primal Scene is what Dad and Mom did in the bedroom. Now even Freud’s disciples had difficulty seeing the significance of the Oedipal Primal Scene and repeatedly attempted to revise their master. Perhaps the best way to get an inking of its significance is to set up a confrontation between the Joker (the little 'castrated' clown portrayed by Brown) and you. Put yourself in the following scene as a male: You are standing on the outskirts of the big, modern city where you live as the Joker approaches. The Joker begins, “You know, stranger, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and have seen several cities, including this one. I must say I don’t like what I’ve been seeing at all. In every town the residents use elaborate locks on their doors and seen to be afraid to get outside on their own sidewalks at night. One minute they use each other’s bodies as pleasure objects, and the next they sue each other at the slightest provocation. I see noise, confusion, mayhem and worse at each turn. I can’t think of a thing that happened in Sodom that hasn’t happened here many times over. Tell me, when you first came here was the city the same as it is now?" You reply, “More or less it was, indeed.” The Joker says, “This town is a hard place to try to make a living in. Life is so hectic, there is such a constant rush and din, that I sometimes believe I’m really caught in a nightmare and will wake up at any moment. This is no place to try to start a family or to raise a child. There’s no place for the kids to play here. You know, although I’ve had plenty of opportunities to unzip my pants and pull out my gun here, I just haven’t felt right about it and so far decided to keep my pants zipped up. But I see by the ring on your finger that the situation here apparently didn’t deter you. You had the same opportunity, after all, to look around and see what was going on. But I see that no matter what you saw, you weren’t about to stay away. You had to have it. I admit that I am only a Fool. But I ask you - who’s the better man?” You: (Speechless). The Joker resumes, “ Because I care about the evil I see and you don’t particularly care, you end up with a child to carry on your line, and I don’t. I ask you, which man has the greater love?” You finally speak, “Before I punch you out, do you have anything more to say? - Any last words?” The Joker ignores this and pauses a moment to scan the distant skyline. He then points a finger at the tallest skyscraper, rising in the mists - a source of civic pride known to all residents (and an indisputable phallic symbol). The Joker turns and asks, “How? - that building there - Tell me how that modern Tower of Babel was constructed? No, let me answer the question. It was constructed by men who at some time or other unzipped their pants. Not that a single one of them was ever forced to you understand. It is after all a voluntary act. Now I ask you to consider for a moment with me what would have happened if not one of these same men had ever unzipped their pants at all - not even one single time. How much of what you see around here now would still be here? I’ll answer - not a bit of it would here, including the building I just pointed to. I’ve been wondering these days why we put up with the perpetual nightmares here that we go through to get these massive monuments constructed. If we could just get all the women under control, we could sit around all day and drink beer and play cards." You reply, “Leave it to a shiftless ne’er-do-well to --” The Joker interrupts, “What we really need here is a King - the absolute biggest Fool we can find with the largest member. I think you may agree that I am the perfect candidate for this job, as I’m absolutely no good for anything else.” The pair glare at each other, ready to fight. Let me make the important point about this tale that the ‘you” of the dialogue could just as well be the Joker’s father as anyone else - not a single line of the preceding would need to be changed. (In the original tale of Oedipus meeting his father at the crossroads, the pair had been separated and there was a disguise and neither seemed to recognize the other, at least consciously.) If the ’you’ of the narrative were indeed the Joker’s father, the Joker would then literally be a son of a gun. This would also make the Joker on his mother’s side literally an S.O.B. In the dialogue that took place at the Temptation of Christ (Matt. 4:1-11, Mk. 2:13, Luke 4:1-13), Jesus rejected Satan’s offer of the kingdoms of this world. Brown says we are indeed in Satan’s kingdom, i.e., Hell, especially in the big cities. Jesus will one day accept dominion over the earthly kingdoms, but only on Judgment Day when His enemies have been made into footstools. When He does return, He will bring the keys to Hell and to Death. This implies that a massive restructuring of present urban life - our man-made Hell - will begin at this point. To change the subject, if you have an interest in James Joyce, you should examine the excerpts Brown has collected in CLOSING TIME. Joyce either imitates (or himself actually is) the