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"Orchestrating Health Crises:

Forced Vaccinations and

the Totalitarian State"

Mitch Cohen

Under legislation submitted to states throughout the US, medical providers
will be required to administer smallpox vaccines to the population whether
people want it or not. The doctors will also fill out forms enabling the
federal government to track those inoculated with smallpox vaccines.

Katherine Van Wormer writes:

"Addiction, Brain Damage and the President:

'Dry Drunk' Syndrome and George W. Bush"

by Katherine van Wormer October 11, 2002

[Katherine van Wormer is a Friend (Quaker), Professor of Social Work at the
University of Northern Iowa, and co-author of the recent Addiction
Treatment: A Strengths Perspective

Ordinarily I would not use this term. But when I came across the article
'"Dry Drunk" -- Is Bush Making a Cry for Help?' in 'American Politics
Journal' by Alan Bisbort, I was ready to concede ... in the case of George
W. Bush, the phrase may be quite apt.


Anonymous Comrade writes "TUESDAY JUNE 4TH AT 7:00 PM

Film screening of GREGG BORDOWITZ's Habit (2001) and conversation with the artist conducted by GREGG GONSALVES, Director of Treatment and Prevention at GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis). Habit addresses the urgent need for global access to life-saving HIV treatments, featuring interviews with AIDS activists from South Africa, Brazil and India.

Martin E. Segal Theatre Center
The Graduate Center
The City University of New York (CUNY)
365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street

This event is organized in conjunction with the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program exhibition EMPIRE/STATE: ARTISTS ENGAGING GLOBALIZATION curated by Kirstin Butler, Jennifer Farrell, Yates Mckee and Mercedes Vicente ( May 24-July 14th at the CUNY Graduate Center)"






A Limited Number of People are Allowed at City Hall Steps for Press Conference.
We Hope The Mass of People Will Come to The Rally

Come Bring any Props-Mops, Brooms, Masks, Asbestos Suits etc.
Express Your Outrage

Endorsers: WTC Emergency Environmental Group, Independence Plaza Tenants
Association, PS 234 Parents Association, PS 89 Parents Association, IS 89
Parents Association, Stuyvesant High School Parents Association, Stuyvesant
High School Student Union, UFT Chapter of Stuyvesant High School, Lower
Manhattan Resident Relief Coalition, Good Old Lower East Side, Met Council On
Housing, Tenants and Neighbors, New York Public Interest Research Group,
Asbestos, Lead and Hazardous Waste Laborers Local 78, Chinese Progressive
Association, New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning.


Louis Lingg writes: "The US State Department has posted a World Health Organization report on the mental health crisis in Afghanistan.

An excerpt: "
Twenty-three years of war have ravaged the mental health and
psychosocial functioning of the people in Afghanistan. Killing,
executions, massive persecution, forced internal displacement, fear
associated with living in mined areas, and the latest escalation of
violence have left an indelible mark on the population. In addition,
the psychological impact of living in uncertainty affects at least
three million Afghan refugees.""

Genome for the people


Corporate feudalism is hampering research, says an eminent geneticist

It has become a widespread belief that the mapping of the human genome will
lead to a new era of medicine. Shortly before the first drafts were published
with great fanfare in February, Francis Collins, the director of the US
National Genome Research Institute and a founder of the public-sector Human
Genome Project, laid out a vision of a future in which mankind will call on
unprecedented resources in the fight against disease.
By 2010, Collins predicted, scientists will have developed tests for dozens
of genetic illnesses. A decade further down the line, there will be
gene-based designer drugs for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and
schizophrenia. Cancer treatment will be transformed, and every patient will
be prescribed medicines that are tailored to his or her own genetic
fingerprint. In 30 years’ time most Britons will live to the age of 90, and
human beings will be able to manipulate their evolution by genetic

While some scientists quibble over the timescale of Collins’s prognosis, few
question the enormous potential of the genome to transform human life. Yet
eight months after the project’s success, many of its architects are raising
concerns about the scientists’ approach to realising its medical fruits.


nomadlab writes: "The New York Times is reporting that Canada is going to break the patent on Cipro, the main anti-antrax medication.

The US is supporting this action.

Where was this logic when African nations wanted AIDS meds?

There is a good article on this issue on".

There is also an article in today's New York Times (11.19.2001).


NBC Worker Tests Positive for Anthrax

An employee of NBC in New York has tested positive for anthrax, the network said Friday. The FBI (news - web sites) and CDC are investigating.

The anthrax is not the same respiratory anthrax that killed a Florida man, NBC News said in a statement.

The network said it had received some suspicious mail and immediately contacted the FBI, CDC and the New York Department of Health.

``The mail was tested by these organizations, and the employee was treated by several physicians. All these tests came back negative,'' said the NBC statement. ``However, this morning, a later test on the employee came back positive for traces of cutaneous anthrax.''


mobiustrip44 writes: "The audacity! Philip Morris has suggested to Czech officials that dead smokers are actually beneficial to the economy. "[A] report, commissioned by the cigarette maker [...] totes up smoking’s 'positive effects' on national finances, including revenue from excise and other taxes on cigarettes and 'health-care cost savings due to early mortality.'" Well holy fuck, you don't say? These guys really twist my stomach into knots, let me tell ya. "C'mon, give us a trade deal! We'll make a killing!" Jesus! What have these guys been smoking?! Luckily, Adbusters is leading a campaign to revoke Philip Morris' corporate charter. Get involved."


mobiustrip44 writes: "A study commisioned by Ralph Nader's consumer advocacy group Public Citizen has discovered that more than 10% of our nation's hospitals turn emergency patients away, despite a federal law prohibiting such action, when those patients do not have the funds or a supported insurance plan for treatment. The seldom-imposed fine for this attrocity is a mere $50,000—generally a fraction of any doctor's salary. Really, what is the world coming to?"

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