The State


Louis Lingg writes: "Declan McCullagh's reports that the FBI is investigating an alleged "Black Bloc" threat against the right-wing Cato Institute.The background and story can be found here."


Autonomedia writes: "Ian Black writing in the British Guardian: Files show UK backed murder plot

Britain backed Belgium and the US in their desire to eliminate Patrice
Lumumba, the radical prime minister of Congo who was murdered in 1961,
according to newly-discovered documents.
Ludo de Witte, a Flemish historian, reveals that while the US and Belgium
actively plotted to murder the African nationalist leader, the British
government secretly believed that Lumumba posed a serious threat to western
interests and wanted him "got rid of".


ladybug writes: "the harvard journal suggests a federal criminal statute addressing the so-called solicitation of commercial terrorism through the internet. the document forwards the idea that somehow websites control the minds of people everywhere - and in fact, are to blame for most acts of "terrorism" against commercial interests.

from the harvard journal : "Inflammatory web sites promoting commercial terrorism have targeted corporations such as McDonald's, 7-Eleven, Kinko's, Walt Disney Company, Blockbuster Entertainment and Mattel. These web sites foster animosity towards the corporation and urge readers to take affirmative steps to tarnish the corporation's image and to sabotage its operations. Indeed, such web sites threaten acts of destruction that may cause substantial financial damages to a targeted company."

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