insane. The WAKE is from start to finish nothing but the gibberings of a madman. FINNEGANS WAKE is a textual Rorschach test, by which I mean that in its voluminous pages, any phrase you are looking for before you open the book can likely be found. But all the excerpts Brown has assembled taken together conclusively demonstrate that Joyce ‘cracked’ religion, i.e., that all the answers were set down in the WAKE. In other words, Brown demonstrates that Joyce earlier pioneered the same trail in that Brown found. I don’t want to go beyone fair use and start quoting text, so I'll stop. But somewhere in the Wake he says 'lots of bodies, but I can't find it now. He knew what was coming up. CHAPTER THREE THE MEDIA MESSIAH: LOOKING FOR JESUS ON TV Let me start with a lengthy list: PURPLE RAIN COLORED RAIN GREEN RAIN FAIRY RAIN INVISIBLE RAIN BLOWING THE WIND REAPING THE WHIRLWIND IDIOT WIND WEATHER WAR REICHIAN ORGONE RADAR LOVE THE CALL LONDON CALLING THE BIG BROADCAST WEIRD RADIO PLANET WAVES BLOWING THE HORN SOUNDING THE TRUMPET MIND WAR FAIRY GOLD FAIRY BLIGHT FAIRY BASEBALL FAIRY BOWLING WALLS TUMBLING DOWN BALLOON GOES UP THE LONG GOODBYE THE BIG SHOOTOUT THE LAST ROUNDUP DROPPING THE VIALS THE POWER AND THE GLORY FIRE AND BRIMSTONE THE FLOOD TWINKLING OF AN EYE THE RAPTURE THE SECRET RAPTURE MARCHING MORONS DROPPING THE BIG ONE THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL THE MACHINE STOPS THE FINAL SOLUTION THE ELEPHANT BURIAL GROUNDS THE ROAD TO HOLOCAUST TIMEBOMB TICKING OVER SODOM LAYING THE DEVIL DOWN RADIO SILENCE LIGHTS OUT SHUTTING IT DOWN TURNING IT OFF PULLING THE PLUG PUNCHING THE DELETE BUTTON THE SCREEN GOES DARK CLOSING TIME JUDGMENT DAY SIGNING OFF NIGHTFALL THE BIG SLEEP "Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad" I’ll ask some questions about this list to clarify it. At first sight, looking over this by no means exhaustive list, it appears we need to get out our umbrellas (or perhaps a degree in meteorology). The first question to ask is: How many of these phrases have you ever come across before? Try to think where, if anywhere, any of these phrases can be found. After thinking it over, you might decide that some show up in literature, some may be from the Bible, but many of them come from the media. The next question about the list would be: by grouping all these phrases together as I did, did I thus intend to imply that each phrase is identical or synonymous with each other phrase in the list? No, they are interchangeable in only a few cases, but they are interrelated. What then do the phrases have in common? My answer is that all bear a direct relationship to a single phrase: MASS PSYCHOSIS This particular phrase, Mass Psychosis, you are probably less likely to have come across. Now I’m sure if one had the opportunity to interview rock star Prince and ask him what he meant by Purple Rain that he would not immediately reply, “a codeword for mass psychosis.” Similarly, Bob Dylan wouldn’t be inclined to say, “When I sang about Idiot Wind, I meant mass psychosis.” I would instead expect convoluted explanations involving literary metaphors, etc., if I received any reply at all. Incidentally, I mentioned Prince deliberately since there was controversy about his ‘explicit ’ lyrics when his songs came out. I note that his critics had nothing at all to say about the other dimension of his songs I am pointing to here - Judgment Day by 1999, etc. Here I want to stop discussion of the list and return at the end of this chapter with more comments. Let me briefly return to the general topic of the media. By media I mean all the conduits by which paid entertainment reaches us - film, radio, television, etc. Because television has such a voracious appetite, I will be using the term media and TV more or less interchangeably. Think of how TV, in order to fill each and every hour, gobbles up the output of the other media, from films to stage plays to even rock music in the form of music videos. Some of us are logging in nearly a third of our lives glued to out sets these days. As a baby boomer, I teethed on TV and took its pervasive influence for granted. But, after decades of exposure we have now had, I feel it is time we should begin a serious examination of the media. Its influence is probably considerably greater than literary sources today. Already by the sixties we had the McLuhanesque dictum that the medium is the message. This idea is that the content is not particularly important, but rather the existence and ubiquitousness of the medium itself is the most significant fact. Let me look at media criticism in terms of increasing level of profundity. At the lowest, most abysmal level, the media are seen as providing harmless entertainment. But the billions of dollars we dump into the media demonstrate that much more is going on. Slightly better is the extreme right wing evangelical view that TV and films are the devil’s picture book and rock music is the devil’s music. This approach has the virtue of being factually correct, but has fallen on increasingly hard times as all but the diehards have capitulated and