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Issue #7 Submission Call Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Go Post-Money!!! For the 7th issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, we are looking for articles and compendiums in the form of manifestos, alphabets, radical critiques, how-tos, guides or ideas with expository or theoretical or curatorial text about (but not limited to) the following subjects:
Issue 3, Summer 2009 Mayday Magazine Launched for Mayday 2009 Contents; Police violence and its history, the origins of the police and their 2 faced nature, analysis of the Credit Crunch, the global economic meltdown and what it means, John Bowden on the nature of prison, prisoners, solidarity and class struggle behind bars. The editorial introduction covers different struggles and their possibilities, the state of the movement and the way forward. 44 pages inc. cover. THe Mayday book collection;
Italian Pirate Bay Trial in the Making Ernesto, from Torrent Freak Following the Swedish verdict, Italy is now considering starting its own trial against the people involved with The Pirate Bay. This would be the first criminal prosecution against the Pirate Bay ‘founders’ outside their home country. During August last year, The Pirate Bay was “censored” in Italy when ISPs were ordered to block access to the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker. The Pirate Bay appealed the block and eventually won the court case. In October the Court of Bergamo ruled that no foreign website can be censored for alleged copyright infringement. However, with the Swedish verdict against The Pirate Bay in hand, the Italian justice authority is now looking into the possibility of starting their very own trial against the Pirate Bay ‘operators’. Interesting to say the least, because The Pirate Bay and those involved with the site have no direct link to Italy.
Anarchism Issue Planned for Journal for Study of Radicalism JSR: Journal for the Study of Radicalism invites article submissions for a special issue on anarchism. We particularly are interested in articles that analyze a particular individual, group, or current within the broader subject. We encourage articles on lesser known aspects of contemporary or historical manifestations of anarchism, as well as contested areas within anarchism. Topics might include black bloc tactics, the history of _Fifth Estate_, _Green Anarchy_ and other periodicals, conflicts between anarchist perspectives, violence and non-violence in anarchism, histories of anarchism, anarchist communities, or international aspects of contemporary anarchism. Generally speaking, the journal's historical focus is from the early modern period to the present, and the geographic range is global, so we'd be interested in articles discussing groups or individuals whose influence is international, though this is not essential. JSR is an interdisciplinary journal, and we encourage articles from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. We are especially interested in articles that include some original fieldwork, for instance, interviews or use of archival sources.
Fifth Estate #380 (Spring 2009) issue theme: "Subtext, Subversion & Sabotage" including * Henry Reed – “Between Orwell and McCarthy: The Crucifixion of Marie Mason” * anon – “The Green Scare Rolls On” * Cara Hoffman and Joe Ricker – “The Jumper” * Ambrose Nurra – “Miscarriage” and “Proverb” * Gavin Grindon – “Second-Wave Situationism?” * Jason Cook – “Eschatology” * Jacob Bennett – “An Elegy for Malachi Ritscher” * Jack Bratich - “Subjectivity Rosa: Undercurrent Affairs” and many more...
The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project _ |__ __| | /_ |__ \| | | __| | | | (_) | | __/ (__| |_ __ | | | | | | __/ | |/ /_| | | | | _ | | | '_ \ / _ \ | | / /| '_ \| '__| The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project >>>> posted since 1994 <<<< _ | | | '_ \ / _ \ | | / /| '_ \| '__| -_ | | | |__ ___ | | ) | |__ _ __ _ | __ \ (_) | | "An impassive observer, { brad brace } forges a personal aesthetic in these 12hr-images infused with blank-sadness and a sense of mystery. What makes them both new and significant is the fact that he organizes its contents in sequences, applying the principles of cinematographic montage to fixed images." You begin to sense the byshadows that stretch from the awe of global dominance. How the intersecting systems help pull us apart, leaving us vague, drained, docile, soft in our inner discourse, willing to be shaped, to be overwhelmed -- easy retreats, half beliefs. Works of art are complex formal interventions within discursive traditions and their myriad filiations. These interventions are defined precisely by their incomparable capacity to trace the dynamics of historical process in paradoxical gestures of simultaneously prognostic and mnemonic temporalities.
Interface: a journal for and about social movements Issue one: "movement knowledge" The first issue of Interface, a multilingual, open access and global e-journal produced by social movement practitioners and engaged movement researchers, is now available at The special theme of this issue is "movement knowledge": what movements know, how they produce knowledge, what they do with it and how it can make a difference.
ephemera 'University, Failed' issue released The new issue (8.3) of ephemera: theory & politics in organization entitled 'University, Failed' has just been released at This issue is a call to discussion regarding the modern university, and what we seek to achieve with it is to highlight the discussions already taking place within the university, and to spurn on some new ones. Yet, as the entrance to today's Humboldt University tells us, such interpretation is not enough. What counts is change.  Such change cannot, we believe, be achieved solely by the university itself. This insight creates huge challenges for other issues and interventions regarding the university of tomorrow: to open the discussion to other shareholders and constituencies within the knowledge factory, to pave ground for other residuals, where a university may take place. Where are these places? And what do 'the people' – the students, the politicians, the medias, the immigrants, the elderly, the people – want with the university? Underneath the seductive toasts and touching speeches that the university enjoys again and again, unmistakable signs of mistrust secrete. A dialogue about this mistrust (which dwells well, also, within the university itself) may be what lies ahead, meshed up with the ongoing grand failure of the university. 

Ontario Anarchism Forum
Anarchist Black Cat

A new discussion forum for anarchists and those interested in anarchism in Ontario, hosted on AnarchistBlackCat. Like the other forums there a high level of discussion will be maintained through post-posting moderation according to a set of transparent rules.

Topics under discussion include
- York University workers on strike
- G8 2010 Huntsville, Ontario
- Hamilton organizing against health care cuts
- Debt and Exploitation: The Coming Economic Crisis
- End of ROAD Network?

Visit the forum at

FIFTH ESTATE #379 – LATE 2008 * “Party Like It’s 1929!” [editorial] * “The Disasters of Disaster Capitalism” – Don LaCoss * “Nest Defense: For Marie Mason” * “Absolutely Marie Suite” (poem) – William R. Boyer * “The Green Scare Goes On” * “Police State Emerges Further at Republican Convention: Organizers Face ‘Terrorism’ Charges” * “Long Haul Infoshop Regroups After Police Raid” – Jesse D. Palmer * “Notes on Play” – Peter Lamborn Wilson
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