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#. 5. Oct. 27, 2001

by Bill Weinberg



On Oct. 27, the New York Times reported that the Pentagon "sincerely regrets" the previous day's airstrikes on a Red Cross complex in Kabul--in an area which had ostensibly been put "off limits" after the bombing of the same complex Oct. 16. Claiming military planners didn't know it was a Red Cross building, the Pentagon nonetheless sent a representative to the organization's Geneva headquarters to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Tons of food aid and blankets were destroyed in the raid, and a photo showed an Afghan man standing with sacks of wheat amidst the rubble. reported Oct. 24 that residents of Chowker Korez village in northwest Afghanistan claimed dozens killed and over 20 wounded in a US aerial raid Oct. 22. While Navy Rear Adm. John Stufflebeem said the Pentagon "can't confirm" the strikes on the village, CNN staff who went to a Kandahar hospital said they saw several dismembered bodies wrapped in white bags, as well as a number of wounded being treated. Most were Kuchi nomads who have returned to their traditional way of life to avoid bombing raids on the cities, and said they were in the village when it was attacked by US aircraft.

nomadlab writes: "I just started reading the full text of the new law signed the other day by Bush. The url for it is at

Some interesting commentary on the new laws can be found at interactive week in an article titled Security Trumps Privacy; the ACLU has a number of reports on the impact of the new law; and the Electronic Privacy Information Center also has an analysis of the legislation."


Autonomedia writes: "Asia Times Online (Hong Kong) Oct. 23, 2001

Party slams its door on Jiang's plan

By Xu Yufang

BEIJING - With no fuss and without a word in public at all, the ruling
Chinese Communist Party (CPC) has repudiated the bold plan of its
leader, General Secretary Jiang Zemin, to open the party to
capitalists and entrepreneurs.

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on the US, it seems no one
bothered to check on the fate of Jiang's plan, which he first made public in
an historic announcement on July 1. The proposal met its end, in fact, in
the CPC Central Committee plenary session of September 24-26, according to
informed sources.

jim writes, here's the latest from the Pacifica Campaign:



Summary of the firing based on report, then a summary of KPFA news report on the firing of Bessie Wash submitted by Steve Freedkin of the Progressive Portal web site. A short description of the bomb scare ends this release.


Pacifica's board chair, former Los Angeles city councilman Robert Farrell, tonight (Oct. 24) announced he has fired Executive Director Bessie Wash.

Wash, formerly station manager of Pacifica station WPFW, was named executive director by a board then controlled by former chair Mary Frances Berry. Wash has presided over a total deterioration of the network and its finances, including the banning of Pacifica's only remaining nationwide program, "Democracy Now," the "mainstreaming" of the once alternative daily Pacifica Network News, now the target of a boycott and a strike, the "Christmas Coup" at WBAI in New York, which resulted in dozens of staff members being fired and banned, and the expenditure of an estimated two million dollars on legal fees, public relations firms, and security services.

jim writes: "Attack on freedom of speech

Below is a news release about an attempt to silence Peter Werbe, a
long-time anarchist and Fifth Estate participant, who is also one of the
very few radio talk show hosts on the left.

It seems that the owner of the station, who has connections to the Militia of California has decided that anything he deems unpatriotic is not going to get airtime.

Aras writes: "There is a fine article on hunger strikes in Turkey in this Sunday's NY Times Magazine. Hunger strikes against the new F-Type isolation prisons and other human rights violations have been continuing since last year and 74 people died until now (according to the Turkish Human Rights Association). There will be more deaths, since the government refuses to consider peoples demands and simply ignore such a big resistance.
Here is the link to NY Times article: R.html"

jim writes: "Germany: Police Raid against Online Demonstrators

In the morning hours of October 17th, police officers broke into the office
of the initiative 'Libertad!' and confiscated all computers as well as
several harddiscs, cdroms and documents. The background of this is the
online demonstration on June 20th this year, to which 'Libertad!' had
mobilised, to protest against the deportation of refugees by the airline
'Deutsche Lufthansa AG'.

Smokey the Bear writes: "Corrupt chemist raises fears that innocents were executed

Dallas Morning News

The discovery that Oklahoma City police chemist Joyce Gilchrist
gave false and misleading testimony for 21 years
has authorities
searching for innocent people behind bars. Her case has also
raised concern about the 23 people she helped send to death row.

anon writes: "Hi all,

London Reclaim the Streets is putting together a free newspaper to be given
out at anti-war events and at various local World Trade
Organisation-related actions on November 9th and beyond. We want to pull
together existing articles, posters, illustrations, photos etc. that have
emerged on the current 'war on terrorism' etc., and produce some new stuff,
designed to show an alternative take on current propaganda. It would spread
into other related areas like the west's lust for oil/climate
change/racism/repression of our movement and how we're trying (but maybe
not yet succeeding yet) to overcome creeping despair and come up with a
cogent radical response to it. We'd like to have plenty of room for
non-western opinions. It might be a spoof, but it certainly won't be
text-heavy, or be obsessively certain about where we're heading, and might
above all else try to open up a space where we can ask some new questions
and find some new perspectives on all this madness.

So here are some elements of possible involvement:


nomadlab writes: "The New York Times is reporting that Canada is going to break the patent on Cipro, the main anti-antrax medication.

The US is supporting this action.

Where was this logic when African nations wanted AIDS meds?

There is a good article on this issue on".

There is also an article in today's New York Times (11.19.2001).