joined in the media cacophony themselves. Massive blocks of radio broadcast time and entire cable networks are devoted to selling Jesus sandwiched in between the ads for soap and used cars. Slightly more discriminating is the idea that TV is a boob tube and rock music is subversive trash, and exposure to one or both may permanently warp your brain. Is the ultimate objective to produce a race of mindless, godless, zombie giants (the return of the “men of renown” of Genesis as described by Brown in CLOSING TIME)? What indeed keeps us mesmerized by the flickering images hour after hour? Why are so many of us couch potatoes - practically frozen into stone statues? What are we really watching? The answer from Norman O. Brown is that we are seeing the Oedipal Primal Scene reenacted night after night in endless repetition with slight variations. You object, “I beg your pardon. I watched a game show followed by a situation comedy last night.” What we are really doing here is paying performers to put on the only show we want to see. Finally, at the highest level of criticism, we also simultaneously get the final verdict on the media. We are watching Jesus get crucified night after night in excruciating detail, although we may not be consciously aware of it. After decades of this, I think it is likely to catch up with us some day. In other words, the lurid violence and evil we see depicted in the media may eventually come to us in real life. In spite of the blanket condemnation of the last paragraph, I’m going to turn around and list some movies. Ideally you should stay away. But the payoff is going to come to us all, whether or not we individually may or may not have watched. In the meantime, perhaps we can use the opportunity to study both the overt and the subtle techniques being employed. The primary genre to keep an eye on is science fiction. As Susan Sontag said in the sixties, this is the genre of apocalypse and mass destruction. Typically, as in the prototype FRANKENSTEIN (1932), a man attempts to appropriate the prerogatives of God (technically blasphemy) and reaps madness and disaster. These are rigidly moral parables where retribution is swift and sure. Look, for example, at Rene Clair’s THE CRAZY RAY (1923) from the infancy of the industry. The elements that were to become cliches with decades of continuous repetition were already present. A mad scientist invents a ray machine he constructs inside the Eiffel Tower that turns the inhabitants of Paris into stone statues. An aircraft initially out of range of the ray lands, and the passengers are astonished when they disembark. One worthwhile principle of criticism is to pay particular attention to the message of film titles. In this example, the title might bring to mind such questions as: “did the title mean the inventor was crazy? Or did the ray have crazy effects? Or did the ray drive people crazy, implying that to turn people to stone is to drive them mad?” A quite similar theme is presented in THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960) and its sequel THE CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED (1964) (what questions do these titles bring to mind?). This time a mysterious influence seals off an entire village, the perpetrators in this case being invading aliens. Here, as in THE CRAZY RAY, a geographic area is temporarily circumscribed. The females are impregnated by the aliens and subsequently bear children with glowing eyes and mysterious powers. This aspect of the film echoes the tale in the Book of Enoch of the fallen angels who descended to earth to mate with the women and to teach forbidden arts. Let me quickly note a few relevant characteristics of paranoid schizophrenia as described by, for example, Norman O. Brown, Geza Roheim or Victor Tausk. The patient believes evil entities such as aliens from another world are secretly conspiring to do him harm. The patient may believe his enemies are employing physical equipment such as beam projectors against him. He is subject to seeing hallucinations or hearing voices attempting to guide his actions against his will. In THE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR (1950) normal radio broadcasts are interrupted for short periods each night, and the cast seems to hear a message. This message seems to be more or less the Sermon on the Mount. Was this the voice of God? If not, what was it? Another frequent theme in science fiction is the nomination of candidate (false) messiahs. I say false, since we are merely watching actors playing a fictional role. A real life prototype of these characters if found would not automatically thereby be a messiah. An example is THE MAN FROM PLANET X (1951), which has an alien who is trapped and needs earthly assistance. THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) (note the title) offers another false messiah. An alien descends in a saucer, takes on the interesting name of Mr. Carpenter, is killed and resurrected three days later, etc. In the case of this film, the extensive analogies were conscious on the part of some of the production people and