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Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, author of Anarchism and the Black
and former member of the Black Panther Party, became
an anarchist while serving a 15 year prison sentence. Ervin has
played a key role as a speaker and an organizer in the on-going
struggle to build a truly anti-authoritarian and grassroots
movement against racism and injustice in the US and abroad.

When: Sunday October 20th at 7:30pm

Where: St. Marks Church (10th Street and 2nd Avenue)

Donations for a new edition of Anarchism and the Black

Anonymous Comrade writes:

This paper written by Chris Carrico will be presented Oct. 23 at the Inter-Guianas Conference, University of Guyana, Turkeyen, Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

Guyana and the Amerindian Question

Christopher R. Carrico


In current legal theory regarding indigenous peoples, one of the most commonly cited differences between indigenous societies and modern states is their divergent notions of property. Since anthropology's formation as a science in the nineteenth century, anthropologists have been aware that indigenous peoples have a communal mode of property, while capitalist states are founded on the idea of individual private property. This idea from anthropology contributed in a fundamental way to the thinking of social theorist Karl Marx. In his critiques of the assumptions of political economy he often showed how Adam Smith and the entire classical tradition naturalized the social conditions of capitalist society and projected its image backwards onto human origins. Classical political economy assumed that human beings in their original state were self-maximizing individual owners of property, an observation that was not borne out by ethnographic fact, and was not the state of much of the world prior to the age of European colonialism.

hydrarchist writes"
Statewatch analysis no 14

Immigration and asylum in the EU after 11 September 2001


What effect did the events of 11 September 2001 have on EU immigration and asylum law? The answer can be found by examining in turn the fate of EU legislative proposals in this area and the parallel development of EU borders and expulsion policy over the last year.

Fascists for Che

White supremacists infiltrate the anti-globalization

By Nick Mamatas, In These Times, September 13, 2002

Neo-Nazi rallies in America's urban centers are most often
the tiny affairs of a few racists, and are often drowned out
by massive counter-protests. But on August 24, hundreds of
followers of the National Alliance and other neo-Nazis,
under a front called Taxpayers Against Terrorism, held their
fourth and largest anti-Israel event in Washington since
September 11.

A statement from the Muslim Liberation Movement

This email is being sent to progressive organizations throughout the United

States, as a part of our ongoing effort to build bridges between the
Community and progressive elements in the US. We encourage all of those
who read
our statement, and agree with its principals to endorse this statement
sending us an email.

The MLM publishes two publications bi-monthly, "The Liberator",
alongside with
"The CAU$E" (Committee Against U$ Empire), which is a coalition
dedicated to bringing anti-imperialists of all stripes together. We also
publish "Tahreer", which is a publication dealing more with issues in
Muslim community.

hydrarchist writes "


RMP 02-06




Relating to the Designation of a

Free Cultural Zone

On the Mexico - US Border

at BORDERHACK 3.0! Festival of Media

August 16 - 18, 2002

Randall M. Packer, Secretary

THE PARTICIPATING NATIONS, In order to promote international
co-operation and to achieve international peace and cultural
understanding by the acceptance of obligations not to restrict border
passage, by the prescription of open, informed cultural dialogue
between nations, by the establishment of the understanding of the
aspirations of the artist as a model for spiritual and moral conduct
among Governments, and by the maintenance of the role of the artist
as a mediator who transcends borders, and a scrupulous respect for
the following EXECUTIVE ORDER, in accordance with the laws of the
Constitution of the United States of America,

Agree to this Executive Order

hydrarchist writes "

No Border Camp Strasbourg : A Report

Shuddhabrata Sengupta


I. A Backgrounder

The "No Border" camps (like the one at Strasbourg) are events that grow out
of the activities of the No Border Network, (www.noborder.org) an alliance of
activists and organizations engaged in campaigning against tightening border
controls, increasing persecution of emigrants and border crossers, and the
buidling up of what can be best described as the "Fortress
Europe/Australia/America" phenomenon. The campaign consists of anti
-deportation activities like the by now well known "Lufthansa Deportation
Class" campaign by 'Kein Mensch Ist Illegal' (No One is Illegal) in Germany,
the 'Sans Papiers' (Without Papers) movement in France and the more recent
D.Sec as well as a host of other initiatives by, activist groups, civil
liberty organizations, and individuals.

Ben Hoh c/o Dr Woooo submitted the following paper, presented at the National Union of Students Education Conference, July 2002, in Australia:

We Are All Barbarians
Racism, Civility and the "War on Terror"

by Ben Hoh

What the hell is actually going on with the "war on terror", and how do we come to grips with the situation? Consider an article by Guy Rundle that appeared in Melbourne’s progressive weekly The Paper, in January 2002. Rundle argues for an effectively liberal defense against the Australian Government’s impending antiterrorism legislation, claiming that

[d]efending the liberal political sphere – or such as exists – is now our most urgent priority… This seems to me to be a time that demands a popular front and common cause with left-liberals and even the libertarian right in an urgent mobilisation against the infinite extension of the national Security State.
[Rundle 2002]

Matthew Hylan c/o Dr Woooo writes

'Bare life' and the geographical division of labour"

by Matthew Hylan

In the border country

They’ve done it all

We kept watch

As they smashed the wall

Swell Maps, "Border Country" (1980)

While trans-national institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO clear the way for capital to move freely across the globe, European States are barricading their borders as if they expected a foreign army to invade.

dr woooo, forwarding for paul, writes:

The Virtual People Smuggler [http://www.noborder.org/peoplesmuggler/] -- as is the case with 'people smuggling' generally -- arose out of the need and desire to cross borders. In the first instance, to cross the borders of various noborder events and protests themselves, to create a space which was an adequate expression of the movements for the freedom of movement.

Confined neither by geopolitical limits nor the standard aesthetics of protests, the Virtual People Smuggler pays tribute to the chatrooms, spoof sites, weblogs, online gaming, independent media as virtual, vital and, therefore, actual moments in the crossing of borders. In other words, as the
experience encountered by people as they log in to virtual communities which are unrestrained by national borders, and also, thereby, as one of the forms in which protests (especially noborder protests and events) can and do occur.

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