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7 March 2008 Friends, Team Colors is pleased to announce our partnership with Journal of Aesthetics and Protest to produce a publication titled In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement, and Movements, which will seek to intervene in and around the upcoming protests against the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.
I came across the Net Artwork Norwayweb whilst receiving my usual mass of e-mails. Even though I usually use filters, far too much spam still gets through. So, like so many other's around the world, I have the arduous process of picking out what is deemed worth keeping. Lost in despair, numerous individuals choose to delete everything rather than cyphering through an ever expansive junk mail infestation. In 2004 yahoo found in their research "that the average British PC has nine 'sick days' per year, two more than the average for workers.
By ADAM LIPTAK and BRAD STONE NY Times, February 20, 2008 In a move that legal experts said could present a major test of First Amendment rights in the Internet era, a federal judge in San Francisco on Friday ordered the disabling of a Web site devoted to disclosing confidential information. The site,, invites people to post leaked materials with the goal of discouraging “unethical behavior” by corporations and governments. It has posted documents said to show the rules of engagement for American troops in Iraq, a military manual for the
IFPI Forces Danish ISP to Block The Pirate Bay Ernesto The battle between the IFPI and the Pirate Bay continues. A Danish court ruled in favor of the IFPI, and ordered the Danish ISP "Tele2?$B!m (DMT2-Tele2) to block all access to the popular BitTorrent tracker. The Pirate Bay, currently ranked 28th in the list of most visited sites in Denmark, is working on countermeasures. The court case was initiated by the IFPI - the infamous anti-piracy organization that represents the recording industry - and plans to force other ISPs to do the same. However, The Pirate Bay is determined to fight back, as usual. The Pirate Bay team has already asked other BitTorrent admins to stand up against the IFPI lobby, and arranged a meeting with Tele2 to discuss the current events. Pirate Bay co-founder Brokep told TorrentFreak in a response: "I hope the torrent community understands what this will do to Danish people. It will also act as a very bad precedent for the European Union, and I hope everybody will fight this." At the moment, The Pirate Bay team is registering new (Danish) domains, to make sure people can still download .torrent files from the Bay when the ban is activated later today tomorrow. In addition the Pirate Bay will launch a campaign website, together with the Danish pro-piracy lobby "Piratgruppen".

Behind the fire: Ben Dangl on struggles in Latin America

Shay Totten

From the Vermont Guardian

Vermont Guardian: In the research for your book, The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia, what did you find to be the biggest misconception that people in the United States have about the struggles facing many of the indigenous people in Latin and South America?

Einer Für Alle, Alle Für Einen writes:

"Money As Debt" Video

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The link might not work for long, if you want to keep it download it...!

"This Month in NYMAA"

The New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists

A Bimonthly Bulletin, No. 1, June, 2007

Welcome to the first issue of This Month in NYMAA! This bulletin will be
coming out every two months or so, and we hope it will give the wider
anarchist movement a clearer picture of the types of projects that the New
York Metro Alliance of Anarchists is generating.

NYMAA was founded at our first General Assembly on March 4, 2006. We are
comprised of anarchists, antiauthoritarians, horizontalists, and
far-left-leaning individuals committed to changing the world through the
act of social revolution. Our ultimate aim is to eradicate all forms of
authoritarianism, hierarchy, and domination and build a genuinely
liberatory, self-managed, directly democratic society. To that end, our
immediate aim is to bring anarchists together on a common plane of
struggle for the purposes of growing and expanding the movement and
spreading our ideas.

IAS writes:

Institute for Anarchist Studies' Grant Application

The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) would like to remind everyone that our Summer 2007 grant deadline is rapidly approaching: June 15.

Twice yearly, the IAS funds radical writers and translators around the world for essay-length works. We want to see YOUR ideas in this round of proposals, so get to it!

Apply by going to our Web site, where you can also find more information including past grant recipients and other IAS projects:


New Bilingual Anarchist Journal Focused on Latin America

Incendio is...

An endeavor that some of us have taken up to increase communication with
anarchists in Latin America, network, learn from their struggles,
illuminate opportunities for solidarity actions, provide a forum for Latin
American anarchists to share ideas and analysis, break down the language
barrier, and make support efforts more possible.

Lenin Reloaded: Toward a Politics of Truth

Edited by Sebastian Budgen, Stathis Kouvelakis, and Slavoj Žižek

Lenin Reloaded is a rallying call by some of the world’s leading
Marxist intellectuals for renewed attention to the significance of
Vladimir Lenin. The volume’s editors explain that it was Lenin who made
Karl Marx’s thought explicitly political, who extended it beyond the
confines of Europe, who put it into practice. They contend that a focus
on Lenin is urgently needed now, when global capitalism appears to be
the only game in town, the liberal-democratic system seems to have been
settled on as the optimal political organization of society, and it has
become easier to imagine the end of the world than a modest change in
the mode of production.

Lenin retooled Marx’s thought for specific
historical conditions in 1914, and Lenin Reloaded urges a reinvention
of the revolutionary project for the present. Such a project would be
Leninist in its commitment to action based on truth and its acceptance
of the consequences that follow from action.

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