were taken from the novel on which the film is based. In the BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS (1958) an alien possesses a scientist, who then embarks on a mad quest to rule the world. It's my all time favorite movie. He has the power to shoot airliners out of the sky with his eyes while lauging maniacally. He causes megaton exposions with no visible weapons in his scheme for world domination. He's also a sex fiend. Ingmar Bergman’s THE MAGICIAN (1958) presents a rather dyspeptic false messiah from a traveling carnival show. The messiah of WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND (1962) (note the title) is a fugitive mistaken for Jesus when discovered in their barn. When apprehended and frisked, he stretches his arms to form a cross. THE FLIM FLAM MAN (1967) is a petty con artist living by his wits. CHARLY (1968) is mentally retarded until chemically transformed into a supermind. In THE RULING CLASS (1971), the candidate is an apparent psychopath. THE OMEGA MAN (1971), a remake of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964), (note the titles) offers another ersatz messiah. In ZARDOZ (1973), the messiah figure is a barbarian. SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW (2004) has as the villan a man in his grave named German Toden Kopf (Death's Head). He has arranged to have a new Noah's ark built. As so often, the villan is the secret hero, because here Sky Captain actually destroys the Ark! HOLOCAUST 2000 (1978) (note the prediction in the title) presents the spectacle of Kirk Douglas wildly running up and down the Middle Eastern oilfields proclaiming the Ten Horns, etc. from the Book of Revelation. The messiah of THE LAST WAVE (1979) is an aboriginal witch doctor. In BEING THERE (1979), a simple-minded gardener who can barely tie his bootlaces and happens to be named Mr. Gardiner impresses the President as a sage. At the end of the film he walks on water since no one has told him this is impossible. A not very bright academic in SIMON (1979) is prevailed upon to impersonate a spaceman. After a period of rigorous mental brainwashing and physical conditioning, Simon comes to believe that he actually is an alien. He uses equipment that interrupts regular television broadcasts when he periodically wants to deliver messages. Similarly, in RIDERS OF THE STORM (1986), riders on a bomber interrupt TV broadcasts. Woody Allen’s ZELIG (1984) features a schizophrenic chameleon who supposedly hobnobbed with the leading political figures of the thirties. In the PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO (1985), also by Woody Allen, a larger than life hero steps out of the screen in a movie theater and into the squalid life of a New Jersey housewife. CREATOR (1985) has a loony college professor who is attempting to resurrect his dead wife. The students he recruits for the project are lectured on the Big Picture. Numerous other films with similar themes are listed in the bibliography, but, due to space limitations, I won’t give further examples here. Men play god in the movies, but do they in real life? I point to such research as genetic engineering, or the ‘star wars’ project (laser weapons, beam projectors, etc.) These devices were first predicted in science fiction, but always accompanied by warnings we conveniently ignored that to develop them would be to court disaster. Further, I will shortly point out that while these films depict physical devices, such actual equipment is unnecessary to produce the effects depicted. As for the entertainment industry, we pour multiple billions into it year in and year out. For what we pay we get back entertainment, but additionally, we also get back social engineering that we didn’t necessarily ask for. I am by no means suggesting a conscious conspiracy or deliberate plot by Hollywood. The fundamental problem is again expressed by McLuhan - the medium is the message. In other words, inherent in the nature of the images produced by the media is a latent potential for subversion and ultimately destruction. From this point to the end of the chapter, I will again take up the list with which I began this chapter. Upon completing the listing, I said each term was related to the term Mass Psychosis. I now claim we have already had several actual episodes. The first, in late August 1973, lasted nearly two weeks. It occurred during the Watergate period and was done primarily by the ‘hippies’. The April 1983 event occurred during the time of the American embassy bombing in Lebanon. The October 1983 event occurred during the time of the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon. The most recent event was the broadcast made while the Tower of Babel 9-11 attack (World Trade Center) was simultaneously taking place. These broadcasts lasted only a day or so each and were done by a remnant handful of people. What is the Invisible Rain like when it is falling? A person walking down the street may stop for a second, look around quizzically (what the #$*!), perhaps sniff the air, and then continue on. You’ve lived through it - you tell me what it’s like. A few comments to wrap up the chapter. These events should not be referred to as a Flood, because of God’s promise in Genesis that there would be no more Flood. The New Testament imagery is always fire. I hold Margaret MacDonald’s Secret Rapture innovation of the nineteenth century correct, since we now have hindsight on these (multiple) events. There may or may not be more before the Messiah returns. After all, no one can predict the weather. CHAPTER FOUR THE MESSIAH RETURNS I’ll begin with another list: THE SPACE COWBOY THE SKY MARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSE SKY KING KING OF THE ROCKET MEN STARMAN THE LOST PLANET AIRMAN THE MAN FROM INNER SPACE THE MORON FROM OUTER SPACE THE DIVINE IDIOT THE MAN WITH A THOUSAND FACES THE MIRROR MAN THE INVISIBLE MAN THE THIN MAN THE OMEGA MAN THE MYSTERY MAN THE MAN WITH THE POWER THE MAN WITH THE POISON MIND THE MEDICINE MAN THE RAINMAKER THE FERTILITY KING WILD-EYED CHAMELEON THE JOKER THE DEMOLITION MAN BIG BROTHER Let me ask a few rhetorical questions. Are we perhaps involved in a real life version of the children’s game King of the Mountain in order to pick out the Messiah? Consider the paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur or possibly what is diagnosed as a messianic complex. What has this to do with the Messiah? Am I suggesting the Messiah will be merely a madman? Let me define a fairy or Peter Pan. A fairy is chronologically and physiologically an adult but has refused to assume an adult identity (ego) and has refused to take on adult responsibility. A fairy more or less never outgrows the omniscience, omnipotence and sense of wonder possessed by the infant, and inhabits fantasy mental worlds in preference to the real world. Again, I ask, what has this to do with the Messiah? I took a brief look in the preceding chapter at some of what I felt were candidate messiahs being put forward by the movie industry. I wonder if we might be getting practice for recognizing the actual Messiah when He returns. I feel such practice may well be a good idea, since; for one thing, the Messiah won’t be riding the White Horse this time (that was done in A.D. 70). Neither do I expect to see a flying saucer descending from the skies to a world capital. I suspect it will be an Incarnation in the manner that occurred at Bethlehem. At that time, only the Wise Men and a handful of others could discern the Messiah. One dictionary definition of blasphemy is for a mortal to name himself a god. I feel there could well be an early period when the Chosen One is accused as a blasphemer or the Antichrist. A considerable period of time may elapse before He is acclaimed Lord of lords and King of kings. At any rate, once the Messiah is actually recognized, it will then become a situation of “when the saints go marching in”. In whichever country He first appears, the Messiah and a motley crew of followers will walk into the capital city and take power. You say you want to be in that number? I suggest you think carefully about it. To the secular eye this will be a Fool’s Parade or Goon Squad made up of Snake People (Marching Morons) - the actual ‘meek’ who will then inherit the earth. I repeat - do you want to be in that number? How, you may object, will a mere handful of such people be able to take over a major capital city? The context is important here. We are dealing at this point in time with a nation under siege internally and externally, soon to fall. Numerous other portentous dire events will be occurring simultaneously that will dilute the significance of the central event. The World Trade Center attack, 9-11, was just the inaugural event of a coming series of catastrophes. We are on an accelerating descending slope. God is against us now for our Godless Wicked ways. This will be confirmed by the disasters coming ahead predicted here. Initially the Messiah will assume actual secular political power in order to obtain the objective of reinstating theocracy - an archaic form of government long abandoned and forgotten by Western nations. Looking again with secular eyes, whether considered from the political left or from the political right, the government will be a de facto fascist government - no matter what label is ostensibly applied to it. To provide an example of the type of events that will be taking place, if, and I cannot overemphasize the hypothetical, if this occurs in Washington, DC, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be abolished and both Houses of Congress dissolved. I find this idea unpalatable, and I feel none of the sources I have mentioned would find this palatable, nor would you. I do not believe these events will occur in the actual Jerusalem, but, as I have indicated, one of the major Western capitals, which will then become a platform for world domination. W. Reich in the forties prior to even the advent of national TV took a look at popular culture in THE MURDER OF CHRIST. He was acutely aware of the possibility of fascism, having had direct experience with the mass movements of the twentieth century of both the left and the right. What would be his verdict now, some sixty years later? Many science fiction films have dramatized a fascist takeover. Are they a prototype for future real events? The evolutionary stages the government will undergo can be expressed in the Marxist schemata. The first phase corresponds to the dictatorship of the proletariat (rule by the meek). Then begins the transition period to the withering away of the state and the classless society or New Jerusalem. Theologians have previously published outlines of the analogies between Marxist mythology and Christian eschatology. And the return of the Messiah will actually fulfill Marx’s predictions, as well as those of John of Patmos simultaneously. During the transition period, it will be a matter of being forced to do without various items we now take for granted. The entire entertainment industry will be dispensed with - television broadcasts, movies, rock music, etc. Much of the high technology of the West will be abandoned. We will cease constructing aircraft, rockets and probably even automobiles (do only angels have wings?) This will be accomplished with only a minimum of objection because the Messiah will rule with a Rod of Iron as the Book of Revelation predicts. He will be a combination Joe Stalin, Jim Jones, Adolph Hitler and Ayatollah Khomeni rolled into one. Amos in the Old Testament correctly prophecied the gnashing of teeth and tribulation that would come with the Day of the Lord. Is Western Civilization about to officially end? Are we and our descendants to become almost exclusively concerned with physical survival, staying alive? Don’t go outside to watch the skies for the Advent. Merely stay tuned to your TV set and start paying more attention. Have I seen one to many science fiction movies? Or is the show you never expected to see about to begin? APPENDIX Brief excerpts from Margaret MacDonald’s 1830 Secret Rapture prophecy: It was first the awful state of the land that was pressed upon me. I saw the blindness and infatuation of the people to be very great. I felt the cry of Liberty to be just the hiss of the serpent to drown them in perdition. It was just ‘no God’, ---- I saw the people of God in an awfully dangerous situation, surrounded by nets and entanglements, about to be tried, and many about to be deceived and fall. Now will THE WICKED be revealed, with all power and signs and lying wonders, so that if it were possible the very elect will be deceived. PARTIAL BIBLIOGRAPHY Chapter One. The following titles are examples of conservative postmillennial and amillennial views as opposed to the standard premillennial view. Bray, John L., THE MILLENNIUM - THE BIG QUESTION? Chilton, David, PARADISE RESTORED: A BIBLICAL THEOLOGY OF DOMINION. Brunner, Constantin, OUR CHRIST: THE REVOLT OF THE MYSTICAL GENIUS (1921 - published 1990). James, Timothy A. THE MESSIAH’S RETURN: DELAYED? FULFILLED? OR DOUBLE-FULFILLMENT? Jones, R Bradley, THE GREAT TRIBULATON. Kik, J. Marcellus, AN ESCHATOLOGY OF VICTORY. 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The revolution of my daily life If you believe in capitalism, the state and religion and you believe that we cannot do without them, then you are still below the intelligence requirement necessary for a conscious comprehension and for a free social association. If you believe in ideology, politics and organization and think that we cannot exist without them and if you also believe in hierarchy, leaders and authority then you are still stuck in a retarded historical conditioning. If you believe that the nature of wo/man are selfish and that we cannot live without money and private/state accumulation of capital, then you are just another mini zombie within a system which is totally controlling you and completely enslaving your body/mind without you even knowing it. And if you fear anarchy and think that its chaos and if you hate equality because you don’t want others to feel good then you are a nasty anti-human person who deserves what he gets in the form of the up coming extreme social revolution.
∑E³ = e = mc²±¹ Meta-theory ≥ Anti-ideology => Anti-theology. Theoretico-individual = Social revolution. Theoretico-practical = Anarcho-social revolution. From homo-sapiens to homo-anarchus. Non -violent struggle in military-police capitalist states. Mass – Anarcho-revolutionary theory. Music – Anarcho-artistic revolutionary theory. Meta–theory – The theory of theory. Nature – Under massive attack and destruction. Computer – Techno-capitalism – maximal alienation – spectacular collapse of consumer society. Metro – Theoretic-truth – Theoretic-sophy – post-science = Metax. Meta-Anarchy Post-capitalist anarchy. Post-ideological theoretico-logical anarchy. Post-spectacle anarchy. A theory for the transformation of the world and its inhabitants to a humane and just universal poly-existence. Anti-ideological theory – anti-theological theory. The theory of anarchy and revolution. The theory of anti-theory – the meta-theory. Anti-capitalism and anti-state theory of anarchy. Anti-centralism >> anti-hierarchical organization >> anti-party formation >> anti-leaders >> anti-tradition >> anarcho-morphic leap. Anti-philosophy << anti-logic << anti-system ≥ meta-philosophy ≥ meta-logic ≥ meta-system. Anti-science ◊∞ anti-religion ◊∞ anti-authority. Capitalist-science ◊∞ capitalist idealism ◊∞ capitalist control. Anti-nation # anti-class # anti-power # anti-patriotism # anti-flag # anti-control # anti-work # anti-law # anti-authority. OBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING => Centuries of slavery + exploitation. SUBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Socio-individual alienation & ramification. CAPITALIST HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Termination of the system. Anarcho-non-violent social revolution  Anarcho-individualist communist revolution  Post-civilization society. How many anarchists there are in the world and are there enough anarchists today who are ready to get to the street and start an anarcho-social revolution? How many anarchists are really willing and capable of causing a global & social anarchic revolution? It is not only quantity that counts but also quality that makes the difference. The time is getting closer, the revolution is on our door step, lets not miss it as generations did before us, let’s be the first anarchists who succeed in creating an anarchic global international revolution. It is the final count down, it is life or gradual death, is it going to be real freedom and equality or permanent terminal alienation and comfortable misery. No friends, the time is ripe, the revolution is going on around you and it is now up to you either to join and participate or become counter-revolutionary and reactionary. Anarchy is the revolution underway, anarchists are the makers of the future and anarchism is the alternative to state and private capitalism. The anarchic global insurrection The plan is a revolution for human liberation, a revolution in our life time. Why the revolution has not happened yet and the human condition is not easy. The left of capital wants full integration and the right of capital wants a permanent war. Capitalism has artificially extended its life span but not for much longer. The revolutionary movement is only virtually existent, i.e., non existent in reality. The earth is on its final breath, poisoned and mutilated. What has to be done by us all? What is the next step to be taken? How about a complete and genuine liberation! A rebellion on a massive scale that will turn into a full blown globo-social revolution and which will bring down capitalism and liberate humanity from its modern slavery. The next stage in the history of struggle will be the final stage in the collapse of the state and capitalist system and the end to its deformed social relations. Capitalism and the state will be immediately replaced by a decentralized anti-authoritarian anarchic social relation that is coordinated upon anti-capital economy. Post-capitalist anti-state social-relations based on mutual equality and respect for nature and life in general and material equity in particular. Capitalism is theft, if left alone it self-destructs taking us all with it, i.e. the annihilation of nature and the human race or an anarcho-social revolution to rescue humanity and guarantee the continuance existence of healthy nature. Do we want the total destruction of life and the planet for the sake of the profit of the nasty few or you want the freedom from this. Do you want brain control and brain washing of the masses or you want happiness for all? Do you want a hysteric rush of business-military authorities killing everything that doesn’t submit or do you want the right for all to live in dignity and free will. We are the anarchist of the world, the makers of the social revolution in theory and practice. Anarchic freedom will be achieved on the day of the collapse of capitalism which hopefully it will be quite soon. Instead of capitalism we will have an advanced anarchic society built on equity and auto-production and cyber-distribution. Labor will disappear as the entire capitalist infra & sub-structure to enable the growth of a guanine human community. Classes will become a thing of the past and instead we will have a true material equity and a universal human anarcho-conduct. A new anarcho-humanity where every thing is free for all based on mutual respect and free-association, where everyone on the planet is rich materially and intellectually, everyone free and happy as will be the whole human society of the world. We are not afraid of anything or anyone so we can speak honestly and truly without hesitation and indoctrination, this means total and genuine anarchic socio-individual liberation from the chains of the past and the empire. Empirical rebellion and a concrete insurrectionary application accelerated towards an onto-epistemological revolution. We don’t need their power and control, we don’t need their exploitation and discrimination, we don’t need their oppression, war, violence and poverty but we do need happiness and comfort for all and this means a total and global anarcho-social revolution. We are against religion and the nation state, we are also against capitalist science and technology, we are against all ideology and politics and every form of organization, and we want free association alone that is based on equity and mutual cooperation. We will save the planet from a guaranteed destruction and restore it to natural; we will save humanity from a guaranteed continuous modern slavery and rescue it from capitalism and its empires. That’s it, the revolution has began, now it is up to you to participate, now it is your turn – friend.
The obese is in a total delirium. For he is not only large, of a size opposed to normal morphology: he is larger than large. He no longer makes sense in some distinctive opposition, but in his excess, his redundancy. - Jean Baudrillard True, obesity is a cause of embarrassment for many. In fact, there have been reports of people committing suicide due to constant ridicule from the peers and relatives. The situation gets worsened when inspite of working hard towards weight loss, you do not get the success you were hoping for. All the diet-charts meticulously prepared and adhered to have come to naught. The cardio workouts have proven a flop-show. I have exhausted all my options and now the only option left is to exhaust myself! Right? Wrong. There is an option of diet pills still open for you to give a shot. The weight loss drugs are specially designed to achieve what the natural efforts couldn’t. Most of the diet pills work as appetite suppressants so as to kill the urge to eat more. Naturally, with less intake of food, the weight loss process would start working in your body. Phentermine diet pills are widely recommended as a short-term treatment for obesity. Popular by the brand name Adipex-P, Phentermine diet pills increases the level of brain chemical serotonin which in turn gives the feeling of being full. Phentermine diet pills are meant as prescription pills for obesity. So the physical examination of the body is vital before the patient buy Phentermine. The side effects of the drug make it mandatory for the patient to have complete Phentermine information before jumping on the bandwagon. Cheap Phentermineis also offered by online pharmacies. The working of these pharmacies has left a huge vacuum between the patients and the availability of quality drugs to them. Phentermine online is not a preferred option but worth considering if the quality of the drug is not compromised. Gelsey Simmons is an associate editor to the website The website offers complete href="">Phentermine information through breaking news, personal views, and articles on weight loss. We also provide requisite information about the numerous weight loss pills Phentermine.Your feed back comment and suggestions will be highly appreciated at
Fast Weight Loss – Tips You Can Use Weight loss does not happen overnight. What you need is a strong resolution to achieve your target of losing the extra weight. Weight Loss is a continuous process which needs patience, hard work and continuous commitment. It is rightly said that losing weight fast is not difficult if you follow these tips. It is maintaining the body that is harder and important. • Consult a dietitian or a Weight Management consultant to help you determine a realistic weight goal. • Cut down the calorie-content in your diet. You need to consume fewer calories than your body burns each day in order to start losing weight. Fast Weight Loss does not mean starving through the day, living on fluids and a single meal. • Exercise religiously. Long-term weight loss without exercise is impossible. Make it a point to workout at least 6 days a week for 20 minutes. You can consult a fitness expert on the type of exercise congenial for your body type and the exercise regime. Make sure you do not strain your body beyond its acceptance. • Brisk walking. A brisk walk in open air or hitting the treadmill for at least 40 minutes at the speed of 1,000 steps in 10 minutes proves to be the best way to lose weight effectively. But it is not adequate to concentrate on exercise routine only. • A Balanced Diet, consisting of measured quantities of protein, vitamin and carbohydrates is also vital for keeping your body in good shape. It’s very important to eat your meals 5 to 6 times a day in smaller portions. • Drink ample quantities of water. Not only water detoxifies your body, it also keeps your body hydrated and helps fat loss. Also a glass of water before eating will make up the space in your stomach and make you feel less hungry. It is the appetite suppressant which comes at no cost. Eat right and eat healthy. Eat everything in a controlled quantity and include burning out of calories as part of your lifestyle. That surely is the new-age mantra of fast weight loss. Lisa Collins is an associated editor to the website Figurefirst is dedicated to solve all your weight related queries and provide you up to the mark information on weight loss, obesity, healthy recipes, obesity diseases, and latest news. Your feedback & comments will be highly appreciated at “”.
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